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  1. Hi All, I'm hoping somebody may be able to shed some light on an issue I'm having. I have a H115i Elite Capellix CPU cooler, this has 2 LL120 fans mounted on the radiator. The cooler and fans are plugged into a Commander Core controller. For some reason I have no control over the RGB lighting effects in iCue. The software see's the cooler as it's displayed in the top bar of the software along with my keyboard. I also have 3 front mounted fans on my case and a rear exhaust fan, all LL120's plugged into the same Commander Core. I have no control over any of the lighting effects in iCue, all the speeds etc seem to be displaying fine. I wanted to add an extra couple of fans on the bottom of the case. So I purchased a couple of extra fans, a Commander Pro, the extra fans came with an RGB hub. I now have the 3 front fans, the exhaust fan and the 2 bottom fans plugged into the Commander Pro and the extra RGB hub and these are all working fine, they are listed and the RGB lighting is controllable via iCue, however the 2 radiator fans and the CPU cooler are the same, just stuck in the default rainbow effect and I have no control. If I plug the radiator fans into the separate3 RGB hub, they work fine. Am I right to suspect the RGB portion of the Commander Core is faulty? The computer is only a couple of months old. Oh and finally, port 6 of the separate RGB hub doesn't seem to be working either, there's no RGB lighting coming out of that at all I'm so confused, can anybody help?
  2. Hola dispongo de 4 slot vengance pro RGB de 8gb cada una. Mi problema surge cuando me e visto en la necesidad de formatear el pc por que me daba errores de grafica despues de pasarme de nvidia a radeon, al reiniciar las ram han parecido funcionar correctamente, pero de pronto 3 o 4 dias despues, las RAM estan apagadas y en el ICUE me aparece el icono de la ram con un triangulo rojo alado y solo aparece un menu en lugar de los 4 o 5 que habia antes entre ellos iluminacion. alguien sabria decirme que pasos deberia seguir para reparar el uso correcto de la RAM?? Muchas gracias a todos por adelantado aqui imagen
  3. hello, i have 4 sp120 pros connected to the lighting node core, i can only get 3 of them to light up, on icue i have selected ML PRO RGB SERIES FAN HUB (there is no SP120 PRO that i can select, just the standard sp120) when i select the number of fans two different channels seem to control the rgb on just 1 fan for example: if i select two fans it lights up two leds on fan 1 so if i select 6 fans it only lights up 3 fans (with 2 leds on each), i dont know what im doing wrong, any help appreciated
  4. Servus, ich habe gestern ein Corsair HS70 Pro Headset Wireless bekommen. Leider habe ich andauernd Verbindungsverluste für ca 1 sekunde was leider sehr nervig ist. Danke schonmal für die Hilfe
  5. Hi, I've recently just bought the Harpoon RGB Pro and I like it a lot However, when I play PUBG my mouse has a 1 second delay around 10 aecond after i land. Any ideas why?
  6. I own a Void Pro Wireless that I've come to love. I wanted to upgrade to the Void Elite Wireless (which I believed was better in every way since you know, it's supposed to be it's direct upgrade, a more recent version). My problem revolves around the surround system which feels much worse on the Void Elite compared to the Void Pro. With the old headset (Void Pro) : - This is what is displayed in iCUE when my old headset is connected. - This is what is displayed when I click on it. Now with the new headset (Void Elite) : - This is what is displayed in iCUE when my new headset is connected (notice how the name of the headset goes from "Void Pro Wireless" to "Void Elite Wireless"). - This is what is displayed when I click on it (notice how the name of the surround, as well as the icon, goes from "Dolby Surround" to "7.1".) So I thought "Wait, maybe I need to turn on Dolby surround in the Windows' sound tab". To my disbelief, it was never on with the old headset. It couldn't be since Windows asks me to download the Dolby app if I want to turn the Dolby surround on. So, I would like to know if there is a way to get the Dolby surround system (of the Void Pro) enabled on my new headset (Void Elite) instead of that new "7.1" and supposedly better surround ? It hurts me to realize that my girlfriend bought me a new headset and it's actually worse than the old one even though it's supposed to be an upgrade. EDIT : Just realized the Elite is actually worse than the Pro. Looks like there's no issue then, I just made a costy mistake. If any admin walks by, please delete this thread.
  7. I'm preparing to purchase some QL 140's for my case; a particular seller is heavily discounting single-pack 140's, so I can't get the Lighting Node CORE if I buy all six fans from the same merchant. My question is, if I buy a loose Lighting Node from another seller, are the QL fans only compatible with the Node CORE that comes in the two-pack, or can they function and be controlled via iCUE using the older Node PRO? If the Node PRO works, are there disadvantages in terms of controls and features? I just want to make an educated purchasing decision, is all.
  8. Bonjour, je viens de remarquer que dans le logiciel ICUE mes ventilateurs de refroidissement du H115i Pro ne tournent pas (affiché 0rpm!). Je démonte donc mon ordinateur pour vérifier ça, les ventilateurs sont bel et bien en train de tourner mais ICUE ne les voit pas fonctionner. Quand à la pompe elle est quasiment tout le temps a 2100 rpm ?!? Avez vous une idée svp ? Cordialement,
  9. Hey all, I just received my 2 Commander Pros in the Mail. I replaced my thermaltake ones and hooked up 10 fans, 4 temp sensors, 4 light strips. They are all functioning. But when I go into the iCue software, only the Commander Pro that is directly connected to my MOBO shows. So if I want to check the temp of my GPU (All GPU fans/temps on 2nd commander) , it does not show. My 1st commander (All CPU fans/lights/etc) is showing and able to be controlled fine. Do I need to do anything special to get them both to show? I've read several places on the forum that its fine to have multiple and to daisy chain them. Any Suggestions?
  10. Hello, this is my first post :) Last year i bought a brand new PC, containing these components: Power supply - Corsair Vengeance 750M, 750W PSU Motherboard - ASUS ROG Strix B450-F GAMING, Socket-AM4 Video card - MSI GeForce RTX 2080 Duke OC V1 RAM - Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO DDR4 2x8GB Now to my issue When i turn on my PC only 1 of the RGB PRO DDR4 lights, the other will light up if i force update 'iCue', but when i restart my PC only 1 is lighting up again.. Its the same one thats "turns off" every time. And sometimes when my PC is in sleep-mode, they are both lighting up like nothing is wrong but when i start my PC one of them turns off again.. Sorry for my bad english and grammar :) I hope some of you geeks might know what's up.. Thank you for all answers :biggrin:
  11. Good afternoon guys, First of all hope all of you are safe! I've just bought the Corsair HS70 Pro headset but I don't know if I am really dumb or the headset is broken but I cannot pair the receiver (USB stick) to the headset. I plug in the USB stick and I press the pair button. The blinking white LED begins to blink faster. I power ON my headset and the ON LED blinks constantly at the same speed in green. Nothing happens and the pair never occurs. I've tried reinstalling the firmware from the iCUE software but still nothing happens and the application says in the status/battery that no device is connected... Can you please help me? I am still waiting for Corsair support to answer my ticket and also the shop where I bought it. Thanks a lot!
  12. Hi, I'm new to the forums and had a question about the H115i Pro vs H115i Pro XT coolers. I've done a bunch of research already but haven't been able to find all the detailed information so was hoping some of the knowledgeable members of this forum could weigh in. It's confusing, because the corsair website currently makes the Pro RGB and Pro RGB XT look almost identical, yet both are still available. If this question has already been asked somewhere here before admin feel free to delete. As far as I can tell, the main features are: H115i Pro: - Asetek 6th gen pump (1100rpm, 2160rpm, 2850rpm) - Single zone RGB - 1100 RPM Max speed fans - Limited availability because being replaced by XT H115i Pro XT: - Basically pump hardware from Platinum but lacking the RGB (LL?) fans & other RGB features - So, CoolIT pump (assuming the same as Platinum?? i.e. 2000rpm, 2400rpm, 2900rpm) - Black Pump Head I care most about idle noise (do lots of productivity work in addition to gaming) and would be willing to sacrifice a few delta degrees C if it means less noise. As a result I've bought one of the seemingly last remaining H115i Pro's left in my country because I've heard the 1100RPM mode is significantly quieter than the 2000RPM min speed of the Platinum. I'm wondering, can anyone confirm if the XT runs the same pump speeds & has the same louder pump as the Platinum? I'm not too concerned about the improved RGB on the XT, but I do like the black pump head! I haven't unboxed the Pro I've bought yet and am still in the return window in the case I want to switch to the XT. Hopefully someone can help me decide between Pro and Pro XT. Thanks!
  13. Ich kann mein Void Pro nicht unmuten es ist einfach permanent aus ich bewege es runter bleibt stumm ich drücke die stumm/unmute taste geht auch nicht wenn ich das bei einem anderen system mache (ps4 oder ein anderen PC) geht es auch nicht .... Garantie ist noch da, da ich das Void Pro erst Letzten Monat gekauft habe !
  14. I'm trying to change the rate since it bugs some games, but the option is greyed and I don't have any enhancements so no idea what to do, any help? I'm running windows 10 and iCUE 3.24.52
  15. Is charging Corsair Void Pro Wireless RGB from phone charger bad for its battery?. Power Brick says it can provide 9V/1.67amp or 5V/2amp.
  16. Hello, My new headset is very loud, much more than my last jack plug headset. I must put windows sound at 1 to be able to keep my ears safe when i'm on internet (on game i can change the sound in the parameters). And i am asking why this is happening, when i try to increase or decrease the volume from the headset with the sound wheel it affect the windows sound (my last headset had his own amplifier) and i didn't find any things in ICue to modify this. Do my Void Pro is seen as speaker instead of an headset so i cant modify the amplifier of it with the wheel ?
  17. I just finished moving my system to a new case, the Lian Li PC-011 Dynamic, and I’m using a Commander Pro to control six ML 120 Pro RGB fans. All six LED headers are plugged into a Corsair LED hub, which is connected to LED Channel 1 of the Commander Pro. My question is: can I control each fan’s LEDs individually? On iCue, I selected the correct channel (1), type of device (ML Pro RGB) and number of fans (6). Still, I can only control their lights as a group, and not per fan, as I hoped.
  18. I bought this new headset and it was perfectly working before i installed the ICUE software. After that i still can talk with the microphone but i dont have sound anymore. The headset is correctly pick up on windows. When i choose my laptop speakers if the headset is plugged in or not, they work. But when i choose the Corsair all is quiet i cant still hear the 3 bip when i plug it in. I tried to launch a music but windows dont see any audio device. You can see it on the pictures (in French)
  19. Hi So I want to connect 4 120 ML fans(case) + 2 ML fans (H100i) + case RGB logo. I found this image on the forum, its pretty similar to what I want to do, so here I have a few questions. 1) Instead of 6 120ML fans to the RGB hub, can I connect 4 case fans and the RGB logo of the case? or it would be like connecting two different type of fans and wouldnt work? If so, can I connect the logo to one of the two RGB connections on the commander pro? instead of RGB strips like in the picture? or do I need another RGB Hub just to connect the logo. 2) Im also connecting a H100i with 2 120ML fans, connecting these two RGB fans to the pump. Will I still be able to sync the H100 fans RGB with the RGb fans connected to the RGB hub? (Using link/icue) 3) If instead of the commander pro, I use any other PWM fan Hub controller, will I still be able to connect the RGB hub to "random PWM fan controller" and still be capable of using icue? 4) If I connect 120ML fans to the RGB hub, can I use iCue? do I need a commander pro to use iCue? Thank you for your time. EDIT: Now I see I need the commander PRO because the RGB hub can not be connected to the motherboard via USB, am I right? still would like to confirm if I can use any other PWM, or I must use the commander pro to be able to use iCue.
  20. Hallo , die AIO ist so genau 1 Jahr alt und wurde nur einmal von einem Mainboard aufs andere gewechselt. heute jedoch bemerkte ich das die Pumpe komische geräusche machte, so als wen n Kabel an nem Lüfter kratzen würde. was zeitweise lauter und wieder leise wurde. habe dan den PC ausgemacht weil ich erst dachte es würde wirklich an nem Kabel liegen. aber fehlanzeige. Wärend des Neustartens konnte ich dan die Pumpe als überltäter entzifern. nach ein paar sanften drücken auf dieser ( Auf das Corsair Symbol) verschwanden die geräusche. allerdings hab ich jetzt etwas bammel. was kann ich machen? oder gibt es da überhaubt was ich machen kann? oder muss das über die Garantie abgewickelt werden?
  21. Hey there, new guy here, just bought a VOID PRO RGB and I'm astonished at how fast the battery dies...no biggy, I guess it does draw a lot of power and yes, I did full charge it before use, however, I've got a suggestion. How about a way to know the battery's current power level within iCUE? Is it possible and if so, could we see it being implemented? I'd sure hope so. After each gaming session I'd like to know exactly how much power I've got left, if it's worth leaving it to power back up before my next session or whether I can have another session before I lay it down to recharge. Hope this can be a worthy contribution to you guys.
  22. Heiho, ich habe seit gestern die o. g. Maus. Diese hat wie so viele 2 Daumen Tasten, welche ich im normalen Windows Betrieb zum vor und zurück wechseln nehme, für Browser o. zum Beispiel Explorer Fenster. Nun habe ich das Problem das ich wenn ich auf einer Website bin und einmal "zurück" drücke es sofort um 2 Schritte zurück springt. Ich vermute man kann es in iCUE einstellen, aber dafür bin ich leider zu unbewandert mit derartiger Software :)
  23. Hi everyone, this is my first post on here. I've had this headset for about 3 months with no problems at all. However, when I tried to use Discord to talk to some friends in the past couple of days, they informed me that I was echoing. When I tested my mic, it was picking up all desktop audio and barely my own voice. The last time I used Discord where this didn't happen was maybe over a week ago so it's possible this has been happening for about a week without me noticing. I don't see much about this anywhere online when I look and I've tried updating drivers and other various troubleshooting solutions but nothing has worked. Has this happened to anyone else? Thanks for any help you can offer.
  24. Hallo Ich habe mein M65 Pro gestern per Post erhalte. Nach kurzem einspielen bemerkte ich ein deutliches "kratzen" auf dem Mousepad. So bin ich sofort auf die Fehlersuche gegangen. Mit dem Ergebnis: Der vordere Aluminium Steg steht viel zu weit ab. Da dies aus Aluminium besteht ist ein leichtes abschneiden oder feilen nicht möglich. Ein Umtausch ist beim Online Händler möglich, aber keine Option für mich, da ich keinen Ersatzmaus habe. Werde Heute Abend nach einer Lösung suchen. Schlimmstenfalls nehme ich den Dremel. :mad: Nach tagelangen Recherche nach einer neuen Gaming Maus und vielen guten Test bezüglich der M65, bin ich doch sehr enttäuscht von der Qualität. PS: Habe es jetzt mit einer Dremel abgeschliffen da es mein Mousepad bei jeder Bewegung zerkratzte. Nun gleitet die M65 Pro sanft über den Mousepad. Ansonsten finde ich die Maus hervorragend. Besonders zu erwähnen ist die Snipertaste. Tolle Idee Corsair.
  25. Good afternoon folks, this is my first post here. I just built my second high performance PC and this is my first time using a fan controller/RGB controller to use these fans. One issue I'm having is that I have been unable to update the firmware for my Commander PRO. I cannot download it from the server. Is there a download link for the latest firmware update? This would be super helpful. My second concern is that on the "Home" page in Corsair Link, it only shows fans #4, Fan #5, and Fan #6. I have 6 fans connected to 2 lightning node pros due to wire length issues. After reading the manual, I realized the ports have to be plugged in sequentially. I plugged the fans into port 1-2-3 on both lightning nodes for my 6 fans but still cannot see them on my screen. Thanks a ton for your help!
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