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  1. Hallo Kann man im 7000x RGB zusätzlich zum 420er in der front und am deckel oben noch einen 360er an der seite verbauen? Viele Grüße
  2. I'm in the process of building a corsair 7000D full tower case. My search for a 420mm white aio has failed, so I was planning on building my own aio with white fans. I stalled when i had to find a cpu bound pump like the ones on all aios. Can i buy them separately or do i have to buy an aio and take the pump?
  3. Hello all, I recently installed a Corsair Hydro Series, H60 2018 (CW-9060036-WW), 120mm Radiator, Single 120mm PWM Fan to cool my CPU. Corsair recommended to install the single fan as an air intake, which I did. I have enough room in my case to install another fan on the back side of the radiator and make the radiator fan set up a push/pull configuration. Will there be enough noticeable cooling improvement to make this worth doing? If so, what is the better set up - push/pull intake into the case or push/pull exhaust out of the case? Any advise greatly appreciated.
  4. Hello there, I'd be grateful for any advice. I'm registered blind and starting a new build with the Crystal 680x. Although I've built systems before, the hardest part is working out all the product features and how things fit together especially when I don't have the benefit of being able to see diagrams in instruction manuals. I've listened to quite a few YouTube videos and read lots of reviews, but still have some questions. 1. I've bought the iCue Capillex H150i which features a 360mm radiator. As the only place to mount this is in the front of the case I was going to remove the existing 3 fans, mount the radiator and its two fans onto it and then fit the case's original 3 fans onto the top/bottom. Does that sound like the way to go? 2. Could someone please describe how I can remove the hinged side window to make things a bit easier when I lie the case on its side to fit the motherboard? 3. I feel a thumb screw with some kind of attachment on the back of the case just to the right of the expansion card slot covers. What is this and how is it used? Thanks in advance for your help.
  5. Hello there, I've now started my new system and wanted to check my plan for adding the 360mm radiator and ML fan at the front of the case was OK before I go any further. For those that don't know me I'm registered blind so doing this by feel and logic, and whereas I've built systems before the hardest part is getting to know a new product without benefit of being able to see the diagrams in instruction manuals. Given the glass front of the case, My plan was to have the mounting bracket at the front, then the 3 ML fans drawing air in and then the radiator on the inside closest to the motherboard. I was going to use the long screws provided with the H150i to hold the whole assembly together. Does this sound OK? It may sound silly as I can only see a little light but I wanted to have the fans visible through the front so the lights show up in the dark. Hoping someone can just confirm I'm on the right track before I go on. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hello ! First timer here :D So my issue is that I swapped my Noctua air cooler for a Corsair Hydro Series - H100x (240mm) and according to specs with my case it says 240 rad can be mounted on top: https://www.corsair.com/corsairmedia/sys_master/productcontent/CARBIDE_SERIES_275R_QSG.pdf Even the site show the rad top position as available: https://cwsmgmt.corsair.com/responsive/img/275r/stand_alone_radiators-1.jpg Now when I tried to place the Rad/Double Fan combo on top, my 2 RAM sticks are in the way; and by a good margin, it's not like 3-4mm away, I cannot see the screw holes at all... My RAM : Corsair Vengeance RGB DDR4 2 x 8 Go 3333 MHz CAS 16 So my question is, am I ****ed for a top mount even though the case manual says it should go in, or I could try mounting it in front tube down even though my big *** 3090 will be in the way of the tubing ? Or maybe it is the ram sticks ? Is there sticks that are less high ? Thanks a ton!
  7. So I ran into a snag with my case. Recently upgraded my radiator from a non corsair 120mm rad to an XR5 360. This is mounted in the top of my Lian Li O11d. The top panel slid on no problem. Few weeks later need to open the system up. Have issues removing the top panel. Apparently the tops of the screws are too tall which seems to be the culprit. It was recommended by Lian Li support to find flat versions of the same size screw. Not having good of luck finding flat versions of these screws. From what I understand the screws are M4-0.7 x 6mm. I have been unable to find a screws of the same spec but with a flat top. Closest thing I found are countersunk which defeats the purpose of having a low profile screw to hold the radiator in place and leave enough clearance for the top panel. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
  8. I am planning to build a computer and have heard that there are problems with the 680x Case and radiators ... I wonder if there is space for an H150i ELITE CAPELLIX in the front and an additional 240mm radiator below? If someone asks why: I plan to put in an all in one gpu water cooling. Does anyone have the answer to my problem?
  9. Hello, I'm wondering about getting the new capellix water cooler for my PC. I have the SPEC Delta RGB and was wondering would a 360mm radiator fit at the front of the case while still being able to see the fans out of the front tempered glass panel? Thanks
  10. I've recently renewed my main machine with an h100i RGB liquid cooler, an MSI MPG Z390 gaming, and the Vengeance RGB PRO Problem is that in my old case, the liquid cooler doesn't fit so, I'm looking for a new case (possibly Corsair so I can use the RGB controller) that fits both the h100i and the Vengeance RGB Pro I prefer to have the radiator+fans of the liquid cooler on top but, from what I've found out, it's not an easy task to find a case that fits both of the components on top. I was looking for the iCUE 220T RGB Airflow but it seems the radiator can be fit only on the front, Am I right?
  11. Hi hoping someone could give me some advice, Whilst screwing my radiator onto the case, I’ve accidentally stabbed one of the tiny fins, and in doing so it looks kinda bent. Is this still usable and is there a chance that I’ve pierced through any parts containing liquid? I’ve attached a pics for a closer look! Thank you!
  12. I got a cosair Commander Pro (plus RGB hub and Node Pro) - can i control also non corsair fans with the software (if so i guess the color effects are not so Professional as with Corsair fan ) Thx for advising
  13. Hey, I’d love to know if anyone’s using a front mounted 280mm radiator in the 280x case as I’m looking to upgrade my case. I noticed that the product page says a 280mm radiator can be mounted at the top but not the front. I’d much rather front mount a radiator for better cpu temps and the top looks extremely restrictive in terms of exhaust air flow. The front looks like it has plenty room and has mounting for 2 140mm fans. In addition could anyone comment on how much this would effect maximum gpu length, I think the max length of 300mm is factoring in a radiator but I’m unsure. Thanks for the help!
  14. Gamers Nexus recommended orienting vertically mounted radiators with the water lines entering the bottom to reduce the chance that air bubbles will cause circulation problems. One early review of the Airflow 4000D pointed out that you can not correctly mount a 360mm radiator at the front because the gap between the radiator and lower shroud is too narrow to accommodate the water lines. You must therefore mount the radiator "upside-down" in a not recommended orientation. You also can not mount a top radiator unless you have low-profile (LPX) RAM. I don't have LPX RAM, and I would rather rock my Dominator Platinum RGBs. And finally, a 280mm radiator at the front looks terrible. I am considering a case upgrade to the 4000D Airflow because of the great thermal performance reported in the reviews, and it looks much nicer than my 680X. So given the criteria of looks, performance, and having a reliable configuration, what is the best way to water cool this case using an AIO? Could you loop the pipes through a cable gap at the bottom? Note: I do hope Corsair develop a 360mm radiator with L bend attachments at the base so it could front mount on the 4000D Airflow.
  15. Hello, I'm thinking of buying the 4000x RGB for my first build. I want to put the h150i in the front, however, I don't know if my GPU will fit. GPU: msi rtx 3080 trio, 323mm max card length in 4000x: 360mm h150i thickness: 27mm That leaves (360mm - 323mm - 27mm) = 10mm to play with. Will that work? Because I don't know the gap in front of the radiator, but maybe the 360mm is just an understatement just to be safe... Fans do not need to be accounted for, as they're already in the case and I assume calculated in those 360mm. Sources: https://tekdeeps.com/corsair-4000d-airflow-and-icue-4000x-rgb-case-review/ (what google gave me for the query "corsair 4000x maximum card length") https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/corsair-4000x-4000d-airflow-review (also says 14.2in ~ 360mm)
  16. This is just a quick feeler question. I currently have my h100i v2 front mounted in my 460x. I bought both because it's what my old build was, this one is just white, and wanted to have somewhat matching builds for my gf and I. However what I DIDN'T take into account was that my Corsair Vengeance RAM is taller than my old Ripjaws and so the radiator didn't fit on top like it did before. I(like many) do prefer a top exhaust radiator, and was wondering if anyone has, or if it is officially a TERRIBLE idea to mount the radiator to the vent holes on top vs the actual fan mounting points. I want to say only one half of the holes will actually be lined up incorrectly. Obviously this goes against the design of the case, and I have no idea if the metal for the vents is noticeably thinner/weaker than the mounting points. When I first put it together I "tested" it out and it IS possible, I just didn't go through with it because I didn't have time to get a second opinion(too excited to get it together the RIGHT way hahaha). So, no issues or is this a HORRIBLE idea?
  17. The best suggest I've read is: Use hot distilled water with vinegar and shake vigorously, and repeat 4 times, to be sure. But I've seen no recommended stuff from CORSAIR for how to clean radiator, I've sent them a ticket for asking, but no reply yet, but it is understandable why it takes time. _______________________________________________ This was the reply I got from CORSAIR: Thanks for reaching out to us. As long as its white Vinegar you would be good to go. I usually use a 3:1 distilled water to white vinegar mix because its a bit more gentle that way. It takes more cycles but it isn't as hard on the copper. It is always a good idea to do a flush of the other parts with distilled before use. They are cleaned before packaging but it is good practice just in case anything got missed.
  18. Hello there, just earlier today, the fans on my H110i randomly revved up to 2800rpm so I checked out my Corsair Link and it seems at first that it was downgraded for me. I was no longer able to edit any of my fan speeds or change the LED on my pump to change according to CPU temp. My configure page doesn't show my H110i anymore and it only says that I have 3 "MB fans" instead of listing my radiator fans. I updated my software to the latest version which changed nothing, so I completely uninstalled and reinstalled but to no avail. Does anyone have any idea what is wrong? Should I unplug and replug in my Link cable on my motherboard? Thanks for the help :)
  19. I've been looking to build a PC for a while now, but it'll be a while before I get the money to do so. Although that's the case, I've been browsing cases and found the 220T Airflow Tempered Glass. While looking at its fan/radiator capacity and fan RGB effects, I saw you could put 6 fans in. I was wondering if 4 fans and a radiator or 6 fans would be better? No need to urgently message, but a reply would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.
  20. so, I am thinking of building a pc. I want to know if the fans that come with corsair radiators are interchangeable. i.e.: if I were to get the H115i radiator, can I switch the fans out for RGB fans or do I have to get a radiator with the RGB fans already on it?
  21. I have H100i RGB PLATINUM SE. Screws on both sides of the radiator do not go in their respective sockets, because they are blocked by the actual radiator grid on the other side of the screw holes. I have found a few people discussing this issue on 3rd party websites (https://pcpartpicker.com/forums/topic/321890-h100i-supplied-screws-too-long) and it seems that I am supposed to just force the screws in, deforming the radiator (which I understand does not impact its performance), however, when i tried to do this it seemed like I needed a lot of force to do this, which made me concerned for the structural integrity of the screws and the threads. So what should I do? Edit: I just realized that the screws barely go in the holes at all. Maybe half a rotation, which means the issue is with the threads in the radiator. Edit2: all the pics: https://imgur.com/a/oKLJ1al Edit3: (At a closer inspection it really looke like there's too much paint on the radiator, which is preventing the screws from going in) - incorrect Edit4: It seems they put the wrong screws in the package. AMD screw clips can be screwed in with ease, and they are about 1mm thinner than all the other screws in the package.
  22. Help! I can’t control the fan speeds of my h100i platinum se! Alright so I’ve got myself a bit of an issue, I switched cases to a 465x to vastly improve airflow and looks of my computer, and I also bought a h100i platinum se to add to the RGB goodness. When I first put it together I attached the radiator to two of the front three intake fans and mounted the included cooler fans as an outtake, however I made a mistake, I attached the power connectors for the outtake fans to the pump to draw power from, I already had ICUE installed to color my k70 and void pro, and I was able to control the fan speeds of the fans connected to the pump, however I noticed that only the outtake fans were affected. I checked the wiring and swapped the power connectors so that the proper fans were connected to the pump. This is when things went awry. When I tuned the computer on after I switched the power cords, the outtake fans that are now connected to the mobo instantly pushed themselves up to full boar, causing a loud and annoying noise, I can change that in the bios and this is where why first question comes in, how do I do that? The next problem I encountered was my inability to control the fan speeds of the fans attached to the radiator. Then the final problem was ICUE not correctly displaying the cpu temp. All the cords are connected properly and I’ve double and triple checked them. The RGB works fine. How do I resolve these issues? TL,DR: I can’t control the fan speeds of the fans attached to my radiator of my h200i, when different fans connected to the pump I was able to control the speeds of. All the connections are sound.
  23. I'm planning out a Hydro X loop for the following build: Lian Li O11 XL 9900KF Asus Maximus XI Gene RTX 2080 2*8GB G.Skill 4000MHz CL17 I'm planning on getting the Hydro X CPU block, GPU block and pump/res. I'm currently planning on installing an XR7 360 rad on the bottom of the case as intake and XR5 360 rad on the top as exhaust, each with 3*120mm Noctua fans. I will be overclocking the CPU and GPU. My question is, will I see noticeably reduced temps and/or increased overclocking headroom by adding a further XR7 360 rad with 3*120mm Noctua fans as side intake?
  24. I'm planning on building a Ryzen 9 3900x setup with an ITX board in the 280X (still waiting on the x570 ITX boards to be released) Firstly, is there enough clearance/room to place a 240/280mm radiator on the front and the bottom (with fans)? The front (intake) 240/280 radiator will cool the 3900x while the bottom (intake) 240/280 radiator will cool my GTX 1080 (and when it comes out at a later date, the RTX 3080) Secondly, is this a sound airflow setup? Front - Bottom intake, Top - Back exhaust. I'll be elevating the case by adding rubber feet (1.5") to increase airflow at the bottom of the case, and in addition, I'll be custom fitting 40mm (exhaust) fans at the back grille.
  25. Hi there! I am about to start piecing everything together, and am planning my tube runs, etc. In looking through the available manuals, Cant find one for the XR5 420, or Any XR5 size that would allude to which ports are in and out on the rad? I am mounting this up top on a Thermaltake view 71, with a push pull config exhausting from the top. I am using soft tubing the first go around, until I can get GPU Blocks from corsair for my 2080. Can anyone take a look at this and see if I am getting the correct setup going? I want it to look as Aesthetically pleasing as possible, but this is my first water-loop that isn't an AIO so any help would be appreciated. Below is a layout of what im thinking of doing. Light Blue = Perceived outlet (unsure if radiator is right) Red = Inlet Orange = Soft tubing Green = Drain Ball Valve with Male to Male adapter (The port is technically an inlet, but I think it can be used as a drain? Uncertain) If there is a black X, it means i don't plan on using that port. I want my flow to go something like this : Pump to Rad Rad to CPU Block CPU Block to Pump top outlet if possible. Now the line going from the Pump to the rad, Im curious if I can maybe droop this a bit for some better looks? I will have a vertical GPU so i don't need that much. I'm also considering flipping the CPU block internally so i can swap the inlet and outlet.
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