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Found 12 results

  1. I'm currently having problems with the audio on my Virtuoso SE headset. I use a PS4 with my headset, but the sound is terrible compared to cheap headsets I also own. The best way to desribe it is tinny/ no stereo. I've checked my connection, my iCUE software, and everything is fine there. I've tried both wireless and wired, but the sound is the same. I'm not convinced that they're very compatible with PS4 than they are PC. I've tried different EQ settings, but I'm having no luck. I'm having as much luck trying to get in contact with Corsair customer service, as there only seems to be a phone number for the US and not Europe. Could anyone please help as I feel like I've wasted my money and wish I'd stuck wth a cheaper headset. Many thanks
  2. I have a PS4 and recently bought an M65 RGB Elite. I didn’t know it was only compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10 until just now. Before I bother returning it, I want to double check. Is there anyway to make an M65 RGB Elite work with a PS4? Specifically Minecraft Bedrock Edition? I plug it in and the PS4 notices a mouse was plugged in, but it doesn’t do anything. I already tried pressing all the buttons before plugging it in like I saw in some video, but still nothing. Any help?
  3. Hi, Using the new headset on PS4. Really happy with the virtuoso so far. However,no matter what settings I changed on icue or in party chat settings, the party chat volume does not change !! Previously had turtle Beach were you could physically change the volume on the headset with a slider.. Am I missing something ? Any help appreciated .
  4. I use the ps4 to play fortnite, but I hookup a keyboard and mouse to use instead of a controller. I use the Corsair K65 Lux, and I downloaded the software to change the color profiles and get them set onto the keyboard. However, once I unplug the keyboard from my laptop, and plug it into my ps4, none of the lighting profiles work. They work just fine, and switch to each profile properly when plugged into the laptop. Its just once I plug the keyboard into the ps4 usb port, it has no lightin features, not even the default lighting works. Im not sure what is going on, anyone have any idea? I also have to switch it from Bios mode to work with the windows 10 to switch the color profiles, it wont work on Bios mode hooked up to my laptop.
  5. I cannot for the life of me get the sidetone activated on my PS4. I know this headset was designed for PC but the mic and audio work great for my PS4 plus they're comfy. The problem is I can't hear myself talk (sidetone) and therefore have no idea how loud I'm getting. I can get sidetone through the headset on the laptop, and it even remains after I unplug the usb receiver but as soon as it plugs into my PS4 I loose the sidetone. Game and chat audio are fine but that's not the issue. The issue is my wife is going to kill me if I can't keep it down and sidetone would help a lot. So far I have tried: 1 uninstalling/reinstalling iCUE and activating sidetone through the PC then plugging it into my PS4. 2 holding down the mute button to activate sidetone (voice feedback) On a side note, the headset buttons don't work on PS, not even the volume wheel. 3 soft reboot the headset itself by holding the mute button for 15 seconds until it turns off. 4 Contacting Corsair customer support. They said since the sidetone works on the PC the issue isn't with the headset. I know everyone here is a member of the PC Master Race and I am but a loley pesant console gamer but I throw myself up upon the mercy of the forums in the hopes that one of you, in you infinite wisdom, would bless an answer upon me. An unworthy gamer, Pickles4u
  6. I recently bought the Corsair Void wired headset that comes with a Dolby 7.1 USB adapter. I went into the CUE to mute the sidetone so I will stop hearing myself when I talk on PC, but I also use these headsets for my ps4 and when I connect them to the ps4 I always hear myself and it's very annoying. Any way I can make it go away on console?
  7. So this works flawlessly on my pc and my xbox 1X, however PS4 not so much. I can not get it to work, wired, dongle, or Bluetooth. The F1 and winlock trick does not put my k63 into bios mode either, any suggestions? I'd like to get the most out of my $170 keyboard set up.
  8. hallo support, frisch und neu aus der box - hab ich 2 probleme: 1) micro funktioniert auf der ps4 nur wenn ich unter der ps4 selber den eingang auf maximal stelle - ansonsten werde ich in der party nicht gehört. soweit ich verstehe hilft mir das ICUE hier nicht - was bleibt an mögichkeiten oder umtausch? 2) MuteButton hat das erste mal funktioniert - aber seit dem 2. tag höre ich zwar das akkustische on/off signal - bleibe aber auf beiden einstellungen hörbar. gibt es eine möglichkeit hier selber etwas zu machen oder siehe oben ware retour senden? danke für eine rasche antwort, eulen
  9. HS70 very low mic with ps4 pro, my friends can barely hear me. Fw 0.64. I also have a HS50, with that headset my friends hear me perfect with the deafualt mic volume setting on ps4 pro. Even with mic volume at max with the ps4 pro, my friends are complaining about barely hearing me. Any ideas about how to fix the mic volume on ps4 pro with HS70?
  10. I used both the keyboard's USB to connect to two separate PS4 (different models) but both have result in same outcome. After flipping the switch in the back from 1 to 4 (BIOS mode--with indicated flashing/lit scroll bar), I'm able to navigate and type throughout the PS4 menu. However, after loading rocket league, I'm unable to do anything. Any suggestions? Keyboard: Corsair K70 RGB Keyboard Mouse: logitech g502 proteus spectrum Game: Rocket League Console: PS4 (two separate models) Additional Hardware: N/A P.S. I know there are different topics on this however, none of them have fixed my issue. PSS. I will be posting this in the rocket league's forum and PS4's forum. Thank you!
  11. Hello there i just recently got the void pro usb surround sound white headset i got this product originally for use with my PC and ps4 it works wonderful on my computer no problem but when i plug it into my ps4 the headset doesn't even come on ive tried everything i could find online Corsair has a forum saying that my version of my headset is compatible with my ps4 and ive seen several:mad: threads people saying they are having other problems with there headset on there ps4 updating firmware changing the headset mode to stereo cleaning out my usb optical drives i think that my ps4 just doesn't have enough strength to power the headset my usb 3.0 drives definitely are working i use it to charge my controller and the headset plugs in fine to various objects such as my tv. ive made a work ticket have not heard anything from corsair tried contacting them and got told to ask technical support and of course i cannot get in touch with them and was told to wait till they contact me. Please help me
  12. Hello, i want to buy the new void pro wireless.. however in the page says compatibility pc and windows and all but doesnt mention anything about ps4.. The surround model says ps4 compatibility but thats not wireless... Does somebody know if the wireless void pro works with ps4? Thanks
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