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Found 8 results

  1. Hi all, I'm using a h100i pro aio to cool my 8700k on a msi z390 ace mobo. Currently I'm using the 2 fans comes with the aio connected to the PUMP_FAN1 header on the mobo, and wanted to add another 2 ML120 fans for a push/pull configuration. Should I use 2 PWM splitter (1 to 2) to connect the 4 fans before connecting aio fan connector? Or just 1 PWM splitter to connect the 2 new fans and plug into CPU_FAN1 header? Attached some paint job draw to better illustrate what I'm planning to do https://imgur.com/a/7nWPczy
  2. I was wondering if there would be any advantage of setting up push/pull on my h100i platinum,of two rig I built first has ll fans in push/pull,and new I put together has the ml fans that came from both coolers
  3. drkwpn

    500d RGB SE

    Hey guys, planning my new build and just wanted some advice on my fan choices. Going to have the H150i pro mounted to the front with the 3x included LL fans pushing air in through the radiotor and then using the 3x ML fans included with the cooler to pull air into the case. I orginally was going to use 2x 140mm ML pro rgb fans for the top and 1x 120mm ML pro rgb at the rear for exhaust. Have now changed those exhaust fans to LL. Should I revert back to the ML fans? Or stick with the LLS? Thanks.
  4. how to install a push-pull radiator in the front panel of the obsidian 1000D? what screws should I use?
  5. I just bought the H150i pro with a commander pro, 2 140mm LL fans, and 4 120mm LL fans so everything matches. I have a large PSU (HX850i) so my drive cage is close to the front, and I may have trouble with a push/pull configuration. I've no clue whether it's better to use push or use pull, but I was wondering if I could mount the radiator inside the case and the LL fans just in front (but still under the front panel) as they fit. Would that be okay? Would in this case be a push configuration. Also, I bought the commander pro as a hub to use icue as my central system, to control my PSU, cooler, and fans. Possibly light strips aswell, which I will use my Lighting Node Pro for since I have 2. But I was wondering how I would connect this up. Would all 3 fans connect to my fan hub and commander pro or directly into the cooler? And does the pump need to connect to the commander ( I assume it does because there's a mini USB or micro USB there) Sorry for loads of questions, but I went from nothing corsair to a corsair keyboard, case, cooler and fans, and it's pretty confusing at the start. Thanks.
  6. Hey everyone, I’m planning to use the H150i Pro in a push/pull config and I don’t know if I need any extra parts like longer screws instead of the ones that come out of the box? I also don’t know how to mount it so any help on the procedure would be appreciated.
  7. Hi guys/gals, I have the H110i GT with the 2 pre-installed fans. I fancy moving to a push/pull cooling setup so I've purchased 4 ML140 fans to use with the radiator. I also have a Corsair Commander Pro. The H110i comes with a default 2 fan connectors so my question is, what would you recommend for the push/pull setup? Connecting all 4 fans to the Commander Pro as well as the front 200mm fan and the rear exhaust fan Connecting 2 ML140s to the H110i's own connectors (push set) and leave the other 2 ML140s on the Commander Pro (pull set) Use splitters to connect 2 fans to each of the 2 outputs of the H110i Would using the Commander Pro for all 4 radiator cooling fans cause a problem with the H110i saying there's no cooling running? Thanks for your advice AIDA64-SystemReport.txt
  8. Hello all, I am excited to say I recently ordered an h100i v2 and a 3 pack of the beautiful 120mm Corsair LL Fans. I intend on using these in my masterbox lite 3.1 mATX case with my z370-G motherboard and had some questions regarding the optimal way to configure the fans. To begin, I'm curious to know if it is acceptable to place the radiator fans "outside", on the front under the plastic shroud but outside the metal frame, and the radiator on the other side of the frame. Does anyone know if this will or could damage the radiator from being mounted to metal, and if so, if there is any way to prevent that from happening? The next idea I had was to run the radiator in PUSH/PULL using the stock h100i fans on the inside of the case. Is it a problem that these fans are different models and are being used in push/pull? How should I wire all the fans up so their speeds work properly? Finally I was curious as to how I can connect my H100i v2 and my node pro that is included with my 3 fan pack with only one free internal usb2 connector. Thank you for reading and I appreciate any suggestions or advice on this matter, also if anyone at all can find a case at a reasonable price that has a clear front and is mATX I'm happy to consider ditching my masterbox :p.
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