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Found 6 results

  1. Hello everyone. I plan to buy a new gaming mouse and was looking at Corsair NIGHTSWORD RGB. I've read about some "defects" that this mouse usually has and now I'm looking if any of you the NIGHTSWORD owners are facing the same issues. Some of the issues: 1. Wobbly side buttons (forward & back) 2. Wobbly DPI buttons (I've read that the DPI increase button sometimes pops out on rapid clicking) 3. Rubberized texture below the right mouse button is not "glued" enough to the frame (you can push it in with your finger as it's not glued) Can NIGHTSWORD RGB owners please test this and tell me if you also have those issues. Thank you!
  2. Hallo, ich wollte mal in die Runde fragen wie bei euch so die Geräuschentwicklung ist, denn meine mit meinem HX850i ist meiner Meinung nach nicht in Ordnung. [ame] [/ame] Das Geräusch fangen unter Last an, in dem Scenario aus dem Video liegt laut ICUE eine Eingangs/Ausgangslast von ca. 440W/410W an. Die Geräusche kommen auch aus dem Netzteil, das ist eindeutig zu Identifizieren. Der Lüfter ist auch in Ordnung, mit dem Test Knopf dreht er sich und ist flüsterleise (wobei dies bei der Gesamtlautstärke des Netzteils vollkommen irrelevant ist). Zur Einordnung der Lautstärke, ich besitze ein Corsair Carbide Air 740 wo das Netzteil ohnehin schon auf der Rückseite in einer vom rest abgetrennten Kammer sitzt, ich sitze 1,5m entfernt und beim Zocken mit Kopfhörern (wenn jetzt nicht gerade die Welt durch die Kopfhörer zusammen bricht) ist es noch zu hören. Von dem beworbenen "Ultra low noise" ist dies Welten entfernt Grob zu meinem System: AMD R5 3600 4x8GB Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB MSI X570 Tomahawk Asrock RX6800 XT Taichi Corsair HX850i Corsair MP510 Mainboard und Grafikkarte sind brandneu, zuvor hatte ich ein Asrock x470 Taichi und eine Sapphire Vega64, die Geräuschentwicklung des Netzteils war identisch. Den Corsair-Support habe ich auch schon kontaktiert, schlug ein Austausch vor, ich solle das Netzteil einschicken und nach eintreffen würde mir ein neues geschickt. Da ich nicht mehrere Tage ohne auskommen wollte habe ich einem Upgrade auf Advanced RMA zugestimmt. Ich bin mit 199 Dollar in Vorleistung getreten und nach etwa einer Woche kam ein neues HX850i aus HK bei mir an. Zu meiner Frustration klingt das neue HX850i genauso und ich hab auch alle eingesetzten Kabel ausgetauscht, was jetzt kein kleiner Aufwand war. Da ich erst vor Kurzem Mainboard und Grafikkarte ausgetauscht habe, sich an den Geräuschen des Netzteils nix geändert hat und das neue HX850i auch so nervtötende Geräusche von sich gibt, frage ich mich ob es da ein generelles Problem mit der Serie gibt. Falls jemand einen anderen Ansatz für die Ursache dieser Geräusche hat, würde ich mich über Hilfe freuen. Gruß Benjamin
  3. Hello all, I got my wireless headphones about 1 year ago and just recently decided that I needed to research what was up with the quality of my mic. The sidetone when enabled allowed me to hear the mic perfectly (basically 50 hertz to about 16k hertz) but the mic in windows is cutoff at about 8k hertz. I made sure the samplerate was at DVD quality in the sound settings, have forced the firmware to update, reinstalled iCue multiple times, and have tried multiple drivers, but nothing worked. Is there any solution to this? The attachment is a spectrum analysis of the mic in action from the default driver.
  4. Recently I got myself a void pro headset, and everything was fine the first time I plugged it into my PC but the next day everything became worse I turned on my pc, and the audio sounded like it came through a can or something... there's also a static, quiet buzz when I'm listening to music or watching videos.. dont know what happened I tried uninstalling iCUE, forcing a firmware update, re-installing the drivers, re-installing realtek drivers, everything sound related overall and nothing really worked. I checked every thread that was posted here and tried resolving the problem, but then again nothing worked. Any help on what to do?
  5. Hey, so, I am here to vent out my frustration a bit and also give some feedback along the way, so without any further ado let's get into it. 1. Void visualizer So, I'm really into gimmicks like this but I'll be honest, being a bit of an audiophile as well, I can't agree with having to buy one of your headsets only to have to use this feature and the fact that it's not available otherwise only with some 3rd party software is really annoying. I don't like having to constantly switch between software when listening to music or playing a game. I see this as a scheme more or less to force people to buy your products and it's a bit of an.. well you know what kind of move it is no need to state it. Secondly I think you could get more people to buy your products if this feature would work without a corsair headset. Due to the fact that it's limited to only working with your products I'm actually considering selling my keyboard and mouse and getting something else, it's that big of a deterrent for me personally. 2. Hopes and expectations So, I was holding out on upgrading my pc for the past 3 years cause I wanted to do a full on Corsair build well for all of the parts where you guys manufacture something in hopes that this issue will be addressed. Sadly you never changed the policy here so I am now inclined to just getting other brands that have any sort of RGB effects that are more on the cheaper side of things. I never mind having to pay a premium for something, but if I do, I have higher expectations, seeing as nothing really changed even if there are plenty of complaints about this out there is a bit sad if you ask me. All those voices out there, crying out for a change, but, in the end, just being ignored. 3. Backups Being someone who invests quite a bit of time into making all sorts of profiles with specific actions/lighting effects a feature to sync everything to the cloud would be really awesome. I'm not even asking you to have things stored on your end, like some sort of sync to any type of drive would be great. Or even an option to export and import all of your profiles at once would be nice. It's one of those quality of like type of things that you could do, again, never implemented for whatever reason. 4. Product quality For something that is a bit more on the expensive side of things you would expect everything to be better working, sadly I am among the very few who got the K button light issue 1 week into owning the keyboard. And yes I did read the forums and tried all sorts of solutions mentioned there, and no I did not spill anything on it as that seems to be the reason why this might happen. I tend to take care of things as much as possible. That's about it, I don't think I will be entering the forum anymore, but please feel free to leave any comments you like. These are my thoughts and opinions based on my experience using your products, I do know they might vary from what others think, but I didn't come here to have any sort of debate. Also, your forum emoticons are really out of date, an update here might also be nice. Cheers!
  6. Hello Corsair- users, so I recently bought the Corsair Dark Core RGB, been using it for about 1 - 2 weeks now. When I came home from work the other day I saw the painting of the "Sniper- button" is peeling off already....a couple days later the right mousebutton didn't feel as stiff as at the beginning. The pricetag of 99,99€ didn't stop me from buying it because I like to spend more money if it justifies the quality. Was wondering if anybody experiences lack of quality at Corsair ? It's the 4th product I'm buying from Corsair. On the Keyboard( K95 RGB Platinum Red Cherry Buttons) I bought, the holder of the handrest broke off and I got a 15% Coupon for a new Keyboard ? I mean I didn't intend to buy a new one...actually just wanted the old one replaced or repaired. Feeling kind of ripped off if I buy "expensive" gaming peripherals and the quality is that bad. regards vozz
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