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Found 7 results

  1. Hi All. I ordered the HS75 XB headset pretty much as it was announced and it came weeks before my Xbox Series X. I love the sound and how comfy it is and it's been mostly problem free - other then the crackling connection issues series x has with all headsets using it's wireless protocol - but a restart of the series x always fixes that for a day or two. I'm presuming that will be fixed with a Series X update. So everything has been great.. until last night. When I turned on the headset and it immediately started to make a low buzzing sound from each ear. I can't turn it off and all the controls like mute, volume and power button are completely unresponsive. Also, my xbox pad seemed frozen and wouldn't communicate with the xbox. I guess if the headset it using the same wireless protocol as the pad that makes sense as its somehow 'jamming' that connection. I plugged in my pad to the series x and then it worked. And I completely shut the xbox off, unplugging it from the wall for 30 seconds. Hoping that would also signal the headset to turn off, which it normally does. But no luck. I turned the series x and controller back on. But they will only pair wirelessly for a short time. When I try and turn off the xbox with the controller wireless - it looses the connection to the pad again and I have to connect it with the lead. Again, I guess because the HS75 XB is jamming the airwaves. the xbox and pad won't even pair. Holding down the pairing button on the controller and the series x does nothing with both lights blinking forever. So that was 10hrs ago.. and I'm just waiting for the HS75 XB battery to run down. They sit on the shelf with the power light on. Buzzing away and unresponsive. I've googled a way to hard reset it and while I can a reference to holding down the mute button for so long and then the power button to hard reset the HS70 headset. There's no mention of the HS75 XB and I tried the HS70 method and doesn't work. I have found a reference to this issue on reddit and they said once the headset ran out of battery it powered back on fine and been working great since. As a side note there are reports of using the Corsair ICUE software to update the HS75 XB firmware can brick the headset so I'm definitely staying away from that. So to end.. has this happened to anyone else? And presuming everything is ok once the battery runs out and I can switch them back on. Is there a way to hard reset the headphones so I can speed up this process if it happens again.
  2. Suggestion: Implement "CorsairClearLeds" in iCUE SDK This would clear any colors set via the SDK and allow any colors from other layers to be seen. Example: Set iCue to "Static Color" - RED: RRRRR Using the SDK, set one LED to WHITE: WRRRR I now want to "move" the white LED (like the "Visor" effect), to: RWRRR But there is now way to "relinquish" control of the first LED back to iCUE without disconnecting and reconnecting. This is my first post, so please help me out if it is: A duplicate Already supported The wrong place for this post
  3. Hello, a week ago i woke up and my keyboard stopped working, neither the keys nor the RGB work anymore. I'm not an expert by any means but from what i've seen on the forums, my keyboard's firmware seems to be faulty. One time the number/caps/scroll lock indicators kept flashing and sometimes the sidelights turn on. I've been trying to fix by myself these last 2 days to no avail. I tried using Corsair-Utility-Engine-v1.0.657,Corsair-Utility-Engine-v1.11.85, Corsair-Utility-Engine-v1.11.86, Corsair-Utility-Engine-v1.12.75, Corsair-Utility-Engine-v1.16.42, Corsair-Utility-Engine-v1.8.122 as well as the newest one available, doing a clean install of each one, to fix the firmware. All of them get stuck at 3% when trying to update it and then fail and stop recognizing the keyboard until y unplug it and plug it back again . I also reinstalled all of the drivers listed under "Universal Series Bus Controllers", "Mice and other Pointing Devices", "Keyboards" and "Human Interface Devices", tried every usb port on my pc, tried connecting both keyboard cables, unplugging everything, restarting my pc, doing a soft reset holding the esc key while plugging it back in, installing 1.30 FW for STRAFE manually, trying to enter bios mode by holding F1 + WinLock but nothing worked. My pc recognizes the keyboard and works just fine, the keyboard is clean and undamaged and i didn't install/buy any software/hardware recently. I opened a ticket requesting a firmware but in the meantime maybe someone can help me. Thank you Edit: In case other people experience the same problem, open a ticket and request a firmware, it fixed mine.
  4. Hi, It looks like iCue has difficulties to sync USB on different chipsets.:bigeyes: I started to experiance random resets of my keyboard, mouse, mouspad. It could work perfectly for 2 hours, and then reset these devices 2 times in a row. Sometimes it could reset and not get up afterwards. I realized that when I sent back my mousepad for a replacement. My keyboard and mouse were connected to USB 2.0 only for that period of time, and I didn't get any issues. Once I got the mousepad I connected it to a different USB port (3.0) and all started again. I was trying to find solution, googled that, nothing. Finally I decided to change USB ports and see what happens. I think I resolved this issue by connecting all 3 devices I have to same chipset on my motherboard. I use 3 x 3.0 USB now and I see no problem. When I was using 2 x 2.0 USB and 1 x 3.0 USB the iCue was reseting, connecting, disconnecting the devices. It was super annoying ingame as the game was freezing on the last key I pressed and obviously I couldn't move anywhere either. I am wondering if anyone else experienced the same issue, and I also want to provide that information for those who are struggling to find solution. Share Your experience. Would like to see how many people had the same problem.
  5. I am trying to hard reset a K55. I have recieved instructions from a ticket, however I am unable to find the pinhole that I am supposed to press. Could someone help?
  6. Hello, Since yesterday I have my H150i installed and setup with iCUE. There is only one problem. When I restart my computer iCUE resets the selected sensor for the H150i. So when i restart it sets the sensor back to H150i Pro temp but I want it to read the package of my cpu. iCue does not reset it for the Commander Pro. Any suggestions? With kind regards, Rick
  7. I just purchased my Dark Core and have had issues with updating the Firmware. Every time I would go to update, it would begin and then just sit at 0% until saying it failed seconds later. I followed the instructions that the prompt gave as well as watched the video tutorial on the corsair website (although that tutorial was from 6months ago). Struggling with the process I believe the mouse is somewhat bricked now. I can use it but the the colors do not flash anymore and the profile button does not register. How do I reset the mouse to factory default so that I may try to update again? I found the thread about holding the front & back buttons while powering it on set to 2.4ghz mode, but that doe not work.
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