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  1. As all of you know, iCUE is our software that manages literally every CORSAIR product to date. I'm sure some of you are iCUE experts by now 😉 If you are new to our ecosystem, no worries! Check out this Pro-Tip for setting RGB lighting ✨! What iCUE lighting effects, macros, and profiles are your favorite and/or most used? Show us your configurations so others may use it too 😁 We wanna hear you! Do you have any iCUE suggestions that would make your experience better? Please leave your suggestions down below so we can read over them!
  2. For whatever reason at random the "Enhanced Pointer Precision" toggle becomes on for random profiles. I have Enhanced Pointer Precision turned off in windows as well.
  3. So maybe this exists, but I'm having trouble finding it. Is there a central location (or forum) for discussing the creation or lighting effects for the various keyboards/mice/etc? And better yet a "Library" where we can download profiles from? And where should we post feature requests for ICUE? eg: I'd like to see a dedicated "toggle lighting" option that you could apply to keys like Caps Lock. And while we're on the subject, are there any good "how to guides"? I muddled through creating some basic lighting profiles a couple years ago and it took ages. Unfortunately I forgot to export the profiles so I lost them recently when I did a reinstall. The idea of spending hours trying to figure out how to do stuff again is very daunting.
  4. Just curious if anyone has made a profile for Hitman 3, or if there's something similar. K100/Harpoon
  5. After using the Virtuoso RGB SE on both the computer and PS5, there is an extreme loss of functionality that should have been able to be stored in the headphones: iCue. Will iCue ever be implemented to be stored inside the headphones and/or dongle so the settings can be used in the PS4/PS5/XBOX? Having a completely flat sound with so little bass and high-end treble makes these headphones unusable with PS5 for me, as important audio events in games are either completely missed or so diminished that they can be confused with other sounds. If this is not possible AT ALL, please make a new headphone product that supports hardware storage of settings, just like my Dark Core Pro SE does. Thank you
  6. It would be awesome if I could make the timing of lighting effects random to simulate stars twinkling or raindrops hitting the ground, without having to resort to making the timings all weird and different from each other and putting multiple colors on the same effect. Just having the ability to apply the 'Random delay between (ms)' you have for delays in macros would be awesome! While I'm at it, being able to have one light effect trigger another after a certain amount of time would be incredible too. The same thing would work well with macros as well. As an example, the raindrops on the ground thing would have a ripple effect on a random interval of a few seconds, and trigger a gradient in the middle immediately. A split-second later, a second ripple is triggered as the second wave. Thanks for reading -Fire
  7. *I apologize if this has already either been addressed or posted, I looked through the forums but did not find this exact issue described so perhaps I am just blind or maybe my issue is an isolated situation. **I will also note ICUE & Nexus software are up to date The issue I'm encountering is specifically with the Corsair Nexus profiles after my computer is locked (such as using Windows key+L) or when waking up from sleep mode. Everything in ICUE establishes itself just fine (such as the RGB lighting on fans, motherboard, mouse, keyboard). Profiles setup for games change on everything but the Nexus screen itself acts like the profiles that were setup for it, don't exist at all. For example, I've setup 1 specific Nexus profile that is only enabled with a given .exe (and disabled while operating the computer regularly or when using another program). Opening Nexus within ICUE, I can see the profiles are there. After launching a game I can see Nexus switch to the profile it is supposed to, but the Nexus screen displays a black screen (while the program is open) instead of the screen it is setup to display. Looking at ICUE, again it switches to the profile, but the profile itself is toggled off (such as it should be while in the default profile). The first time it occurred I thought it just needed to refresh the profiles, so I manually swapped from the game profile to the system default in ICUE, and then back again but that did nothing (meanwhile all of the ICUE RGB lighting profiles are swapping just fine across the board). Even while swapping the profiles manually, the Nexus screen itself will go to the default profile just fine, but will not swap to any profile screen setup for specific program. Then I thought I just needed to toggle the profile back on, as previously I had said that although the Nexus is switching to the right profile, it just remains toggled off. So I toggled it back on. Now this does fix the screen (as expected). However this is not actually toggling on the setting for this profile, it's doing it for the default. From what I can gather: Any edits made to the ICUE Nexus profiles after waking the computer from Sleep or Lock, are only made to the default profile. So it isn't just an issue with the Nexus screen after waking or sleep, I cannot edit any profiles but the default unless I do the following... I did find a resolution by closing the ICUE software, and restarting it. Everything with the Nexus works perfectly again after doing so. I'd just like it to function after waking/unlocking without having to do that. It's a mild inconvenience to me, otherwise the Nexus is a beautiful addition to my setup and very happy I got it! I hope I've described my issue thoroughly enough to be duplicated with ease.
  8. Hi there! I have come across the problem where if I switch profiles in iCUE, button on keyboard or mouse/in app, where the profile changes Corsair headphones equalizer settings, then the audio stops working on Discord, and sometime even crashes games!!! The fix is simply to reselect the audio device I want to use, and sometimes restart Voicemeeter engine (virtual audio mixer). I usually fix these problems by myself, but I really don't know where to start. Any help is much appreciated! Thank you! With regards, Alvin.
  9. Title. Long story short- I have a couple of profiles for a couple of games, and use macros to switch between them. Like when I play another character, I switch the profile (through a macro) so that it "projects" my abilities and such. iCUE used to remember what profile I last used, but now it just resets to a profile every time I enter the game (this includes alt-tabbing, which is the most annoying part of this issue). ------------------------------------------------------------------------ So for example: Let's say I have Blue profile, Orange profile, and purple profile. I switch to Orange profile, then I alt-tab, and when I go back to the game, it's on the purple profile. The purple profile is always the "default" one it chooses, even though it isn't the first on the list, nor is its name the first when ordered alphabetically (it is the last one, though).
  10. Hi, I recently bought a full corsair pc set up (you can see specs in my profile), my case brought 3 frontal fans, and one in the back which I replaced for a LL rgb 140mm, now, as you can see in the photo, I have 8 fans, 5 of them are the ones in the front and in the bottom of the case, connected to the corsair controller pro that comes with the case, then I bought a liquid cooler h100i, that came with another corsair controller, and there I plugged the aoi fans and the fan in the back of the case, the thing is, I started playing metro exodus, and when I play the game, and you interact with the environment, rgb it's only seen in the fans that are plugged in the case corsair controller's. The other fans (back and superior fans) are disabled. Is there a way to change it?. Having 2 different corsair controllers make Icue doesn't work properlly?. Thank you.
  11. Hi all, Just a little Quality of Life suggestion. Could we get the ability to create sub-folders for the ACTIONS and ACTIONS LIBRARY, and the LIGHTING EFFECTS and LIGHTINGS LIBRARY, these rapidly get out of hand when creating custom mapping zones and complex lighting effects. I think this would greatly help everyone create awesome profiles.
  12. I've been loading some 3rd part iCUE profiles that include rgb strip lighting. Everything in the lighting profile seems to load, fans, ram h100, but not the rgb strips, even though those parameters are included in the profile. The RGB strips just stay on the default rainbow. Any ideas, the profiles are quite complex so would rather not have to change them manually. Thanks
  13. Why is it not possible to select from the list of profiles and then just write that profile to one of the hardware slots? Having to modify the hardware slot profile seems like a LOT of extra work when a copy-into functionality should just be available. Moreover, when I deleted all my hardware profiles, I could not create/assign any new ones. This all seems very counter-intuitive to me.
  14. I have a Corsair Void Pro RGB and the equalizer profiles just isnt working anymore. I reinstall the software, did try another port of USB, did try to check for updates and nothing worked well. I also read in this forum a bunch of threads but nothing worked for me. I'm kinda sick of trying to solve this problem because I don't have any suport from Corsair. Anyone can help? :sigh!:
  15. I've had an issue since I first set up my PC with my k95 RGB keyboard and VOID PRO RGB wired headset losing my profile when my PC goes to sleep. I have a profile set up, but whenever my PC goes to sleep and I start it back up, it turns my keyboard and headset red and gets rid of macros, etc. I also have a Corsair mouse too, but that always keeps the same color/profile. Does anyone know how to stop this? or if this is an issue?
  16. I recently purchased a K95 Platinum RGB keyboard. I defined three profiles and saved them to the three hardware profile slots. When I either (A) disable iCUE; or (B) move the keyboard to a computer that doesn't have iCUE installed, the profile change button at the upper-left of the keyboard does not do anything. Whichever profile is active when iCUE gets disabled juts stays in place. Pressing the profile button does nothing unless iCUE is running in the background. Is there any fix for this, or other things I should try? Thanks. Note: I need this functionality because I use the keyboard on a work computer occasionally, and I am not allowed to install iCUE on that machine.
  17. Previously many requested of adding DRAM support to my iCue profiles u have gotten around to buying a Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB kit of 4 x DIMMs. With that, I also updated all my profiles and I have added QL Fans, SP Pro Fans and ASUS Motherboard support(tested on a Hero XI). For those who do not frequent the subreddits I have posted my profiles and updates before but to make a shortlist of support Corsair devices. Commander Pro, Up to 6 peripherals per channel, RGB Strips, HD Fans, SP Fans, SP Pro Fans, LL Fans, ML Fans and, QL Fans. Lightning Node Pro, Up to 6 peripherals per channel, RGB Strips, HD Fans, SP Fans, SP Pro Fans, LL Fans, ML Fans and, QL Fans. H150i Pro closed liquid cooler. Dominator Platinum RGB 4 x DIMMs Corsair Strafe RGB Mk2 & Demo K95 RGB. MM800 RGB Polaris mouse pad. Demo Glaive RGB. Demo ST100 RGB. Demo Void Pro Wireless. Hydro X Support, All Channels. ASUS Motherboards. And to prevent double posting and spam you can visit my download section here: https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/corsair-icue-rgb.html Enjoy!:bigeyes:
  18. Hi there, I'm looking to create a program to allow for game integration similar to the Far Cry 5 setup with iCUE but for other games. From what I've seen, the Far Cry setup switches iCUE between different profiles (stored in iCUE install dir) based on the game state. I would like to do the same however the iCUE SDK does not appear to support switching of iCUE profiles, and I have had no luck googling for alternative methods. So I'm asking here, is there any method of changing iCUE's active profile to a profile stored on disk via a program (be that command line, SDK, or other). Thanks heaps, Macca
  19. Hi, I have iCUE 3.26.95 and I'm trying to set program-specific profiles for macros. It seems like I can't always use the same lightning effect without having it "resetting" when I switch profile, but the main problem is that with some programs iCUE works (e.g. I have set a profile for Termius SSH Client and it acticvates just fine when I open it), but with others doesn't (e.g. with Atom). I'm using a K95 RGB Platinum. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  20. Hi! How do I convert an iCUE Software Profile to a hardware profile? Is this even possible? When all HW profiles got deleted, a soft reset of the mouse is needed? How many HW DPI modes should be visible in iCUE? 2 or 3? Thanks.
  21. My latest batch of Corsair iCue profiles including a Christmas iCue profile for the holidays. Enjoy the Holidays! Calm After the Storm: https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/corsair-icue-rgb/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/45-calm-after-the-storm-icue-profile.html SandStorm: https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/corsair-icue-rgb/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/46-sand-storm-icue-profile.html Retro Blood Dragon: Firestorm https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/corsair-icue-rgb/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/47-retro-blood-dragon-firestorm-icue-profile.html Death Stranding: https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/corsair-icue-rgb/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/48-death-stranding-icue-profile.html Mito GMK Laser DSA Rush(Key cap sets): https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/corsair-icue-rgb/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/50-mito-gmk-laser-dsa-rush-icue-profile-folder.html Tai-Hao Sunshine(Key cap set): https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/corsair-icue-rgb/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/57-tai-hao-sunshine-pbt-doubleshot-icue-profile-folder.html Christmas 2019: https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/corsair-icue-rgb/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/58-christmas-2019-icue-profile.html As always enjoy and leave me some feedback or requests.
  22. Hey everyone! Sorry for the Newb questions, but I'm new to Corsair and iCue software. I've done some research, but can't find anything that specifically addresses my issue. So any thoughts or advice would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance! As you can see from my system stats, I have an OLD, OLD, OLD Intel system from 2006, still hanging in there. But, I'm building a new system this month, and in preparation for that I bought a K95 RGB Platinum keyboard along with all my other parts. So while I wait on all my parts to arrive, I set up the keyboard and installed iCue. But I quickly noticed that mine seems to be missing options that I see in all the videos on using it. First of all, it loads very slowly... And once it's up and running, each tab or option I choose takes a long time to come to focus. I understand that my system is slow, so I'm ok with that. But, I have neither the + sign nor the hamburger three line options menu used to create new profiles and new actions. The only options I have are to copy and delete. So, I can copy the Default profile and slowly work with that, but I cannot create one from scratch and I cannot create any actions. I have the latest version 3.22.66 and firmware is current. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software a few times. Reset and reconnected the keyboard properly each time. (Using both plugs on USB 2.0 in the correct order) and still no change. So, that has led me here. Could it really just be that my system can't run this software? It runs many other assorted software just fine. Not sure why this one would be so heavy on system resources. But, any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise the keyboard works well with the default profiles I've been able to copy and mess with. Thank you!
  23. This has been a bug ever since I downloaded iCUE in December. Whenever I try to edit a profile, it automatically switches to another profile. Whenever I try to use a profile, it automatically switches to another profile. Whenever I try to even VIEW a profile, it automatically switches to another profile. Note: the profile it switches to is always the same profile; upon deleting the profile, it just chose another profile to always switch to. This is really frustrating because it is messing with my binds I have for various games and is restricting my RGB to one profile. Corsair please fix this.
  24. Hi, I've used iCUE for now couple of months and everything was doing fine. But recently the program just started to act strangely, when I open it, it opens but after that as soon as I click anywhere it's lagging and (stop responding), if I wait like 2-3 mins it does the command I asked but as soon as I try anything else it does it again. Sometimes it just doesn't respond and end up crashing. I tried to uninstall and reinstall a clean version but it keeps doing it. Any ideas ? Thanks
  25. I have added a wide variety of Corsair iCue profiles over the last weeks as well as adding short video's on YouTube as a showcase to get a feel for each profile for you to consider. Icy Blue: https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/corsair-icue-rgb/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/23-icy-blue-profile.html Borderlands 3: https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/corsair-icue-rgb/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/24-borderlands-3-profile.html Blood Red: https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/corsair-icue-rgb/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/25-blood-red-icue-profile.html Destiny 2: https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/corsair-icue-rgb/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/27-destiny-2-icue-profile.html Sun Yellow: https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/corsair-icue-rgb/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/28-sun-yellow-icue-profile.html League of Legends Classic: https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/corsair-icue-rgb/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/29-league-of-legends-classic-icue-profile.html Seductive Purple: https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/corsair-icue-rgb/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/30-seductive-purple-icue-profile.html Total War: Three Kingdoms Blossom Tree: https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/corsair-icue-rgb/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/31-total-war-three-kingdoms-blossom-tree-icue-profile.html CableMod Series: White/Red: https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/corsair-icue-rgb/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/32-cablemod-series-white-red-icue-profile.html Overwatch: https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/corsair-icue-rgb/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/33-overwatch-icue-profile.html CableMod Series: White/Blue: https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/corsair-icue-rgb/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/34-cablemod-series-white-blue-icue-profile.html World of Warcraft: https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/corsair-icue-rgb/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/35-world-of-warcraft-icue-profile.html Cyberpunk 2077 NEO edition: https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/corsair-icue-rgb/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/36-cyberpunk-2077-neo-icue-profile.html Enjoy!
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