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Found 8 results

  1. It would be awesome if I could make the timing of lighting effects random to simulate stars twinkling or raindrops hitting the ground, without having to resort to making the timings all weird and different from each other and putting multiple colors on the same effect. Just having the ability to apply the 'Random delay between (ms)' you have for delays in macros would be awesome! While I'm at it, being able to have one light effect trigger another after a certain amount of time would be incredible too. The same thing would work well with macros as well. As an example, the raindrops on the ground thing would have a ripple effect on a random interval of a few seconds, and trigger a gradient in the middle immediately. A split-second later, a second ripple is triggered as the second wave. Thanks for reading -Fire
  2. My LL fans no longer sync correctly with iCUE or each other. I have a Color Shift Lighting Link enabled on most of my devices, including the fans, but only fan #1 in the RGB Hub is shifting correctly. The rest are random colors. Most of the RGB lights are one consistent color, but not all of them. When I restart the computer, the colors change around, but they are still random. The RGB Hub is connected to a Lighting Node Pro, which is connected via USB to a Commander. I've tried replacing the RGB Hub, replacing the RGB Hub and the Lighting Node Pro, and switching the USB port on the Commander that the LNP is connected to, but no difference. I don't think this has been happening since I installed iCUE 4.x, but it wasn't happening before I did. All What's going on here?
  3. Hello, Recently my K70 (non rgb) has been having an issue where the backlight program button would randomly go into its program mode which stops any keys from typing but instead just turns the lights on and off. Changing the bios switch fixes it but only temporarily. Sometimes for a few seconds, sometimes 10 mins or so. Its getting annoying having the keyboard basically stop working and having to flick the switch. Has anyone else had this problem or know how to stop this issue? Thanks
  4. In previous versions of iCue, you could set the ripple to "Random Colour", so each time it would activate, the ripple would have a new colour. Is this not possible anymore? If so, how? If not, why did they remove it? I had my keyboard reset my settings when i updated iCue a long time ago, and never got around to actually setting it up again apart from having a rainbow effect. To clarify, I found this screenshot from an earlier thread: https://forum.corsair.com/Forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=26605&d=1475069802
  5. I have been using Corsair products for over 5 years now. I just recently upgraded to 4 more RGB light strips. The first 2 days they worked flawlessly (I have them in static color blue and pink.) But yesterday they started flickering randomly and turn off and back on. I know its not a hardware issue because i had this issue before with some LL120 fans which i then returned. Now i removed all the effects in the lighting channel 1 and added the normal Rainbow effect and that one just totally freaks out (but only the 4 light strips nothing else). I feel like my ICUE software has some kind of issue. I Made a video of the issue: [ame]https://youtu.be/D5DffrYmCE4[/ame]
  6. Hello, Today I bought my second mouse from Corsair because I was in need of an upgrade. I have really enjoyed the design and feel of the mouse but there is one thing worrying me. It is that at random high-speed flicks or mouse-lifts the mouse snaps to the bottom or to the top of the screen. It is indeed very weird and in situations like where you need those high-speed flicks or mouse lifts because you run out of space on your mousepad, it justs snap. These snaps can be the cause of a game-changing play. I have an ASUS ROG Sheath mousepad which has been working and feeling well with my other mouse as well. I have not returned the mouse yet but I doubt that it is because of that and I think that the issue is related to the mousepad calibration feature on the CUE. If there is any way to disable it I would like to see if that helps. I did calibrate it for my mousepad at the beginning before playing and I haven't tried it without it. I did the steps correctly as well but I noticed when doing the mousepad calibration that the same thing happened with the snapping. https://i.gyazo.com/66dc4e0c95ca9cfac9b49b9a78b464d2.mp4 Here you have a GIF of me trying to calibrate it. The mouse is up to date and I am running it on 400DPI.
  7. I have k70 mx blue and suddenly for no reason it went completely crazy.. This morning opened my computer and my keyboard leds flickering/turning on and off randomly and typing random keys. I didn't spill anything or hit the keyboard but i took the keyboard apart to make sure there's no water in it and i didn't find any water but i use hair drier and leave it open in the sun just in case. It worked great, no problem for an hour but then it started to act crazy again. What do you guys think what can be the problem here, any ideas? Here's the video of the current situation. I don't think there is any hope. :( [ame]https://youtu.be/mmm_X6CxovI[/ame] I just don't get it man, you spend this much money on a keyboard because it's mechanical and high construction quality and you expect it can last forever but it gets broken faster than cheap/junk keyboards
  8. Basically my corsair strafe RGB is just goin crazy with key inputs whether i touch the keyboard or not. I dont know whether this is a problem with the keyboard or with my pc but id love to get to the bottom of it. Whenever there is place where characters can be typed. The keyboard (or possibly the pc) goes crazy. Here are the things i do know - the inputs seem random - they are all from the top bar of keys ('1234567890-) - user input is not blocked whilst this is happening. So i can type on top of the random key inputs. - user input is blocked from the top row of keys. (The only keys which are randomly being typed)
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