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  1. Attaching my diagram... The Corsair system has a lot of tiny components that are confusing to design around. My system has 8x140 LL-RGBs and 3 non-brand PWM(No color) fans. I will be adding some of the Corsair LED strips, once I get a better understanding for how your controllers are setup. I think there are 3 controller parts: RGB Hub (a 6 way addressable splitter), Lighting Node Pro (2 channel addressable RGB Controller), and a Commander Pro (6PWM Fan and 2 ARGB controler 2 USB and 4 Temp Sensors... Kind of a Nope Pro with Fans, temp and USB??). I'm not exactly sure how the controllers chain up??? I need to know: How do the controllers and hubs chain up? (What can plug into what? How many times?) Can non-corsair fans will work on the Fan Headers of the Commander Pro? Can DC fans work on the Commander Pro PWMs? USBs aside, does anything connect to the Motherboard? Are there adapters to convert the standard to the proprietary connectors and back? Are those proprietary adapters only on the RGB cables (leaving the Fans as PWM)? Somehow, I think I am going to have a lot more questions as I cobble this things together... Snype
  2. I'm buying these tomorrow and have a question since I'm looking for a PWM Fan hub to control 3x QL120 and 1x QL140. Would I need the fan hub to be powered by SATA or would fan splitters be just fine?
  3. Bonjour, j'ai un soucis avec la gestion de mes ventilos dans iCue. Je vous explique. Sur la face avant de mon boitier, j'ai 3 ventilateurs branchés sur le commander PRO. Pas de soucis avec les leds tout va comme je veux. Par contre la vitesse des ventilos varie beaucoup et ils sont assez bruyants. En utilisation bureautique, j'ai constaté qu'ils montaient régulièrement à plus de 1500 tr/min hors j'aimerai qu'ils reste dans les 900 RPM. Peut importe que j'applique le profil Silencieux/Équilibré ou même ma courbe perso, on dirait qu'ils n'en tiennent pas compte. Ma Carte mère est la ASUS ROG STRIX Z370E GAMING. Y a t-il une configuration particulière à faire dans la carte mère ? Est-ce que je dois choisir le mode PWM ou DC pour les ventillos dans la CM ? Merci pour votre aide
  4. Quick question: if I'm plugging the XD5 PWM cable into my motherboard (Asus Maximus XI Gene), rather than a Commander Pro, which fan header should I use? Choices are: AIO_PUMP, which is full speed, 1A Max Current, 12W Max Power W_PUMP+, which is full speed, 3A Max Current, 36W Max Power
  5. Hello, I have Corsair and Non-Corsair (Be Quiet) PWM Fan in my case. I was wondering if I could control the Non Corser Fan SPEED (no rgb) within iCue ? With(out) a CoPro ? If I plug them on the CoPro will they be recognized in the software ? Thank you for ur answer ;)
  6. Hey guys I just got the Commander Pro and wired it all up in my 570X. My system wouldn't boot because I moved the power connectors for the two fans on my H100i from the motherboard CPU fan power to my Commander Pro ( slots 4 and 5 ). When I moved the power cables back to the motherboard, I could boot. Is there something in the bios I have to set to make this work? I'd prefer the fans to be connected to the Commander Pro so that everything is monitored through that interface, but maybe I'm losing functionality by doing that? ELI5 please :) Motherboard: Asus ROG Strix Z270-E Gaming
  7. My computer has not been posting for the past few days. All of the lights come on and the fans spin up, but then, a few seconds later, everything restarts. I opened up my PC and noticed that one of the cables on the splitter attached to the H100i v2 is broken (not the fan cable, but one of the cables that plugs into the unit itself). I was wondering if there is some login within the unit that tells the computer to automatically shut down if there is no current between one of the PWM cables as a safe measure. As a test, I stripped back some of the wire and tried my best to tie the two ends of the wire together and put some electrical tape over it. I still had the same problem, but I'm not the best handyman, and I'm not sure if the connection is good (I don't have a multimeter). Additionally, I noticed that when I try to boot, the two fans connected to the unit spin up for a second and then stop (while the case fans continue spinning). Is this normal behaviour pre-post since not too much cooling is required at that point. Also, if the problem lies elsewhere (motherboard, ram etc) would I be able to use a PWM splitter and put both fans into one of the inputs on the unit, knowing that I would only be able to control the fans as one unit?
  8. If I connect corsair’s ml non led or rgb fans to the mobo pwm header with a spliter will it beable to be controled through iCUE?
  9. I want to change the 200mm fan in the fron of the Corsair 600T (white special edition). Since I'm going to connect it to the motherboard I need one with PWN connector. AFAIK, the case only accepts 200mm fan with 20mm thickness and so far I couldn't find any fan with these features. Is there any fan I can buy as an alternative to the 3-pin 200mm fan on the case?
  10. So I just put together a new Ryzen 1700x build using a Gigabyte AX370-Gaming K7 board, Corsair H115i, and the Phanteks Luxe. The Phanteks Luxe comes with a pwm fan controller. My mother board manual shows that all of the fan headers suppor pwm on the 4th pin. I currently have the H115i hooked up to cpu_fan as the instructions say, and the phanteks fan controller hooked up to cpu_opt. unfortunately, all my case fans (hooked up to the fan controller) are running full tilt despite the gigabyte manual saying all fan headers support pwm regulation. I have tried to manually control the case fans but they all run @ 100%. My question is, does the corsair H115i have to be hooked up to cpu_fan? If not, how would you recommend hooking up the H115i and the phanteks fan controller? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  11. aeo

    H100i V2

    Hi, I have an Asus Z170 Deluxe motherboard, which has PWM fan controllers available on the motherboard. Is it better to run the H100i V2 from the Water Pump or CPU Fan connector? And is it enough to leave the Q-Fan control in UEFI BIOS set to Auto to provide the 12 volts to the water pump control? Asus has a Q-Fan control, is that going to conflict with the Coursair LINK? If the fans are replaced with a PWM style, can those be plugged into the Y-adapter or should these use the motherboard PWM connectors?
  12. Hello- I recently installed an H90 cooler and connected the pump to the CPU fan socket on my motherboard (ASUS Rampage V). Fan monitoring in BIOS was reporting it as running at around 1200 RPM. This seemed a little low as the H80i I have in a different machine runs around 2200RPM. I changed the CPU fan setting from "PWM" to "DC" in BIOS fan control, and the RPM went to 1500 but emits kind of a gravelly hum at that speed. If I enable PWM again and drop the speed slightly the hum goes away and it doesn't seem to impact temperature. My questions are: 1. What is the max speed of this pump supposed to be? Is 1500RPM normal or should I be concerned? 2. Is it ok to run the pump at variable speeds? I have read elsewhere that it is supposed to be constant. I would really rather run at the slightly reduced RPM where it is silent, but don't want to kill my pump. Thanks
  13. Does anyone know if Corsair will be makinga RGB 1400mm PWM, SD or HD fans? I only have one 120mm fan in my case, the rest are 140mm and 200mm.
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