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  1. For the first time in my life I'm signing up to a product forum to relay my frustrations with a product. A quick read even just the first page of the forum tells me that I'm not alone. I've seen individual issues but none that have aggregated them and provided a bit more information. My problems have been mostly with the wireless connection: 1. If the headset and/or computer go to sleep, upon waking the headset doesn't reconnect. The device shows in the volume popup in the task tray, but no sound comes out. Unplugging and re-plugging in the dongle usually works (but not always!) This happens multiple times a day. 2. Audio corruption happens frequently. One second the sound is fine, the next it sounds like it's coming through a radio with really bad reception. This happens almost every day. 3. Every 3-4 days the sound quality will deteriorate. What I means is that the audio sound normal, then every few seconds there is a "popping" sound. Not quite as bad as in #2, but still enough to ruin music listening. The only way I've found to fix it is to do a full restart using the command "shutdown /t 0 /r". A normal restart via the start menu will not fix it. 4. The volume wheel on the right cup will not scroll the volume level smoothly. I've seen at least one other user having the same issue. You scroll the volume level down and then it will jump back up a few levels. I believe these are software related as these are recent issues but I've been using the headset since Oct 2019. I'm on latest iCue and firmware for headset + dongle. I used to get other issues such as constant connection dropping and duplication of the headset in the iCue software, but they have been resolved in recent months, only to be replace by other issues just as bad! I've actually steered away from choosing Corsair for other wireless products because this experience and iCue stability have been so poor. Such a shame, the actual hardware of the headset is brilliant, and the mic quality on the non-SE version is superb. But if the audio drivers are naff then that defeats the whole point of having one. Are people having similar issues? I'd like to gather a consensus here that something is up with these things. In the meantime I'm going to speak to the retailer and see what their returns policy on bad products is.
  2. Hey Guys, This is kind of a last resort for me with Corsair products. Dont get me wrong, I really enjoy the design and build quality of the Corsair products I own. I love the "idea" of icue and all it promised to be but it has failed me on the lighting side of what it offers. Here are the products i use and the icue problems I have. K95 rgb platinum keyboard 4x8gb Vengance pro rgb ram sticks H115i Platinum AIO with fans that came with It all basically comes down to the lighting and lack of any consistent functionality of icue's ability to do what we all pay for in Corsairs products. {not to mention I fully believe something in the icue download causes my PC to crash. Random corsair headset errors} (i dont own a corsair headset) LOL SO... I built a PC based on a color scheme. Black and white is what i chose. B&W custom cables, B&W case, 3 white corsair fans, B&W ish GPU... you get it. So im not asking for much in what I expect from Corsair. Give me some white light! maybe a key or 3 that flash.. you know standard stuff. This is not what i have gotten. Instead when I turn my PC on 75% of the time my Keyboard turn red. Sometimes it turn white then after a few minute it turns red. In fact as Ive been typing my keyboard has turned red and my RAM had turned "rainbow spiral". (I just restarted PC and now keyboard is red with the little RGB strip and logo at the top is White) This is an everyday occurrence since shortly after I build my PC and installed iCUE. Sometime the AIO fans turn colors as well but the majority of the time its the dang Keyboard. I just cant use it with these bright red lights. its so distracting that for the last couple months I deleted icue from my PC totally and just dealt with the RGB vomit that is it default setting. After worrying about my CPU's cooling I reinstalled icue to give it another try and nothing has changed. Here's what i have tried in the past (which may not be descriptive enough buy im gonna try) spoken with corsair directly (no resolution but they are fully aware of iCUEs issues) Returned Keyboard to Corsair (didnt work) Reset keyboard countless times (just to get rid of the red) also I have read or watched every post and video, i think, about iCUE software issues and nothing has worked. reinstalled icue several times with and without being on the phone with Corsair. I just want the product to work and not really sure how to proceed with Corsair as they dont even have a phone service atm. It drives me crazy because to me it seems like this is the most basic expectations one can have for a company. Save me guys!
  3. SOLVED! Hi. I'm just wondering if anyone else has this problem. I updated iCUE yesterday, and now it won't run. When I start it, the window pops up, and after a second or two it shuts down. I have tried reinstalling, I've tried to remove the folders for corsair in "AppData" before reinstalling, I've tried an older version, but it's all the same. I use iCUE for my Void RGB Elite headset and my K70 keyboard. Any help would be appreciated, as I use iCUE alot when gaming.
  4. I am really disappointed in the total lack of support for the Harpoon RGB Wireless mouse which I have recently bought: 1) There is no documentation. 2) Nobody answers any questions in this online forum. 3) Contacting customer support is impossible. 4) The form for contacting customer support is as arcane as the product. Did I buy the wrong product ? Is this mouse old, not supported, an afterthought, something which no one uses anymore ? Is the idea that once I buy the mouse I am totally on my own with all problems because I should be able to figure out everything for myself ? I thought Corsair was a reputable company, since I had bought Corsair memory in the past and it always worked well. I guess I am wrong. I will just chalk this purchase up to a $50 mistake and move on. It is clear to me that Corsair does not care if there are problems with this product.
  5. Hello guys, Does anyone know why does my PC (Corsair ONE i140) make this weird noise? It's not everytime, it just happens sometimes for a long period of time and to make it not hearable, I need to shutdown my PC and leave it for 10-20 minutes. When I turn it on again, it's all fine, but after some minutes/hours it's starting to make this weird noise again. Where is it from and what does it cause to do this? Here is a link: [ame]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dvsejwOK5zw[/ame] And I have one more problem: in LINK software it is shown that Micro-Star is heated at 127 degrees and is shown that I have i7-7700, but I have a i7-9700K. Here is a screenshot: https://prnt.sc/t6hqf4 Thank you!
  6. i have a corsair k70 and a corsair void elite headset and when i try to use void visualizer nothing happens. nothing happens when i play songs or anything please help
  7. SonOfHades

    HS70 Problems

    So, what happens is, when I go to charge them, I connect the charger to the headphones, then connect it to my outlet, it is a rgb type charger and works when not connected to the headphones. The headphones seem to make whatever its plugged into go dead until unplugged from that source. Edit: S70 Wireless Headset Carbon, is what it actually is
  8. Hi guys, need help with corsair obsidian 900D.It could be a stupid question but i can´t create a ticket on corsair suport page don´t know why, but i guess it is because part number. So, is there a way to buy acessories for the case such like (Door latch, bottom doors,rails, filters and so on)? Another question, how can it be simple to install the thumb screw on the gpu to secure it?To much work to do it. It isn´t simple at all with this case, can someone help?
  9. Hello, I have problem with leds in my K70 RGB MK.2 keyboard. Three of my buttons are always red and I can not turn it off. On the following pictures you can see this. Also NUM LOCK and CAPS LOCK LED INDICATOR are red. When I turn off the light, tree arows are still red. When I make them blue, they are actualy purple. Please help me solve my problem. Software version is 3.12.118.
  10. Hello, This is my second day of owning my new keyboard (K70 LUX; blue keys) and wireless mouse (Dark Core Qi.) I've run into a bunch of issues since day one testing and day two and are wondering if there are any fixes out there- if not, what can I do to get a refund or replacement. In advance- thanks for the help! How they are connected: Motherboard- MSI Z170A PC MATE BIOS- American Megatrends Inc. A.70, 1/25/2016 USB: The keyboard's both USB are connected in the rear of the PC to a 3.1 GEN 1 USB. The mouse's wireless dongle is connected through the charge cable to extend the receiver to the desk for the best possible connection as well as easy access to unplug the dongle. This cable is connected to the back of the PC to a 3.1 GEN 2 USB. When referencing a problem with a solution that you may have- you can use the numbers I've listed for each problem for the ease of writing. So that each person reading can see what fix goes to what problem. Firmware: K70- 2.05 Dark Core- 3.08 Issues: 1- (K70) The K70 will constantly freeze up. Doesn't matter if I'm in game or not. When the keyboard freezes up in game, it freezes the game and the computer for at least a full minute before either I have to force close the program or I'm kicked with an internet connection error. If the keyboard freezes up while using a browser- I can still type but the caps lock and num-lock keys won't work. I've done some searching around and have found that I have to either manually disconnect the USB and reconnect to reset the keyboard or I have to flip the bios switches constantly to reload the keyboard. 2- (K70) The scroll wheel at the top right for volume only does increments of 2. Is this normal? Wondering if increments of 1 is something the scroll wheel can't do. 3- (Dark Core) The very first time I plugged the mouse in- I've only intended to use the wired USB connection. However, I found out that it would constantly freeze up. (about every 3-5 minutes) Freezing up as in it won't take any movement nor would the buttons work. I've tried unplugging and plugging the cable back in, it wouldn't work. I've tried turning the mouse off and back on with the switch on the bottom while it was connected. Didn't work. I tried disconnecting the mouse and then turning it off and back on; then connecting it back. Didn't work. Only when I unplugged the USB, unplugged the mouse, turned the mouse off, plug the mouse back, plug the USB back, then turn on the mouse, it would work. So I gave up on a wired connection. Which leads to problem 4. 4- (Dark Core) Now being forced to use the wireless 2.4GHz setting, I'd have the exact problem. However; instead of it freezing every 3-5 minutes, it'd be every 1hr+. The only way to un-freeze it is to turn off the mouse from the switch, unplug the wireless USB dongle, re-plug the USB back in, then turn on the mouse. 5- (Dark Core) After having to use the mouse for two days on a wireless connection; it's time to charge. The mouse died while my battery in my tray still said it had medium battery levels. I didn't know it died until I tried to plug the mouse back in the way I described in problem 4. Only to find out that the tray icon quickly went from medium level to no battery left. So I then grabbed the USB cable again unplugged the wireless USB dongle. I plugged the mouse to start charging while I try to use it on USB connection. It quickly froze up again, this time being no more than a minute. I did my usual steps from problem 3 to find that every time I did that- the mouse would freeze up faster. From 1 minute to 30 seconds to 10 seconds to finally not turning on anymore. So I thought maybe the mouse can't be used while charging. It then died fully as to not turn on at all. I then again did a restart like in problem 3 to reset the mouse except I left it in the off switch mode while connecting everything back. Now there is a little green light in the first DPI light slots. It was fading in and out and now it's frozen to just green. I figured that maybe it's frozen up while charging. So I did the same reset process again to find out it would just freeze up in a few seconds. After leaving it to charge while the green light was frozen. I turned it on again after a few hours to see if it charged up even with the light frozen. It did turn on with the RGB so I reconnected the wireless dongle back and immediately looked at the battery status. It said it was critically low, so then I turned it off and re-plugged the charging cable back into it to see that the one green light blinked a few seconds before filling the entire 3 DPI lights with green. I believe it's telling me it's fully charged. Then I took it off to try again with the wireless connection and checked the status of the battery one more time; status high. There's also a slight warm patch underneath the mouse towards the bottom of the sensor while charging. 6- (Dark Core) This is more info for problems 3,4, and 5. During problem 3 and 4 the RGB would not freeze up. It would constantly change as I've set it to. For problems 3 and 4, I noticed the in the iCUE, there would be a yellow triangle next to the mouse icon on the top bar. It would show up for a short moment; like 3 seconds, to only disappear again for a good approximate 5 minutes. In problem 5 I mentioned that there is a patch of warmth underneath the mouse. This would part of the mouse would also be warm when it is connected through USB and wireless. The warm is as warm as a normal warm breathe in your hand. I image this temperature to be normal due to the RGB. However touching my back up mouse with white led- it's room temperature all around. 7- (Dark Core) The mouse will sometimes jump to the edge of the screen. It would randomly be any where, as long as it was the edge. In example; the top right or top left, to mid right or left, and to bottom right and left ect. As you can tell- when this randomly happens; forcing my mouse into a random spot on the screen, jerking my character around, can be very negative to gaming sessions. It could result into accidentally killing an ally to losing constantly in games. I've also tried the Bluetooth setting with the same result. 8- (Dark Core) When holding the aim button down (secondary mouse button) it will sometimes jump out of aim like if I was to let go of the button but then quickly jump back into aim after doing a quick back and forth for half a second. 9- (Dark Core) The secondary mouse button- when pressed will sometimes pinch my ring finger due to the button over hanging past the pinkie wing rest. I imagine this is something that can't be changed but I feel should be noted as feedback to help further mice generations. 10- (Dark Core) When restarting the mouse- I'd have to click the DPI buttons on the mouse back and forth to reset the DPI settings to what I had them saved through the iCUE. Otherwise, the first DPI setting the mouse would start with is the default 800. (I saved my first DPI setting to 1000) 11- (Dark Core) The DPI keeps changing randomly. From preset one to preset two to three. It also changes the preset number to the default on it's own now. I'll have to go into iCUE to change it back to what I want. I have noticed that when installing new drivers for video- iCUE will crash and re-opening the program will fix it. This problem is very rare and only has happen at least approximately 4 times. EXTRA INFO REGARDING ALL PROBLEMS: The K70 LUX and the Dark Core Qi have been forced to update the latest firmware update as it came with the latest firmware already installed. I'm using the latest firmware for iCUE as of 9/1/2018 (3.6.109_release.) Thanks for reading all the way through and thanks again for all the helpful replies. I really hope there is a fix for these problems as I'm not looking for a quick patch to only find that the problem will continue again. The keyboard and mouse are by far the best looking combo on the market and I've already begone to enjoy the improvement of my gaming performance while using these wonderful devices as these are my first gaming peripherals. So if the problems can't be fixed; I'd have to kindly ask for the first step in getting a refund for my purchase. Thanks again!
  11. hi people, recently i acquired a corsair h80i v2 water cooling and have things to ask you, because i have some problems with it 1) What is the best way to connect the cables regarding the motherboard, PSU, Pump, usb port. Motherboard(Asus Z97a Usb 3.1)cpu connectors: cpu_fan, cpu_opt motherboard fans connectors: CHA_FAN 1, 2, 3 and 4 Usb 2.0 internal connectors: usb1314, usb1112, usb910 Do I connect the radiator's fans to the pump, to the motherboard or to the PSU? do i connect cpu fan cable, to cpu_fan or cpu_opt connector? which usb 2.0 would best be to use? in what connectors put fans case? What should I choose in the bios? dcmode/pwm/automatic/disable 2) As for the problem, corsair link 4 does not work, i have already installed and uninstalled many times and nothing happens. the radiator's fan spin very fast and thereforce noisy. I can not control them in bios or in operating system (windows 7 x64) well i hope you help see you
  12. Hello, I am using my Corsair Void wireless [CA-9011132] for more than one year. It´s nice but since a cue update, the connection isn´t stable. I don´t know why. It is not the battery. It is kind of a crackle. Even when, the headset is just on, but I play no sound through it. I already reinstalled cue and firmware update, but this sounds are annoying. Cant use it for games or music anymore. It sounds like it loses connection for a half second, than it is again good. I hope you can fix this in an update or tell me, what I can do, to get it fixed. I have several corsair products (sp2500, K70 RGB, Obsidian 750D, AX860i and manymore and I always was happy with the products. Tried headset also with cable, but the same problem. It´s not a problem with my pc. All Audio components are working perfectly, except the Corsair Void, since the update.
  13. About a year ago, I was experiencing random BSODs for two years straight. Found out it was a stick of RAM with a set of burned out contacts. Memtest86 didn't find anything, Windows RAM test found nothing. Suffice to say, I was absolute infuriated with this problem that seemed to have no solution. I replaced the bad stick of RAM and ended the BSODs. A couple of days ago, I started getting BSODs, again. I was beyond levid. Not wanting to experience another lengthy period of time of hardships, I set about finding the root of the problem. Downloading a program called blue screen viewer yielded some insanely useless results. http://i.imgur.com/eMZC0hK.png Here, you can see some generic errors like PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA and KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED, or even no stop code text at all. All the dumps indicated some error with the Microsoft Kernel, which I doubted was the source of the problem. Then, in my 12 entire years of using Windows, I discovered a new program on Windows, called Driver Verifier. Take a guess what it does. After some configuring, I was able to produce the following BSOD: http://i.imgur.com/7zk34BW.png I am now immediately uninstalling Corsair Utility Engine, and, for the foreseeable future, I am not installing another piece of Corsair software for the following reasons: To begin with: I frankly don't understand why keyboard software has to take up 200mb of my disk. Secondly: The interface is clunky, slow, and full of many unneeded graphics to make it appear flashy and comprehensive. Thirdly: The interface changes so frequently that never once have I ever been able to open the application and actually know what I'm doing in the two years that I've owned this keyboard (K70 RGB.) Fourthly: I don't know if this is true now, as I've downloaded CUE about three weeks ago, so, for all I know, CUE has now been updated to be a dating simulator, but, in my version, I don't know why, but CUE requires me to create an entire "lighting effect" if I want to light a certain set of keys with a certain color. Why, in previous versions, am I allowed to create one lighting zone with multiple colors, and now I am not, is a little painful. Fifth, and lastly: Going to corsair.com/downloads, pressing the download button, pressing "skip this step and download" because I don't want my personal info. to be sold by Corsair is a painful process, if, I want to stay up to date with the latest version of a keyboard software that doesn't crash my computer. I'm hoping that updating could be implemented into the actual program itself rather than having the user to update manually. Overall, not happy. The keys do make the nice clickety clack sounds. And in some long forgotten version of CUE, I was able to flash my lighting preset to the keyboard, so I always have my favorite lighting profile. But I do hope that in the near future, something as basic as a keyboard driver doesn't crash my computer.
  14. I bought the hs40 raptors about a week ago and have set them up on my laptop. When I plugged them in nothing happens then i downloaded the drivers and still nothing the headphones won't play anything and I get nothing from the mic. But for some reason they do work on my friends laptop and that has Windows 8 whereas all the other ones I tried were Windows 10. I deleted and re-downloaded the drivers like 6 times. So I don't know why they won't work any suggestions?
  15. I've just received my Scimitar and so far I'm in love no complaints whatsoever but I've noticed one thing I'm in need of help with. I have all of the custom keys 1-10 at least set for 1-9 on my keyboard, but for example I've been playing rainbow six siege lately and I have my grenades set to 4, usually I'll cook the grenade and hold it for a moment or two then toss it. The hotkeys aren't registering that I'm holding them it just clicks and releases. Is there a certain way you have to set up the mouse to make the buttons recognize you're holding them and not just tapping them? Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks!:D:
  16. Power button - it cant be pressed down for some reason unknown to me, when i first got them it worked just fine but now it seems to be stuck pressed down. Charging - the lights are supposed to be green when its fully charged, but they go full green after a few seconds of charging even tho only a few % has been charged. Noises - whilst writing this i got a few beeps twice a couple minutes apart and now theyve just turned off, the CUE says not connected, this has happenned yesterday also and after putting the usb out and back and then forcing the update and then restarting my computer i got a constant buzzing noise the whole day. Now the CUE doesnt even want to launch and the usb is blinking white. I got them brand new so i just dont see what could be the problem here, is there some sort of a complete restart button or what am i supposed to do ?
  17. Alright so, I bought a refurbished K65 RGB and a refurbished Scimitar last week and they came today. I'm sufferingwith afew hardware problems. 1) The spacebar is f****d: I find that when I press the space key, it only registers about a third of the time. I removed the spacebar keycap as well as a few others to compare. I've found that the spacebar switch depresses EVER so slightly easier than others, but more importantly that it has to be pushed down considerably further (practically all the way) for a keystroke to register. Of course, when typing with all keycaps connected, if I press the spacebar anywhere slightly off centre of the switch, I'll get nothing, and if I press it dead on the switch, it still won't always work (or will occasionally do so twice). Does anyone have a solution to this, or should I just return the item and get a replacement? 2) The scroll wheel is f****d, albeit less f****d than the spacebar: Sometimes I'll be scrolling through my Facebook feed and the scroll won't move the screen. It earlier also froze at one point when I clicked in the scroller button, leaving me helplessly falling past things I wanted to see. This is relatively minor, but still irritating. Any help/advice would be welcomed. Thanks.
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