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Found 10 results

  1. Hello, I am new to all this but really needed to build a new machine to handle my workload in my production business. My understanding of building a computer is definitely new. I like many others I am sure also have a slight case of OCD. Here is my question. I recently had bought RGB ML Fans and a Commander Pro for my Lian Li Dynamic XL but realized that they do not look good in the intake position. So I used those in my old machine and ran out and got 10 of the RGB QL fans. However, I noticed that the setup is a little different. My question is if I plug the CORSAIR Lighting Node CORE (came with the QL 3 Pack) into the available USB hubs of my commander pro will that wok? Lastly, I have a total of 10 fans. I have 12 RGB ports via the 2x CORSAIR Lighting Node CORE, but commander Pro only has room for 6 Fans total? Can I use a splitter and run all 10 or should I get another Commander pro? Any help would be amazing. Thank you.
  2. Hallo, seit kurzem ist mir aufgefallen dass wenn ich meine QL Lüfter auf die Farbe Weiß einstelle dass an 2 verschiedene stellen die LEDs lila leuchten. Wenn ich in die Icue Software gehe und genau an dieser stelle die LEDs auf die Farbe grün Wechsel leuchtet genau dieses LED nicht mehr. Vielen Dank schon mal im Voraus.
  3. My whole RGB set up is just one big cluster****. I've got an H100i Plat and the LL fans look great on it, but the pump RGB is clearly more vivid than the LL fans. I got 4 QL fans plugged into a fan hub plugged into the Node Pro. The QL fans are not only way less vivid than the LL fans on the H100i, the QL fans are displaying slightly and sometimes vastly different colors than the LL fans which are displaying different colors than the Pump... And this is all during instant color mode. My ram is vivid and looks nice, except for two of the sticks have some ****ed up LEDs in them and display white as yellowish, the pump also displays white as yellow, the LL fans have a nice bright white, but the 4 QL fans have a dim white. I've also got some strips plugged into the other socket on the Node Pro and they are also displaying yellow when I instant color: White. Why are the QL fans dimmer and display different color than everything else? Why does the pump, the strips and two of the RAM sticks display the same shade of yellow for white, cherry red for magenta, and etc... I replaced one of the LL fans on the H100i with one of the QL fans to see if it was just the fans, well... the QL fan lit up bring and vivid just like the LL fan, and the LL fan I plugged into the fan hub into the Node Pro was dim and displayed off colors. So not a fan issue. Maybe the Fan hub and the Node Pro are bad??? Well... I got BRAND NEW of each and tried them out, no difference whatsoever. What the hell is going on? I'm ready to through my entire Corsair RGB setup out the ****ing window, I'm so pissed off with this and when I ask for help with Corsair's customer service, they don't have a clue and just offer me and RMA. This is so ****ed, I just want a good RGB set up. Why is the h100i's pump displaying different colors than it's LL fans? Do QL fans need it's own special Lighting Node Core to be anything but dim? Do they not work well with Fan hub/Node Pro combo??? I never got the Lighting Node Core. Why are the strips showing the exact same incorrect shades that the H100i pump does??? It all just doesn't make any sense, why isn't there a way to calibrate this ****? Someone please help me.
  4. Hey guys! So I recently bought the Commander Pro and 6x QL series fans and it came with the Lighting Node Core and whenever I plug my Node Core into my ComPro it won't detect through iCue. Unless I plug both into my motherboards USB ports directly then both would be detected but that would make my ComPro an expensive fan hub. I want to use the features that it came with :(: My specs are Asus x570 Prime-P 3700x 2080 Super (No RGB on this one) CMW16GX4M2C3200C16W (Corsair Vengence PRO 2x8) Coolermaster 750w GOLD Lian Li O11
  5. I have Asus Motherboard: ROG Rampage VI EXTREME ENCORE. Before I bought commander pro and RGB hub I connected my 3 QL Fans directly to RGB slots to the motherboard - as result light blue colors with some green on all 3 QL Fans. Now, I bought commander pro + rgb hub. I connected fans (only rgb connector) to RGB hub and Hub to commander pro. Same colors! I cannot change light from iCUE Software - it just not applied!:(:
  6. Servus an alle, ich habe heute 2x QL140 und 1x QL120 im Gehäuse verbaut und diese ordentlich mit dem Lighting Node Core verkabelt. Sata Power angeschlossen, USB an mein internes USB Hub angeschlossen, da ich keine freien USB Plätze auf dem MB übrig hatte (Habe 2 verfügbar, an einem hängt Lighting Node Pro für die RGB Strips, am anderen das Hub mit 2 Plätzen, an dem 1x H115i Platinum und 1x Lighting Node Core hängt). Leider wird der Lighting Node Core nicht von der iCue Software erkannt. Die Fans sind beleuchtet und drehen sich alle, jedoch tauchen sie nicht im Interface auf. Windows an sich erkennt Lighting Node Core als USB Gerät jedoch und listet es unter "Geräte" in den Windows Einstellungen auf. Das gleiche Problem hatte ich schon mit dem Lighting Node Pro, der sich auch nicht mit iCue verbunden hat, wenn ich ihn am USB Hub hängen ließ. Deshalb musste ich den ans MB direkt hängen. Leider fällt die Lösung für den Core flach, da absolut nichts mehr frei ist. H115i hängt am Hub und wird fehlerfrei von iCue erkannt. Was kann ich jetzt machen? Ich weiß, dass das Hub in Ordnung ist und mit dem Core ist auch alles in Butter, sonst würden die QLs nicht leuchten. Ich weiß einfach nicht weiter. Wenn ich was vergessen habe, bitte einfach fragen. MfG Exony
  7. Im using two Commander pro's for this setup one has 4 the other 6. The one with 6 just decided to shut 3 off. No firmware update replugging or rebooting has so far helped this issue. Any advice? :(
  8. Is it possible to use both QL and LL fans together? I have x4 LL fans and x3 QL fans. I have three of each of the fans plugged into a Lighting Node Core at the moment. All the fans light up normally except the sixth fan which is an LL...it only lights up partially. When in iCue under "Lighting Node Core" I only get one "Lighting Channel" option. That being the case, I have to choose the "QL" option for all six fans. Should the Lighting Node Core provide two "Lighting channels"? Like ports 1-3 would be CH1 and 4-6 would be CH2? If they aren't compatible together using one Lighting Node Core. Is there any way to use a Lighting Node Pro or Corsair RGB Fan Hub along side the Lighting Node Core? The other Issue is with the Commander Pro. I have two brand new Commander Pros. The first one doesn't show up at all in iCue. The second Commander Pro is recognized in iCue however, Fan port #3 doesn't seem to work. Also, as soon as I plug any fans of any type into the Commander Pro all the RGBs on the fans turn off. They don't even light up at boot but they're still displayed as being on in iCue and the fans are spinning but that's it. I'm only trying to run the three QL fans off the Commander Pro. The three LL fans are plugged into the H150i Pro RGB AIO. On my main system I run x6 LL fans with a Corsair RGB Fan Hub and Commander Pro..Ive never had any problems. I could really use some guidance. Ive tried so many different configurations and nothing works. Thank you System Specs> Gigabyte Aorus B450 Pro WiFi (BIOS F50) AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB 8x8GB 3200Mhz Corsair H150i Pro RGB 360mm AIO Corsair CX650w MSI RTX 2070 Win 10 Pro 64bit Corsair iCue v.3.25.60 Commander Pro FW v.0.9.212 Lighting Node Core FW v.0.9.16
  9. I got 1000d no fans of course I bought 8 LL 120 white I am about to buy 3 Ql 140 and 2 Ql 120 for back Now I only got 1 commander pro What do I need to complete the set up ? 1 more commander and 3 RGB hubs? Or 3 lighting node core?
  10. I just installed a Commander Pro, XD5, XC7 and 4 QL120 fans. I have the pump and CPU cooling block RGB working. The fans all run but I cannot figure out how to make them light up. There are 2 cables coming from each fan with no instructions as to what they are for. I plugged in the ones that fit into the "Fan" sockets on the CP and have no idea what to do with the other cable coming from each fan. Do the 2 cables from each fan have to be plugged in? To what? I am very confused. Thanks for the help!
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