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Found 6 results

  1. A feature that would be really nice to have is the ability to add multiple programs to a profile. I have lots of games and want their profiles to be different from the default profile so I have to create a ton of individual profiles for all of said games.
  2. I recently made a program which lights up keys on your keyboard in the shape of the character you just pressed. Feel free to give it a go and give me any feedback I do this all for fun so its good to learn how I can improve or if anyone has any ideas for better representation of some characters. Github: https://github.com/mrdeadguy34/SeeItCorsair
  3. Is there a way to link an iCue profile to a program while it's open, not only while in focus? I tend to link my custom profiles to games I play but find myself alt-tabbing a lot to change music, arrange discord etc. When I alt-tab the profile switches to default briefly and then back when I re-focus the game. Is there a way to create a linked profile that will stay activated so long as the program is open, not only focused?
  4. I have a k95 platinum and am very happy with it. One thing that i would like to do and dont know if it is possible is to set the macro keys to a specific program apart from the lighting. I would like to set the macro keys to do something based on the program i am using. I know that it is possible to bind a profile to a program, but is it also possible to bind only marco's to a program? On my logitech g502 mouse i can set the lighting apart from the G keys. So i can bind shortcuts to a program (like google chrome) without affecting my lighting. Is there a way to achieve this? Currently i am not using the macro keys because of this.
  5. So, I am able to switch to the desired lighting profile after launching Overwatch Program. However, when I exit the game to desktop, the lighting profile remains the same and I had to switch it myself anyway. Just wonder anyway to make it switch automatically to default profile after a game?
  6. I am trying to get my shiny new K95 to launch outlook at G2. I can do it via starting a program fine, it's just that using that method, every time I hit the button it starts a new instance of outlook instead opening the already started instance. I have had multiple other brands that can handle this, can the K95 be made to somehow? I tried searching the forum and Google for ideas but I'm stumped. TIA for any ideas.
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