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Found 18 results

  1. Hey everyone, First off, I am new to this form as well as iCue software, so bare with me. I just bought a set of QL fans: 3 in my front panel, 2 top exhaust and 1 rear exhaust. One my my favorite effects is the infinity loop, but I find it to look much better with it just having the effect only the front. However when I do this, the rest of the fans do not have any lights coming out of them. So my question is, is there a way to add another effect to these lights (static light even) while only having the front 3 fans infinity loop? Thanks in advance!
  2. I have 3 QL120 and 3 LL120 I found out you cannot have these connected to the same rgb lighting node so I installed two lighting node cores and put LL in one and QL in other, just booted up for first time and rgb isn’t on, will they work once I go into icue app and set them or is it an error I’ve made wiring them up.
  3. so hopefully I'm posting in the right place.. I have four QL fans working great till i got a new power supply ( upgraded ) i turned the pc on and now they are all white? Cant change the color in iCUE, deleted and redownloaded it, nothing seems to work. My corsair ram works just fine and i can change the color, also the fans work just not the color change. I'm not sure what else to do, i also updated everything anddd yeah I'm here now. Hoping someone can help thank you guys!
  4. Hi everyone, new on the forum but have been reading a lot about icue rgb since Im building a new PC that I am trying to make 100% icue compatible. Im going for a STRIX mbo and gfx which will hopefully be compatible with icue, as well as corsair ram, and AIO. I am ordering the h150i Elite Capellix and as I understand, the ML fans are not compatible with QL fans. As I have ordered 6 QLs my original plan was to replace the 3 MLs with QL and use the other 3 QLs as case fans, all of them connected to the Commander CORE. However, in the meantime, I have also ordered the Commander PRO because I plan to connect the LianLi Strimer plus to it (using a cable adapter). Nothing is delivered yet but in the next few weeks I should have a Commander CORE, Lighting node CORE, Commander PRO, 3x ML120, 6x QL120. I presume the "not compatible" refers to the ML and QL being connected to the same channel or am I wrong? Originally I wanted to sell the MLs but now I am thinking the following: 6xQLs connected to the Commander CORE, both rgb and pwm (3 on AIO radiator, 3 as case fans), Commander CORE connected to Commander PRO 3xMLs connected to the Lighting node CORE rgb, Lighting Node CORE connected to the Commander PRO, and ML pwm connected to the Commander PRO. Strimer plus connected to Commander PRO rgb strip port. Is there anything I am missing as why this wouldn't work? Also, is it advisable to use the Commander CORE pwm to power both case and radiator fans, or will they all be controlled as AIO fans if connected like that? I presume it would be better to connect QLs to Node CORE and Com. PRO as case fans and leave MLs as AIO radiator fans on the Commander CORE but I want to use the MLs in the bottom of the case where they are less visible. I know similar questions have been asked a lot on the forum but I read so much contradicting information and even got completely false and misleading info from Corsair support that I just want to get someone's input on my exact case scenario. Thank you all!
  5. So i got obsidian se rgb case with 3 LL fans and i just bought from amazon 3 pack of QL fans (CUZ I NEED THE RGB HUB THAT COMES WITH IT INSTEAD OF BYUING 3 LL FANS + RGB HUB IT WILL COST ABOUT THE SAME) to put on front, and the LL put 2 above with the AIO and 1 on the back. i saw a video of a guy claiming that it is possible to mix them if we connect the QLs first or something to the RGB HUB, and in the Ique softwear change to 6 QL fans. my question is if this will actually work with all the effects or only the rainbow effect will work or static color.
  6. Moin :) Also seit dem ich von Corsair die Gerätschaften habe, bin ich eigentlich nur noch am basteln und ausprobieren, weil ich einfach nicht weiß wo der Fehler liegt. Angeschlossen sind in meinem Gehäuse: - Commander Pro - RGB Fan LED Hub - 3 x Lüfter QL 120 Serie - Corsair LED Strip Also gelesen hab ich das jetzt schon öfter, nur keine hilfreiche Antwort gefunden. Die RGB Beleuchtung flackert oder der ganze Lüfter wird dunkel und wieder heller. Dann sind in der Auflistung mal alle Lüfter angezeigt und kurze Zeit später plötzlich fallen dann welche weg. Genau so fällt auch das gesamte Fenster „Option“ einfach aus. Es ist verschwunden!! Und taucht dann mit den Lüftern wieder auf. Ich habe keine andere Software die die Werte ausliest. Ich habe das komplette iCue samt Registrierungseinträge gelöscht und neu installiert. Ich habe Lüfter teilweise abgesteckt um Änderungen zu beobachten. Diverse Mainboard Treiber neu installiert. Ich komme hier nicht mehr weiter. Und hoffe auf Hilfe.
  7. Bonjour, j'ai acheté un ventilateur corsair ql 120. il y a seulement 3 led d'allumée, j'ai le commander pro, le lightning node, et le fan contrôleur. J'ai beau tout essayé regarder toutes les vidéos d'installation, mettre a jours, redémarrer, brancher, débrancher et il ne ce passe toujours rien le ventilateur ne fonctionne pas (toujours pas de gestion du rgb) tout mes périf sont reconnus, les bande LED Corsair quant a elles fonctionnent, je paramètre et sélectionne les périphérique connecter (bandes led et autre canal QL) mais rien n'y fait. Je ne sais pas d'où cela peux venir.
  8. I'm preparing to purchase some QL 140's for my case; a particular seller is heavily discounting single-pack 140's, so I can't get the Lighting Node CORE if I buy all six fans from the same merchant. My question is, if I buy a loose Lighting Node from another seller, are the QL fans only compatible with the Node CORE that comes in the two-pack, or can they function and be controlled via iCUE using the older Node PRO? If the Node PRO works, are there disadvantages in terms of controls and features? I just want to make an educated purchasing decision, is all.
  9. Hello everyone, sorry if this has already been posted but I've been looking non stop for a couple of days. But I've been having issues with getting anything running on the RGB side of things of the QL fans. I've hooked them up according to Zotty's guide that is up, all fans flashed up started spinning for half a second then they all turn off suddenly and the PC won't boot, I haven't found any grounding issues or misconnections. I am running 9 QL120s into 2 lighting node cores that both go into a commander pro. Any help that you guys have will be greatly appreciated.
  10. Hello, today I installed my newest Corsair producs, 2x QL140 and 1x QL120 to my case. They came with a Lighting Node Core to control their RGB, so I installed the Core, too. I needed to connect the Core USB cable to my internal USB hub, because my MB USB is occupied. Sadly, connecting it this way, iCue does not detect the Lighting Node Core and I cant control my fan colors now. I already had this problem with the Lighting Node Pro, but I was able to fix it when I plugged the LiNoPro directly into my MB. This doesnt work for my Core now, because I have no connection left. The hub works perfectly fine, the H115i Platinum, which is connected to the hub aswell, got detected without a problem. Even Windows 10 detects the Lighting Node Core under "other devices" alongside the H115i and the Lighting Node Pro. How can I fix that one, though? Is the newest iCue version faulty? Do I need some fancy drivers for the hub? Thanks in advance and kind regards, Exony
  11. Hallo, ich bin hier neu und steige auch neu in die RGB Welt ein. Da ich bereits seit längerer Zeit die H150i Wakü für meine CPU habe, und mir nun ein neuen Case (Fractal Define S2 Vision Blackout) gekauft habe wollte ich nun auf RGB umstellen und daher habe ich mich für die Icue Version entschieden. Ich habe mir nun 7 RGB QL 120/140 Lüfter gekauft. Habe ein Duo Pack von den 140er gekauft. 2x 140er und 4x 120er. Also insgesamt 7 Lüfter von der QL Serie. Im Duopack ist glaube ich auch ein normaler Hub mit 6 Ports bei. Jetzt ist mir erst aufgefallen dass ich ja 7 Lüfter habe, aber nur 6 Ports. Wie könnte ich das einfach lösen? 3x 120er will ich an den H150i anschließen und der rest an die Front und Back. Meine Mainboard ist die MSI z390 Carbon. Dieser hat sogar extra einen Corsair RGB Port wo ich glaub den Hub anschließen kann. Was mache ich aber mit dem 7. Lüfter? Wenn ich den irgendwo an das Mainboard einstecke, kann ich das dann auch steuern? Bzw. im gleichen ICUE Tool bearbeiten wie alle anderen Lüfter? Hier wäre der Link von meinem Board https://de.msi.com/Motherboard/support/MPG-Z390-GAMING-PRO-CARBON#down-manual Dankeschön
  12. Hi! My first time here! (My english is not the best- sorry) I have a Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL Case and i want to install 9 QL fans and stripes now. 3 are for my AIO (NZXT Kraken X73) and the others in the case. My question now: You can plug in 6 fans into a lighting node core. When i have more than 6 fans i need 2 cores. Do i get problems with the effects now or is this possible with the Software- or can i plug a core into a core so the Software is controlling the 9 fans in the right order? And can i plug the stripes into the core or do i need someting else? Thanks!
  13. I have 3 LL120 fans in my 500D SE. i was thinking of buying 3 ql120 fans for the front and placing my ll120 fans in the back and top of the case. i saw that the QL is using the node core and i am currently using the ll 120 fan hub and the commander pro. is it possible to use the ql fans on either of these without using the node core?
  14. Hi there, in my current PC are 10 LL120 fans connected to 2 RGB Lighting hubs (included in the multi-packs of the LLs) and both of them connected to my Commander Pro. I’m planning to upgrade to QL120. Do the QLs fit into the RGB Lighting hubs so I just have to replace the fans? I’d still like to use my Commander Pro for fan controlling etc. Thanks for your help in advance and stay safe <3
  15. I was thinking of buying the 3-pack with QL120s including the LNC. Are there any difference in control if I connect this to a CoPro or directly to an RGB header on my mobo? Would I be able to control everything with iCue either way?
  16. I have a new build with a full custom water cool loop with XD5 pump/res, XC7 cpu block, XG7 block, XR5 radiators and 10 QL fans. I also have 4 Vengeance Pro modules, K70 Keyboard and a Knightsword mouse. I've got 6 of the fans RGB going into a Lighting Node Core and their PMW going into a Commander Pro. 4 of the fans are RGB are going into a different Lighting Node Core in the 1, 2, 3, 4 slots and their PMW going to the MB Sysfan pins. Everything works fine except for one QL Fan won't light. I've plugged it into different locations with no luck. Seems there is a Blue LED or two lit and then a cyan colored pair. Any ideas on what this means? Thanks for any help
  17. what I have: 6 x 120mm QL Rgb fans 2 x 120mm LL Rgb fans (come with H100i SE AIO) 1 x Lighting Node Core 1 x Commander Pro My setup: 1. I connect 6 QL fans to Lighting Node Core, I connect the 2.0 usb header from the node core to Commander Pro. 2. I connect 2 LL fans rgb header and fan control header derectly to the AIO pump, and connect 2.0 usb header from the pump to Commander Pro I test that out, I cannot get those 2 LL fans to have sequential lighting effect with the 6 QL fans. And after I did some research, I found out that I need to add another node core (connect to motherboard) or lighting hub (connect to Commander Pro) for my 2 LL fans. So, I added another node core for my LL fans. However, I still cannot get sequential effect. My question: 1. is there any way that I can get sequential effect like pong for my 8 fans. 2. If there is no way to have sequential lighting effect for more than 6 fans, does that mean it is the same that either I connect my 2 LL fans to pump or I connect them to a second node core. 3. any advantage if I connect 2 LL fans to a second node core. I appreciate if anyone can help me here, thx
  18. Bonjour, Je suis entrain de me préparer une config full RGB Corsair. C'est le premier PC que je vais monter et m'acheter. Je suis assez perfectionniste et j'aimerais que tous mes ventilo soit les mêmes. Plusieurs questions me viennent alors : J'ai l'impression que les meilleurs ventilos Corsair son ceux de la série QL, de ce fait je suis partie pour harmoniser l'ensemble des ventilateurs autours de ce modèle. Je pensais prendre le système d'AIO "H115i RGB Platinium" mais celui-ci étant couplé à des ventilos de la gamme ML je voulais savoir si il était possible de les changer pour les QL (à taille équivalente) et si ce changement serait positif ou négatif (refroidi moins bien, fait plus de bruit, etc...) Merci par avance pour votre lecture et les réponses, bonne journée :laughing:
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