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  1. Hi all, I recently replaced an ageing HX650W with a brand new HX750 (80+ Platinum). The former made next to no noise at idle but the latter has a constant loud fan. From what I've read it's supposed to kick in at 40% load which it feels like I shouldn't be hitting, especially since the old PSU was silent. Hopefully you can see my specs attached - I know the R9 390 is an old power-hungry card but is this normal? I've double-checked everything is wired up correctly. Thanks :sunglasse
  2. I built a PC in December and it worked fine for a couple of weeks then I started noticing crashes on my PC where the PC would turn off and the screen would just go black as if someone pulled the cord on the PC I googled the issue and found out it was a "power kernel 41" issue and could most likely be an issue relating to how the PC powers on or the boot settings if not driver and BIOS updates I did all of those things and still couldn't figure out the problem and as a last resort i updated the BIOS of the MOBO and it didn't seem to have worked at all. Around almost a week after updating the BIOS my PC crashed and then just stopped powering on which was like 3 weeks ago now. The RGB logo on the MOBO would still light up as well as that small power LED thing that is next to the PCIe power on the GPU when I connected the PC to power but pressing the power would not do anything I thought it may be a MOBO problem since I had recently updated the BIOS and returned my MOBO to amazon. I luckily still had a couple of days left on the return policy and claimed it as a broken MOBO and used the refunded cash to buy another one. Even with that new MOBO I had the same problem as in the the RGB logos on the MOBO and the power LED on the GPU would light up but pressing the power button would do nothing (BTW I have a MOBO with onboard power/reset buttons and I even shorted the front panel connectors for the power button with a screwdriver and nothing happened) I looked in to the problem a bit more and think that there's a chance my PSU may be damaged because I doubt that different MOBO's which are also different models would have the same issue and the initial problem of my PC crashing was I just updated the PC specs on my profile the PSU is the Corsair HX1000
  3. I Recently bought an upgrade from an rm650x to a certified refurbished ax1000. I figured a couple blemishes is not reason to not buy. AX1000 installed and cabled just fine, but when on after 3min, 3 hours, 4 hours, ie sporadic, the computer just shuts off. It does not self restart. Power button doesn't function, I have to toggle the PSU at the back to get the computer to restart. Ive swapped the rm650x back in for now. I will begin my troubleshooting: Test cables: Ax1000 with rm650x cables to test for the ax1000 cabling being faulty, and vice versa rm650x PSU with ax1000 cables. External factors: wiring in my apartment is suspect but I've had two computers on this circuit running furmark and prime95 for a total of 1400w at least and hasn't been an issue. But perhaps the fact that I have to toggle the PSU switch to get it to restart is an indicator. I will try moving things off this circuit to separate. Perhaps the sensitivity of the ax1000 causes it to shut off? What might do this and did. I just waste my money on something nicer that doesn't work
  4. Hello, I wasn't sure which thread that I should post this in, however I am wondering if anyone has ever bough a replacement AC Power Cable for a Corsair PSU? I want to move my PC (running a SF750 SFX PSU) from one room to another depending on what I am using it for, however do not want to have to unplug the AC Power Cable every time... which is located behind a unit that isn't the easiest to move. Will any IEC (C13) Cable work for this and the PSU block manages the power, or would I need a special Corsair cable? I couldn't see a replacement one available online. Thanks in advance for any help.
  5. Hey everyone, I recently purchased a refurbished Corsair AX1200i. Everything works fine but, unfortunately, it did not come with a Corsair Link cable which is the primary reason I purchased it in the first place (instead of just purchasing a new PSU). Is it possible for me to purchase a link cable from somewhere or is Corsair able to send me one? I live in Australia and I sent in a support ticket but its been over a week with no response. I still have my RM750i with all cables and accessories (including the two link cables that came with it) but the RMi has a miniUSB port with an optional analogue port. The AXi only has a analogue port for Corsair Link which the RMi analogue cable cannot directly connect to the internal USB header through. I understand this is what I need but have no way of purchasing it even if it was in stock: AX 1200i/860i/760i USB to i2C adapter (corsair.com) This is my first time posting to the forums so please let me know if there are any issues or require more information.
  6. Hi and afternoon. After many years of being a console gamer , I am starting my 2nd PC build. It is a big step from my first PC build which was from the Pentium P3-450 era lol 😄 A lot of time has passed since then (and technology) so I started to get myself a few things on my shopping list..... Can you confirm that the following connections on my RM 850x PSU are the correct ones to connect my Geforce 3080 into ? Many thanks 🙂
  7. Hey. So last Sunday my corsair power supply (TX750M) died as soon as I turned it on. There was a loud click/pop sound, none of the LED lights turned on and even the mains electricity in my room got a short circuit (basically it was off, luckily it was easily restored). Now I've been stuck with a broken PC for the past week now. So on Sunday I've messaged Corsair Support that I want to return my dead PSU in the hopes of receiving a new, properly working, one. I've only got an automated message saying they take 2-3 business days to reply, with there maybe being some delays during the summer. Since the message, there's been 5 working days and summer ended. Right, I know I'm most likely gonna get told that I should wait another week or so but first off, Corsair should update their automated messages. Second of all, the PSU could have caused damage to other components in my PC which then I'd have to replace too. If Corsair Support is gonna take a few weeks let's say, and if my motherboard for example is dead too, then I'd have to wait another few weeks for that to be replaced. Broken PC's are very big issues, and I'd have hoped Corsair realised that. Yes, there could just be loads of RMA request messages right now but I really don't want to rely on my phone for my school work and other stuff for a month or even more. Just gonna put in my ticket number here: 2004628426 Seen other people beforehand send these kind of messages in the forum here and they had Corsair Support reply to them faster. Some are a few years old so things may have changed, but doesn't hurt to try. Sending another RMA request would just clog up the request list more and doubt that'd help. Sorry if I've wasted some people's time as this is a long message and basically Corsair staff can only help me currently.
  8. Hi there, I'm wondering if anyone can tell me what connectors are needed for the CMPSU-1000HX powers supply. I know it's quite old, but I'm just needing to buy some PCIe connectors. I can see on the Corsair website they sell Type 3 PCIe connectors but unsure if they will fit this PSU. Any recommendations are appreciated!
  9. I built a dual 3090 system, and chose a Corsair AX1600i PSU. A few times every day my machine randomly shuts off. I tried replacing/ testing all components/ wires. nothing worked. I tried single rail, and multi rail for the PSU no change. I bought an EVGA Supernova T2 1600, and now my pc works fine. My problem is I dont think RMA-ing the Corsair PSU will work as it may not technically be broken. I think it just has a design flaw due to the rails and how much they can take before the PSU decides to auto shut off. I can still RMA it but if that does not fix it because it is a design issue, what do i do, just kiss $550 goodbye?
  10. First of all, early happy August to everyone! So I'm building a new pc since I upgraded my wife's with my old cpu and motherboard and I've run into a strange issue I've never had. Here's a breakdown of all the components : ryzen 5600x (corsair water block) Gigabyte B550 Auros master EVGA 3080 (ek water block) Corsair XD5 EVGA 850 80+ gold psu Lian li o11 dynamic XL 32 gigs of vengeance pro ram at 3600mhz 10 QL 120s 2 commander pros 2 rgb hubs (came with the fans) 2 360s In one hub, I had 4 exhaust fans and the XD5 and their rgb hub. In the other, 6 intake fans and their rgb hub. Both pros plugged into USB ports on the motherboard. So, when I went to fill the system, I noticed that the water wasn't actually moving past the gpu (the run goes pump-gpu- radiator-cpu- radiator- pump), yet all the rgb fans were lit. I thought this was curious. Even more so when I noticed that only the intake fans were actually spinning. So, I pulled the number 6 intake fan, and plugged in the pump. Pump worked. Oh, this is also relevant. The computer was plugged into a strip before. This time, I had to plug it directly into the wall. So, computer filled, ran for 12 hours leak testing. I decide to close everything up and install windows. It cuts on for a brief second, then instantly cuts back off. The rams' rgb is still running, which I'm guessing means there's auxiliary power getting to the board, but not enough to power it. This psu previously ran a 3600, x570 board, same 3080,same hydro x set up, and 8 ML 120s (no rgb). However, only a single pro was used. To troubleshoot, I put it in my wife's computer(3600, x570, H150i, 2 sticks of vengeance at 16 gigs). It powered everything perfectly! So I've narrowed it down to either there's an issue with running 2 pros, or 850 watts isn't enough power. Which is baffling! I have a 1000 watt being delivered tomorrow and will update this thread with my findings. Any suggestions are of course welcome! I just made this in case someone else runs into this issue and I get this figured it, it may help someone in the future! TLDR; 850 watt psu worked in old system, doesn't work in new system that has one extra commander pro and 2 extra fans Profuse apologies for the long read!
  11. I had to move my pc to a different location in the house. I unplugged everything from the mobo and hit the power switch on the ax1500i to off. After plugging everything back in, I hit the power switch then hit the case power and the pc would turn on, then right away turn off and would keep repeating this like its trying to boot but it can't. I didn't mess with any cables inside, it was just a simple move of the pc. So, I unplugged everything again, opened up the case and fiddled with some cables to make sure everything was in all the way and tried to boot without anything plugged in. IT WORKED..... but not for long. I thought ok, it can boot, so I turned it off, plugged everything back in and again its doing the one second of trying to turn on. I've had my ax1500i since 2016. The only change I made recently was a new msi3080 in November but its been working absolutely fine since then. I did the self test on the ax1500i and it was green light the whole time. Any guidance would be appreciated :biggrin: Specs: ax1500i MSI Gaming Trio 3080 Sabertooth X99 Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB 4x8 i7-5960x
  12. Hello! First time poster, long time Corsair fan. Don't know if this is the right place for my question, but since it's about a PSU. It's not necessarily an RMA thread, just a question from a new owner. Recently I purchased a new PSU, the RM650x. It's my first time with a PSU that only activates it's fan when the load increases. Never thought it'd make such a big difference in the noise! Really enjoying it so far. However, every time the fan turns on or shuts down, it makes this noise I'm attaching as an external Google Drive link. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-le79cmgdBVS3Ga1X9H1iPm53HfO_chq/view?usp=drivesdk Is this noise normal, or should I be concerned? I'm not talking about the clicking noise, of course, it's the weird buzzing electrical like sound I'm talking about. I never owned a PSU with this kind of function, so that's why I'm worried if this isn't some sort of short circuit happening or if my power cable is faulty. Thanks!
  13. Hi, I got a RM650x from Newegg.ca on Mar '19 (refurbished). In Mar of 2021 it died by leaking transformer fluid out the bottom. It has served me well since then in a gaming Rig with a single graphics card (asus RX580 dual) and I considered the psu good quality - 80plus gold, fully modular, etc. However, I didn't expect any power unit to fail by leaking transformer fluid so I wanted to bring this to your attention. Attached is a photo of my gaming computer and the fluid leaking out of the unit. There was more fluid on the floor below the case as well, and it started to crackle a bit when plugged in and smelled like electrical things were burning. Cooler master power supply calculator estimates that this system uses 371W at peak, so it's definitely not straining the psu in this system. Corsair is great quality gear and I don't think I abused it in any way, so I wanted Corsair to know that this one failed in this strange manner. It gave me a black screen but looked like the system was on so I assumed it was the graphics card. Swapped the graphics card and in the process realized that the black screen was likely the psu failing instead. I wanted Corsair and the community to know about the psu failing like this, because it's disappointing with a quality part like this, and I was actually surprised that it had fluid in it. Laszlo Toth
  14. Hey everyone ! I have got a gaming PC (self build) and it almost works like it is supposed to do. When I've had my pc on for a few hours (2 hours or so) and I open / close a software or sometimes if i'm doing nothing, my computer freezes. I just see my screen as when it froze, and my mouse is not moving, also my keyboard won't do anything. A weird thing is that when i have my audio system plugged into the PC it would give a weird noise for a sec when freezing, and then just continue to play the song / video I was watching. The only way to get out of this is to hold the power button or press the reset button on the case of the pc. After reboot it will work fine for some time and it will freeze again. Some people said it could be something with my PSU. I've already tried to completely whipe my ssd and reinstall windows 10, but no succes. I've also reseated my ram and tried a new monitor, and another graphicscard, but still no succes. Does anyone know what my problem could be ? I really hope for a response as I've had this problem for quite a while now, and it's really irritating me.
  15. I just bought the RM850i, i'm getting parts together for my first build. Me being a bit fancy spent a couple extra quid instead of simply getting the RM850X. Reading the instructions to see how I actually link the psu and apparently i need some kind of converter to convert an analog signal to a digital signal, and "Corsair Link" is now apparently out of date. Can someone please clarify this for me and offer me advice? Is iCue the new corsair Link? and is my psu compatible still? Ie can i still have the full functionality of the psu?
  16. Hi guys, First of all, this is my first topic and I'm fully new on this forum :) sorry in advance if I do something wrong! I've a question related to the AX850 on one stupid information that I do not find on the internet : I would like to buy this power supplies but I also would like to be sure of one thing : if someone inadvertently presses the button 0 RPM during the run of the power supplies (when computer is running), is there any risks for it? Do we have a risk of issue in this case? Thanks guys, Arthessia
  17. Just built my first pc and everything is great. I am just a little confused on the PSU and whether or not it is supposed to show in iCUE. I saw in videos it does but the RM850x doesn't have a cable or slot for a USB plug... or maybe I'm missing something? I have a cable for SATA which is going to commander pro, etc. two for power to the mobo, one for 3070. Is there supposed to be one from the RM850x to a USB port? Thanks in advance
  18. I bought a brand new AX1600i and set it up two days ago. This morning, when I was just browsing/email (aka no load), the system just shut off. It wouldn't turn back on. I turned off the switch on the back of the PSU and then held down the power button on the PC for a few seconds. Then it turned back on and it booted right up. After about 10 minutes, again, it just shut off. I have the PSU connected to a dedicated 20A circuit so it most definitely is not that. I had an EVGA 1600T2 PSU in the system right before this and it worked flawlessly for the past 6 months. Since the system is shutting down when there is no load, what could the issue be? Also, I noticed in iCUE that the Multi-rail OCP is turned on and all the settings are at 40A (slider). Should the OCP be set to Single-Rail or Multi-Rail? Also, the Fan RPM is 0 - is there a way to set it so that it turns on automatically? I don't want any "eco" mode or some such thing - I want the PSU to be as cool as possible. I am using the CableMod cable-set for the AX1600i along with a couple of the stock/default cables since I'm using 2x GPUs in the system. The system has shut off without warning three (3x) times now when just idling/doing light work like browsing or checking email. Yesterday, I was playing games on it and monitored the Power-In and Power-Out and it was regularly reaching ~ 1470W - but it worked perfectly fine and there were no issues. When I shut the computer off last night, I turned the PSU switch to the "OFF" position (as I always do with all of my PCs) and turned it back on this morning when I wanted to use the computer. This is driving me insane so I would appreciate some help! Is the PSU dying already? It's been less than 3 days since I got it! Please help!
  19. Hi Corsair Forums So I have a Corsair HX750 PSU and I noticed that the ATX 24 pin is solid on one end and split (20+4) on the other. I understand that typically, the split end of the cable goes into the motherboard, to allow for boards with 20pin sockets. However, with the HX750 it seems the other way round. The socket on the PSU looks like it's set up to take the 20+4 pin split. Why would this be and in what scenario would I need to only use one of the (20+4) split at the PSU end? See 3 pics here showing how I've connected the cable to both the motherboard and PSU as well as the empty ports on the PSU for reference. Many thanks for any expertise you're able to impart :) P.S I'm using a Maximus XI Hero motherboard.
  20. Hey, I just bought (10. December 2020) a corsair RM1000x to replace old PSU that broke. After installing it, double checking the wires and firing it up, I Heard a loud pop and some weird smell and the new PSU is now dead... Does Corsair warranty cover such thing ?
  21. Hello guys, just have two quick questions. 1. I currently have a Corsair RM 650 watt for my 3080 build and was wondering if that is going to be enough for it. 2. The PSU plug is a US plug, but soon I will be in another country for while and was planning to bring my pc there(Hong Kong). Obviously would love to buy a brand new psu again so I was wondering if buying this cord will work so I can just switch the main power cord/plug. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1373781-REG/gefen_cab_powercord_uk_iec_c13_outlet_ac.html
  22. Hi all, I've just purchased a RM1000X after my previous Corsair CX750M seemed to cause system to power cycle under peak loads when over-clocking. The RM1000X has completely resolved this issue, however this PSU has possibly the worlds loudest coil whine / buzzing. This occurs when both on normal grid power, and when connected to a pure sine wave generating UPS. Under heavy loads such as games, this coil whine and buzzing can be so loud that it's audible anywhere in the house, and most definitely over the audio from my games while wearing headphones. Is there anything that can resolve this? This never occurred on the previous 750W or any other PSU that has, or is running. Unfortunately its literally driving me up the wall and making me dread using my PC currently. It's the only Corsair product that I have problems with. Keyboard, mouse, RAM, cooler, fans, case, etc... all excellent. See video / audio here: - (Video taken while idle on desktop, and connected to pure sine wave UPS) [ame] [/ame] EDIT: Its the RM1000X - my apologies. Confused myself with the naming schemes. Unfortunately unable to edit title.
  23. Hi Team, I had an AX1200i which has been replaced with a DoA ax1200i and then replaced with an AX1500i however the new 1500 now has the same issue as the original AX1200i - it has a long beep that wont go away until reset of the power. video of noise here. https://streamable.com/30zyfz I would like to know why this is happening. I have escalated for my support ticket to get resolved again however understanding the nature of the fault would be appreciated.
  24. hello everyone i just got a new corsair rm850x white power supply. and need to ask a question about the ATX cable and the CPU cable. i am new to building after many years of a laptop. i see the ATX cable connects to my motherboard 24 pin. but at the PSU it has 2 separate connectors. do these have to both be plugged in or just one? also the 8 pin cpu which of the 8 pin connectors does it need to be plugged into or do i plug it into a free one? again i am new at these advanced PSUs. any help is appreciated. thanks everyone StormChaser
  25. Hello, recently my rm750x started making a buzzing noise similiar to this: [ame] [/ame] But its higher pitched and wasnt there before and persists even when the PC is shut down. It stops if i turn off the PSU switch. I can only hear it if im close to the exhaust of the PSU and generally doesnt bother me unless its something bad with the PSU. I was wondering if this is just coil whining that recently developed or if its something dangerous/faulty ?
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