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Found 5 results

  1. Hallo, Ich habe mir die: Corsair k95 Corsair Glaive Corsair Void Pro Gekauft. Die Corsair glaive habe ich schon 3Mal zurückgegeben und der Schalter der Maus ist schon wieder defekt und weißt einen Doppelklick auf. Die Corsair k95 hab ich auch schon 1 mal zurückgegeben und schon wieder habe ich probleme mit den LEDS Das Corsair Void Pro rauscht bei einer Lautstärke über 50% Auf umtauschen habe ich keine lust mehr, deshalb wollte ich fragen ob es eine möglichkeit gibt sein Geld zurück zu bekommen. [Alle Produkte sind über die Internetseite von Corsair bestellt]
  2. ARMA request from ticket # 889274 [incident: 190501-000231] After having an issue with a RAM module I created and RMA and it was granted quite quickly. However, being a single 8GB module from a 16GB kit, you required the entire kit to be returned. I asked for an advance RMA and you gladly accommodated my request. Standard procedure is to charge my credit card, usually after so many days, but you chose to charge it right away. Not a problem (other than doing refunds in foreign currency involves some percentage losses on my side through the credit card company)... I sent back the product on May 29, 2019. Upon checking the status of the RMA, the original link in the email no longer goes to the RMA site it once did. I have since sent a couple of emails to corsairsupport@mailpc.custhelp.com as presented on your website, however no reply as of yet.... and no refund as of yet. This makes 26 days... Is it normal for Corsair to take so long with the RMA process? Awaiting a reply / refund / some form of communication. Thank you.
  3. my sf600 platinum died and I express rma it to corsair, it got there december 27 and I still have not been refunded and no one is answering me when contacting support to any corsair rep viewing this here is my ticket id 806021
  4. Paid for an Express RMA on the 18th of July. New keyboard has been received. Sent my keyboard back on the 23rd of July and it was signed for at Corsair in Bolton on the 24th of July. Still waiting for my refund: it hasn't even been issued. I thought the refund was supposed to be issued in about 48 hours after you receive the faulty unit? Can anyone help with this? Thanks
  5. Bonjour , tout d'abord je voudrais présenter le problème mon clavier (k95 rgb) que j'ai acheter il y a 2 semaines présente un défaut de fabrication surement la touche du clavier numérique (. , Suppr) ne montre pas les bonne couleur la plupart du temps un vert au lieu d'un jaune. http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2017/01/1483641407-img-3421.jpg Ayant acheté le clavier sur ldlc il est stipulé que j'ai une garantie 2 ans fabricants que dois-je faire afin de le faire changer / Réparer / Rembourser ? Merci d'avoir pris le temps de lire bonne journée/bonne soirée.
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