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Found 5 results

  1. Bonjour, J'ai un problème sur mon casque Virtuoso Wireless SE il ne se connecte plus à son dongle et ils font de la lumière rouge clignotant (micro, dongle, diode sur le coté gauche du casque) sauf le logo Corsair sur les côtés du casque qui est en bleu clair. Le casque fonctionne en mode USB avec micro. J'ai forcé la maj sur le dongle avec ICUE en v4 qui a marché mais sans succès, j'ai fait de même avec le casque mais avec ICUE en v3 car impossible de le faire en v4 car bouton grisé, Maj réussi mais sans succès. J'ai essayé de réappairer le dongle et le casque mais il reste bloqué sur la vérification du branchement du dongle, appairage testé depuis les paramètres du casque, car dongle bouton grisée. Le casque a commencé à clignoter rouge car je l'avais laissé en mode Wireless plusieurs heures sans l'étendre et dongle débranché, j'ai rechargé le casque toute la nuit et rien n'y fait. Merci d'avance.
  2. Like I said in the titel, I installed this PSU, and when it is nor connected, the self-test passes (green light, fans spins) but as soon as I connected the MB to the psu, when I start the PC it comes green for 1/2 second than red and nothing moves. Is there a way to test the psu (other than self-test, obviously) ? I have an ASUS P8Z77-V LX as MB Many thanks Simon
  3. Hey, I'm new on forum so if it is wrong place to ask my question I'm sorry! I just bought a new LL120 Single white fan for my case's backside, I connect it's RGB cable to my motherboard's JRGB2 pin and when I tried to control it's RGB LEDs from iCue, the software cannot detect my fan. Also, I tried it from MSI Dragon Center software, when I started to change my motherboard's RGB LEDs; my fan only shows Red LEDs inside it. I cannot see any of the other colors. Can anyone help me, please? (I don't have lighting node pro).
  4. Hi, I recently bought a Corsair h115i cooling. Download the iCue software and it does not work properly. I tried downloading Corsair Link and it worked fine for a few weeks. And now it works badly, when turning on the PC the fans go to more than 2000 RPM. It goes with a temperature of 45 or less and the LED turns red. Another thing, sometimes while playing goes crazy and speed up to the maximum. Without having very high temperatures. I hope you can help me and I apologize for my bad English, I'm from Argentina. Greetings to all! :biggrin:
  5. Hello. I've recently built a Haswell system about a month ago, that's powered by an AX1200i PSU and everything have been working fine for over two weeks. Ever since then, my system has been randomly shutting down without any warning, and trying to power it on results in the PSU (and its fan) starting up for a couple seconds, then it clicks and shuts down, displaying a red light on the self test area, which then requires me to shut the PSU down, either through its power switch or from the outlet. It seems it needs some time while powered off before it boots up everything, otherwise it keeps doing the same 1-2 seconds power on, click, shutdown and red light cycle. When it does this, the GPU led blinks for a second and turns off as soon as the PSU shuts everything down. Oddly, yesterday after I got yet another shutdown (on an 8 hour computer usage period I've been getting 2-3 shutdowns), the system kept trying to power on but the PSU shut everything off, this time without displaying the red light, but constantly looping a 2 seconds power on, shutting down and doing it all over again. I had read that some users suggested the Corsair Link dongle and software could be causing instability issues, so I removed both software, drivers and hardware but to no avail. I was running my CPU 100MHz higher than stock but I've reverted to stock clocks just to check whether it was tripping something. I have a mild GPU overclock and no memory overclock whatsoever. All reported temperature values are well within usable levels, no TDRs related to GPU temps, no forced shutdowns due to hitting the CPU's TJ Max. I'm clueless as to what could be causing this, and having gone and getting a high end PSU precisely to avoid reliability issues, especially since it's impairing work related computer usage, is quite bothersome to say the least. What could be causing this issue and how can it be fixed? Thanks EDIT: I should add that the PSU's self test is supposedly ok as when running self test without any cable connected to the PSU, it powers on just fine, same with its fan, displaying a green light.
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