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Found 19 results

  1. After searching for (ehh... too long), I have been unable to find any specs (i.e. diameter & threading), of the thumbscrews, which attach this case's tempered glass side panel. Corsair shows the replacement screws are out of stock. 😕 With that, I would simply like to know: Does anyone know where I can replacement thumbscrews; OR know the diameter and threading of these screws? THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
  2. Hey everyone, I recently purchased a refurbished Corsair AX1200i. Everything works fine but, unfortunately, it did not come with a Corsair Link cable which is the primary reason I purchased it in the first place (instead of just purchasing a new PSU). Is it possible for me to purchase a link cable from somewhere or is Corsair able to send me one? I live in Australia and I sent in a support ticket but its been over a week with no response. I still have my RM750i with all cables and accessories (including the two link cables that came with it) but the RMi has a miniUSB port with an optional analogue port. The AXi only has a analogue port for Corsair Link which the RMi analogue cable cannot directly connect to the internal USB header through. I understand this is what I need but have no way of purchasing it even if it was in stock: AX 1200i/860i/760i USB to i2C adapter (corsair.com) This is my first time posting to the forums so please let me know if there are any issues or require more information.
  3. I've had the H100i v2 for three years and it works pretty well. However the two fans have degraded to the point that I constantly have to take the cooling unit out to fiddle with the fans and spray air into the mechanism in the two fans. And yet they still make a clicking and clacking noise all the time. So I need to buy new fans for the cooler, except I need to know WHAT fans to buy! I tried buying the proper MM size fans, but the power connectors where the wrong type. I could really use help on finding the correct type of fans that are the quietest and silent as possible, to buy for the H100i v2.
  4. Hello, I lost the plugable mic for my corsair HS45 headset, i wanted to know if corsair sell this part? If yes, were can i buy it? Otherwise i'll buy it on Amazon. Thanks.
  5. After nine years I am no longer getting the cooling from my original H60 cooling system (2nd edition). My system still works great. I have an i7-3770 and 24 gigs of Ram and recently installed a GTX 970 Ti. So, I am just replacing the cooler and radiator combo. Can I just leave the existing backplate and spacers in place and screw on the new cooler? Or, do I have to replace everything? I'd rather not have to take the entire motherboard out. The main reason I ask is that it seems like there is some type of heat-pad on the backplate that maybe needs to be new as well. Thanks.
  6. There were problems with my old k70 so I have to send it back after I have received my replacement board. But the replacement board was pretty much unusable there is a very noticeable high pitch metallic resonance ping whenever I press a key, I also have a misophonia disorder which probably doesn't help. I have received the new replacement board on the 17th so I must send the old faulty one back by the 27th. Can I extend that time until a solution can be found? Since I rather use the old broken one than this new one with the ping noise. I have contacted corsair support about a week ago but still no response, I bet they are just trying to wait out the 10 days and make me pay for the replacement keyboard. Anyone else had to deal with this before, what can I do here. Here is a clip of the new keyboard with the ping noise [ame] [/ame]
  7. Ticket - 2001275085 I created a support ticket on June 23 for my faulty psu. It’s been 8 days so far and was wondering when I can expect this ticket to be reviewed
  8. The USB connector that handles the wireless communication port between the computer and headset is physically broken and I cannot repair it, is it replaceable?
  9. Purchased HS-50 about a year and everything was fine, but lately one ear pad went away. Corsair provide me new ones. There is solid rings, so I don't have any idea how to join them together.
  10. Hey, I have a pair of corsair voids, the RGB wireless ones, and the usb portion of the dongle snapped off, so I can't connect it, and I was wondering if there's anywhere I can get just the dongle. Any help would be appreciated!
  11. Hello, My Corsair VOID Pro Wireless started to show some problems. The battery only lasts for around 40 minutes which is unusable. I am looking for a battery replacement but I don't know which one will fit. Option 1: 950 mAh (Length: 43 mm, Width: 34 mm, Thickness: 6 mm) - LINK Option 2: 1200 mAh (Length: 50 mm, Width: 34 mm, Thickness: 6 mm) - LINK Option 3: 1500 mAh (Length: 50 mm, Width: 34 mm, Thickness: 8 mm) - LINK Option 4: 2000 mAh (Length: 60 mm, Width: 34 mm, Thickness: 8.5 mm) - LINK Option 5: 2500 mAh (Length: 65 mm, Width: 38 mm, Thickness: 8.5 mm) - LINK What would you recommend? BTW, I'm located in Europe. Thanks
  12. I purchased a Corsair One a few months ago. The i140. I keep getting blue screens. Ran some tests and found it to be either bad ram or bad ram mount. I put a ticket on the support site and somebody responded asking for my serial number and proof of purchase and address. I gave them that and now are silent. Everytime I call nobody answers. I was on hold for over an hour. What should I do? #2000740836 - Ticket number
  13. I ordered the Carbide 275R from Amazon, but it didn't come with the accessory kit. I saw another thread from someone who had the same issue, and they were able to purchase the accessory kit on Corsair's website. However, I live in the UK, and in the UK store the accessory kits are out of stock. So I'm resorting to this. Does anyone recommend any replacement screws for the Carbide 275R for securing the motherboard? I've looked everywhere but I can't find the screw size for them. If it helps, the accessory kit it uses is the Carbide 270R one. Thanks.
  14. Hi, I recently found that corsair sells a replacement for the 500D SE front panel and instinctively wondered wether I could replace my original 500D front panel with the tempered glass 500D SE front panel. The panel I'm talking about (https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Accessories-%7C-Parts/PC-Components/Cases/Obsidian-500D-SE-Tempered-Glass-Front-Panel/p/CC-8900236)
  15. Hello, i am facing some issues with my Corsair H100iGTX water cooler. The pump seems to be not working properly. I had bought the device nearly 4 years ago. I had purchased the device from an authorised vendor. Unfortunately I seem to have lost the invoice and i don't think i can find it as it is a long time since my purchase. Is there any way to proceed with and my claim an RMA for the faulty device. I have all the original boxes and parts with me. Please let me know if there is any hope. My ticket no. Is #866595 Thank you.
  16. Hallo, I gotten a used air 540 case, but I need some replacement parts. What will fit for the pci covers?
  17. First time here, Long story short I broke the volume wheel on my K70 and I'm looking for a replacement volume board. If that is not possible, any information on identifying the potentiometer so I can replace that would work as well. Anyone have any thoughts on the potentiometer or where to get a new board, photo is attached. I have already been through the ticket system and made no progress beside being told to replace the whole keyboard. Thank you!
  18. The Corsair One Pro I’ve had since Christmas stopped working recently due to an error in production of one batch that caused the motherboards in a ton of units to be defective, and end up making your computer completely shot after a few months of use. Thankfully, since this is a well known issue, they give you the option of either sending your computer in to get repaired and then sent back out, or them putting a hold on your card as they send you a replacement, and you ship your broken computer back to them. Both totally reasonable. It took eleven days for customer support to get back to me about scheduling a shipping date for the express replacement. ELEVEN DAYS. Over the course of these eleven days, I called several times asking to speak with someone that could help me, and every single time I got someone who said they weren’t on my ticket and couldn’t change it without it being a hassle, and that I should just expect a call back by the end of the day. 4 different people told me that on 4 different days in a row. Not one person I spoke to could be bothered to get the ticket changed over to them to help me get this done. After all that, we finally get everything settled and have a shipping address set. The person on my ticket says she'll send me a shipping confirmation by the end of the day. No confirmation. Next day comes, and I call to ask about it. They say my shipping has been delayed, but that today is my GUARANTEED shipping day, and that I should get a shipping confirmation by the end of the day. Its now the end of the day, and again, no confirmation. So I call again, saying that I’d called earlier asking about a shipping confirmation and still haven’t received one. They tell me my shipping day has been delayed AGAIN. And that I should call tomorrow AGAIN if I still don’t have a confirmation AGAIN. I have been as absolutely bright and kind and understanding as I can possibly be through this process, but this is getting absurd. I feel walked on because I haven't yelled at anybody or asked to speak with a manager or an executive. Corsair has great products, I love their stuff. While it was working, the computer was a dream, and I’ve loved their mice and keyboards for years. But man do I pity anyone who has any sort of problem with any of Corsair's products and has to go through customer support, because this is by far the worst customer support experience I’ve ever been through. For reference, my ticket number is 719063 for any Corsair staff that see this.
  19. Hi, I have a K70 keyboard and I have lost the legs for these guys. I noticed this thread from the past: http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?t=133584 I tried to create a ticket and request for replacements but they said they could not do that. Is there anyway for me to get replacement parts? I wouldn't mind paying a few dollars for the legs. Thanks!
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