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Found 15 results

  1. I have iCUE 3.38.61 installed and can't update because my mouse (Sabre RGB) is not supported in iCUE 4. Last month I got a Corsair HS60 Pro headset and since then, I've discovered what seems to be a bug, regarding the way iCUE automatically switches between profiles. When launching a game, iCUE successfully switches to the profile I have set for that game. However sometimes (I'd say 4 out of 10) iCUE causes audiodg.exe to crash. How I found out? One day I was playing GTA 5 and at some point minimized the game to check Discord and after switching back to GTA, all in-game sounds where muted. All other sounds worked fine except GTA. I fixed it by restarting the game. After looking at event viewer data I found out audiodg.exe had crashed. After reproducing the issue a few times, I came to the conclusion that there's a small chance for it to occur whenever iCUE is auto-switching from one profile to another. Also, without checking the event viewer it's kinda hard to tell if audiodg.exe has crashed or not, since most sounds and programms are not affected, with the exception of GTA 5 and Discord (if on a call/voice channel I have to leave and join again). Also there are two variants of this problem. In the first one the exception code in event viewer is 0xc0000005 and the faulting module path is C:\Windows\system32\9EarsSurroundSound.dll and in the second one, the exception code is 0xc0000374 and the faulting module path is C:\Windows\system32\ntdll.dll. I hope this information can help fix this problem in a future update for legacy software/devices.
  2. Hi, recently I've been trying to remap a button onto a key on my strafe keyboard and my scimitar pro. I was wondering if there was a way to have a button that runs a remapped key press while also switching to a different profile, or if this is something that could be added or has already been added?
  3. hi, i cant find the shortkey settings in the ICUE software to change profiles. i use the H150i Elite Capellix whit the Lighting Node Core and Dominator Platinum and i have a mining and a game profile. Now i want to change between profiles using F2 and F3 on the keyboard. its really annoying to have my overclock settings etc change whit a press of the button and my RGB need to change manually. please help me get this working. Thanks!
  4. I recently got the fantastic K55 keyboard so I'm trying to make use of the Fn key by mapping some macros to Fn combinations (for example, Fn+F to launch Firefox). To do this, I configured the Fn key to switch to profile "Fn" while pressed. In this profile, I remapped F to run Firefox. Everything worked perfectly until I tried to create more Fn combinations. Let's say I want to map Fn+F1 keys to F13. To do so I need to first make the "Fn" profile active. Remapping the key was fine but when I tried to rename the keyboard assignment to "F13", I started Firefox associated to Fn+F instead of typing the character 'F'... (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻ Of course, it was possible to circumvent this problem by typing in the default profile and copy-pasting. But what if I mapped Fn+V to something else, let's say, Visual Studio??? Conclusion: It would be nice to be able to edit a profile without making it active to facilitate the remapping of alphanumeric keys.
  5. I didn't see anywhere to submit an official bug report, so I'm just posting here. I'm using a K95 RGB Platinum with the latest firmware (3.21.28). I installed iCue 3.34.161, and the 'While Pressed' option under Profile Switching Settings doesn't seem to work. I set up a profile switch for when I hold the shift key, and it does switch profiles, but when I release shift, it remains on the new profile. There doesn't seem to be any change in behavior when 'While Pressed' is selected. I uninstalled 3.34 and installed 3.33.246, and this feature works normally. Thanks!
  6. Hey guys, done my research and asked support over the phone but can't find a solution. I'd like to create an additional sniper button for my Corsair Harpoon. Well aware that there's a DPI toggle feature in the 'remap mouse button' section. I'm looking to hold down the forward button and change the DPI- but only when it's pressed down. Already using the backward button as a sniper key. Maybe it's possible to create a macro that changes profiles? I'm thinking that the 'while pressed' feature in the macro's 'advanced settings' would do the job. The 'profile switching' feature itself doesn't help here, since that's a toggle- not a while held feature. I'm grateful for any help. It sounds like a simple question but is more nuanced. Cheers.
  7. Hi there, I'm using a Corsair K70 RGB. I've created a few profles and during gaming it happend to me that I belive I hit a button and the profile changes. But I can't figure out which button/combination that is. (I've not setup an action to switch profiles). It's switching to one of the 3 onboard profiles. I've seen an older thread from 2018 that onboard profiles cannot be changed by a click of a button but this seems to have changed. Is there such a button/combination or am I misinterpreting something here? Thanks sabix
  8. Hello, I recently got a Void Pro USB headset, and had started to look at the sound features. When switching corsair profiles, I have found that it does not retain the surround sound setting that it was set to on the previous profile. Is there a way that I can isolate the surround sound and EQ settings of the Void Pro USB headset to their own profiles and macros, while leaving the RGB settings alone?
  9. Hi all, Recently got my K70 LUX RGB and just trying to remap the Numpad keys to something else. I only want the keys to remap if the Num-Lock is off. I can't seem to find any guides on this. I'm guessing I can clone my current profile and configure it so that one profile has the numpad keys remapped to something else, while the other profile does not. Then I can switch between the profiles using NumLock key (remapped to switch profile). The above will work if you don't have too many customization. But is there a more elegant way to do this? Let's say the above profile use the same Lighting Effect, but if I were to remap a different key to switch to a different profile with a different Lighting Effect, then I effectively have to create 4 profiles (2 for different lighting effects with numpad keys unmapped and the other 2 are clones of the first 2, but with the numpad keys remapped). It becomes difficult to manage multiple profiles like this. So there must be a better way to achieve what I want?
  10. My apologies if there is already a thread regarding this. I have 2 profiles for separate games. I was able to switch between the 2 fairly easily, although after a restart the program would always run the same profile on startup. Attempts to link the games to these profiles have not changed anything. I created a 3rd profile for general desktop use, and now when launching a game, it will not allow me to pick any other profile but this new one... edit: Switching to the 3rd profile may be related to the 1st and 2nd not being connected to the right files, although I've tried all related .exe's and still don't understand why it would just revert to the 3rd after prompting to do otherwise... Also, after my most recent update to the iCue software, I can't change my DPI via my mouse (Glaive RGB)
  11. I just encountered a very odd bug. I was playing wow, using the wow profile I made for my scimitar, no problems. I launched Edge on my second monitor to watch a show on Discovery channel's website (I can't log in to Discovery on my regular browsers, no need to laugh/comment at the use of Edge~), and popped the video into full screen. At that point, iCue would *not* use any profiles except default. It won't switch, manually or otherwise, while Edge has a full screen video up. Restarting iCue will fix it...until I tab back to the full screen video in Edge, and it stays broken again until I exit and relaunch iCue. It's fine if the video is not full screen. Latest public version of iCue. Not sure what additional information would help on this issue? I thought this was incredibly odd. I'm not sure what format/container Discovery channel's videos are, in case that matters, so I've mentioned what site triggered this issue. Has anyone else experienced this or found a work around/solution? It's just a minor annoyance, but one I found very strange.
  12. Hi all, today I received my Dark Core in the mail and even though I already knew iCUE isn't the most intuitive piece of software ever developed I didn't expect to be this lost. But from the beginning: I had iCUE installed already due to my Strafe RGB keyboard, but I never had it running in the background, simply because I think that 300+ MB of RAM usage are a little much for something like this. This wasn't a problem though because I could easily (once I figured out how) save the lighting profile onto the device. Foolish was I, did I think it would work the same way on the Dark Core, since the Tech Specs indicated 3 on-board memory profiles. My problem is I have absolutely no idea how to save any settings to the onboard storage of the mouse. Upon detection iCUE added 3 profiles to the list called "DARK CORE RGB HW 1-3". Obviously I'm under the impression "HW" stands for hardware so I fiddle around a bit with those but nothing is saved to the mouse. Once I exit iCUE the device goes back to rainbow mode and default key mappings. The Strafe has an option to "Save Static Lighting and Performance to Device" but this doesn't exist for the mouse, or I wasn't able to find it yet. I even cleared the onboard storage but to no avail. Now onto my other problem teased in the title: Switching between profiles. I would like my mouse and my keyboard to run different profiles. The Strafe should stay as is at all times, the Dark Core should be able to change settings between a gaming profile and a "default" profile with different key mappings. Problem is, I can only seem to change the profile for both simultaneously. Example: I click on the profile "DARK CORE RGB HW 1" and the keyboard goes black. WHY? Why do I have to add keyboad lighting to a MOUSE profile and can't seem to run them separately? Well I think that was all. Hopefully someone can help me find my way through this software. It's even more frustrating than trying to install a water loop in a 570X :D Software/Firmware versions (all up to date) iCUE: 3.4.95 Strafe: 2.05 Dark Core: 3.08 semi-related PS: why can I only put keyboard makros and no mouse makros on the hardware profiles of the mouse? xD
  13. I'm using CUE 2.15.83, and I've got the F1 key on my K65 mapped to switch profiles. This used to work until Windows updated, and now CUE is not capturing that key. What's the cure?
  14. I recently got the mouse and i changed some preferences to the dpi and some of the buttons. It seems like every time i restart my computer the mouse decides to go back to its old profile, and none of my buttons work as i want them to or the dpi is not set to the one i want. I have made that profile my default one and i have deleted the other profiles(they come back when i open cue of course because it needs to have them even if they have no remapping). CUE always seems to ask me to save my profiles again and that's when they come back to the one i want. Going into CUE every time is not what i want to be doing. I was wondering if anyone has any idea of what i should do or if i am doing something wrong that i shouldn't be doing.
  15. Hello and sorry in advance if there is already a thread about but i wasn't able to locate it. When i power up my computer all the CUE 2 profiles can change automatically based on the application i am using at the moment ( and that i have linked to the profiles ) but if i leave my computer for some time and it locks and then i unlock it it stays to the default profile that i have set and it doen't change. If i open the CUE2 software and try to change the profiles manually i observed that on the one hand they change but on the other hand neither the macros work nor the lightning effect changes. If i exit CUE2 and realunch it everything works again but as you can guess i cannot constantly do this. Is there any suggestions or maybe any known solution ?
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