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Found 6 results

  1. I have avoided using the iCUE software for a while after battling with it initially. I recently got a Dark Core RGB Pro SE and decided to try to use it for lighting and macro profiles. However from what I have experimented with and found online, I can not run my macros without iCUE being closed. However when I close iCUE, my lighting profiles shut off. I am hoping someone here has experienced something like this and has some feedback.
  2. I downloaded Minecraft Windows 10 Edition from the Microsoft Store, and I want to make a profile for it in iCUE. However, I can't get it to work. I have the executable path (got it from the TaskManager), but the profile simply doesn't activate when the game is running. I know Windows 10 apps are different than "regular" apps...somehow. Has anyone had the same problem with a Windows 10 app installed from the Microsoft Store? Why won't iCUE activate the profile? Anyone know a fix?
  3. Greetings, I just upgraded from a K70 to a K95 RGB Platinum for use at work (ambulance dispatching). I configured my profiles on my personal computer but when I brought the keyboard into work and plugged it in, only the default profiles were available. When I plug the keyboard into my personal laptop the profiles I created are there and are saved under onboard profiles. I have updated and am running the most up to date versions of the firmware (3.21.28) and iCUE (3.28.75). Is it possible to create and save profiles to my K95 on my personal laptop and be able to utilize them on a different computer? I have thought about making a request to our IT department to get iCUE installed but that can be a big ordeal and there is the good chance that they say no. Also depending on the day I could be working at any one of three workstations and would appreciate not having to install the software and set up the profiles on all three of them. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I have had my Scimitar Pro for a year or two and it has worked perfectly. I got a Void Elite wireless yesterday plugged it in and now when I change profiles the audio cuts out and I cant talk. I hear the beep of the profile switch which is no big deal but the headset stops working most of the time and then it will reset volume mixes so I can barely hear chat but the game is super loud. I enjoy the products I have but any help in fixing this issue would be appreciated. All firmware is up to date.
  5. Hello, I'm trying to import this profile that I found that is useful for DayZ SA. Every time I go to import the profile my CUE crashes and then my keyboard goes dark. This is the Link to the thread that had the DayZ SA Profile: Link Attached is also the Zip file that has the profile in it. Any help on this would be great! This looks like a perfect profile for me. If anyone could help I would be greatly appreciated! I'm not sure if this profile needs to be redesigned or what, but I am open to ideas. I just don't know how to do it myself. Thanks! DayZ.zip DayZSpaceRemap.zip
  6. Salut a tous ! Il n'y a pas longtemps j'ai acheté un k70 RGB LUX et ai fais quelques profils temporaire pour LoL Overwatch Raimbow 6 etc. Mais on va pas se mentir le logiciel est tellement complet que s'en est difficile de tous suivre. BREF J'ai vue que je pouvais en emprunter sur internet de personnes clairement plus compétentes que moi seulement voila le problème ! Au début, quand je faisais "importation/exportation des profils" je n'en voyais qu'un seul sur tous ceux que j'avais DL et quand je le mettais, il ne marchais pas (clavier noir aucun led allumées ...). Puis, j'ai cliqué sur le dossier DL et j'ai surement du faire "toujours ouvrir avec bloc-notes". Donc maintenant quand je fais "importer/exportion des profils" et que j'ouvre le dossier dans lequel j'ai mes profils DL je ne vois rien dedans. Maintenant ils sont sous la forme : Type du fichier : Fichier CUEPROFILE (.cueprofile) S'ouvre avec : Bloc-notes PS : je pense que le clavier me demande des fichier de profil (*.prf) mais je n'arrive pas à les remettre sous cette forme. J AI TOUS CASSER Problème : mon clavier ne trouve rien dans le dossier où les profils sont, et quand il les trouve, ils ne marchent pas. Voila merci pour vos réponses et désolé pour le pavé et les fautes
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