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Found 7 results

  1. tl;dr: I'd like to ask for adding an option for continuous wave effect (or x-time repeat) looping. Hi, I've spent last few days playing around with lighting profiles on my K100 and found the iCUE software rather cumbersome to use when creating wave effects. Although the wave effect is already present, I couldn't find a way to make it continuous even when trying to stack multiple waves on top of each other. Would it be possible to add a tick box for wave effect for continuous looping (another wave will start right at the end of tail of previous one)? As far as I know, the only way to create continuous looping wave is to use gradient effect with many layers to simulate moving of the wave. However, this approach is really cumbersome and complicated. In addition, there is (almost) no way to make the wave move in a straight line due to the way alphabetic keys are positioned, just take a look at the profile in the link below: https://alex.krastev.org/users/profiles/699/profile Notice, that the wave is angled on the left side of keyboard and then straightens on the right. Technically, it should be possible to make it straight across whole keyboard, but that would require creating a layer for individual keys that are not aligned in straight columns. However, I assume that the amount of layers needed for this would exceed the limitations of iCUE. But even if it would be doable, the process is just way too complex. On the other hand, the wave effect already works in a perfect straight line, however, the looping option is sadly missing. This would make creation of wave effects much easier.
  2. Hi there, I've been looking through the forum and couldn't find an answer to my problem, apologies if it has been stated before (I can't imagine it hasn't but I'm unable to find it). I recently built my first pc and it consists of quite a few Corsair pieces: - 5x ML120 - 2x Corsair Vengeance RGB (3600/cl16/8gb per strip) - 1x CX750RGB --> The fans and the PSU rgb are all connected to the Corsair Node and an RGB lighting hub. And I have a couple of Corsair peripherals as well: - K68 RGB keyboard (incl. numpad) - Ironclaw RGB wireless mouse Now, getting iCue to work was easy, set the colours I wanted, everything's fine. Everything also turns off when the computer goes to sleep (except the RAM, but I know how to fix that, I just like them being on). But, when the computer idles, so when I get logged out of windows 10 (home, 64 bit), everything jumps to rainbow mode. Is there any way to just either shut everything off on idle OR keep my existing (static) colour settings when idling? Much appreciated
  3. I just outfitted my monitor with an LS100 starter kit. When I plug in the power, everything works as expected and the built-in hardware lighting is a really nice spiral rainbow effect. The same kind of spiral rainbow I get on my K70 keyboard, etc. But once the iCue software launches, there is no way to replicate this spiral rainbow. "Rainbow Wave" appears to work correctly, with a wave of color moving from one side to the other. "Rainbow" also works correctly shifting from one color to another. But "Spiral Rainbow" does not give the same effect as the built-in hardware effect. In fact it is not a spiral at all. It just shifts all the colors to the same color at the same time in a rapid fashion. The timing of the color change is very much like the spiral timing, but all lights on all 4 strips are the same color at any given time. Visor, Rain, and all other lighting modes appear to work just fine for LS100. The Spiral Rainbow works for all other peripherals. It does not work for LS100 whether I am using Link Lighting or individual lighting. All firmwares are up to date. If I shut down the iCue software, the LS100 smart controller will again revert to the default, proper Spiral Rainbow effect, which IMHO is one of the best effects with this kit and I desperately want it to work with the iCue software. It's the reason I paid $100 for this kit. Any help or feedback would be appreciated.
  4. Hello and apologies in advance, haven been lurking for a few hours now and have yet to find a good solution to this lol. Long story short, I am looking to completely reset my QL120 fan profiles to their factory default rainbow wave. I've tried many suggestions through the forum ranging from making my own profiles in ICUE, adjusting color changing speed, and disconnecting my lighting nodes and commander pros. Can never achieve a similar result to that of the original rainbow wave :/ As of now I have ICUE still uninstalled (have been at it for a couple of weeks now whenever I had the time to play around with settings). I think every thread I have seen was from 2019, including some posts where members had said that a team from Corsair was beginning to or going to look into the "matter" of possibly adding the original rainbow setting. Apologies again if there's already a cut and dry solution to this, my eyes are dying from the screen at the moment lol And thanks in advance for responses!
  5. Hello all, So I recently updated my iCue to the latest version (3.10.125) and it seems the default rainbow wave profile is broken. When selecting the rainbow wave profile under hardware lighting, the "preview" on the fans works as expected. However, when I lock my PC/restart it/anytime it would use the hardware profile, the fans change into a seemingly altered version of the standard rainbow profile. I realized if I set the lighting setup for my CoPro to only use 1 fan, the rainbow wave works as expected, but obviously only on one fan. But if I add 2 or more fans, the rainbow wave "stretches" I guess you could say. It's like iCue is applying one rainbow wave effect to two fans. I don't know how better to explain this. Also, I noticed that whatever color I set my Vengeance Pro RGB RAM to now sticks when I put it to sleep. Example, if I set the color to black (aka off) when I put my PC to sleep, the lights will stay off. Is there any way to have the LEDs on during use but turn off when I set my PC to sleep? To add, I did a clean install of iCue and the rainbow wave issue still exists. Thanks for any help.
  6. Every time I lock my Windows 10 computer these fans go into full freakout rainbow mode. I have 6 ml120 and they are on the front of my PC. Can you PLEASE fix this asap so I don't feel like I'm on a bad trip every time I lock my computer. This is an absurd and annoying flaw. At least let me know where to look if I want to fix this myself. Is it something windows is doing (made sure all USB ports are constantly on) or simply a POORLY thought out "feature" in the code of iCUE itself? Thank You.
  7. Hello Corsair and friends, My K70 Lux non rgb keyboard keeps going into demo mode and needs reconnecting to get it out of it whenever I shut down or sleep my laptop and wake it up again. They keyboard is connected to a thunderbolt dock. I want this keyboard to just shut down like any other keyboard or at the very least shut down all its lighting. The keyboard is updated to the latest firmware and I run the latest iCue software. I tried to send profile to the keyboard with every light disabled and put that on the top of the profile list. I have tried the 10 second escape trick and that did not work either. I need some advice before I chuck this keyboard out my window. What am I missing here? Many thanks in advance, Yagu
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