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  1. Hi, I've posted my problem in another thread, but as it is closed for a few months now, i was afraid my case would not be seen, and i decided to make my own thread. I've just bought (from french Amazon) a Corsair One Pro Plus, the one with i8700K, 1080Ti, 16Go RAM. Everything was good, until i tried to do what this computer is made for : gaming. As soon as i launch any game, the C1 gets very noisy, just like a plane taking off, and it goes to a point it's almost impossible to play without a headphone (not even to mention the nice discussion with my girlfriend about the new expensive computer preventing to listen to TV...). I've recorded you a video for you to see how the C1 acts : [ame= ] [/ame] I precise i updated the Family Win10 to a Pro Win10, and it's up to date. All the drivers are, of course, also up to date. Temps in Corsair Link are normal, and the sound in idle, while not absolutly inaudible, is not noticeable. The problem is it goes totally crazy at load, just like jgarcia noticed in this thread So, what's going on ? Is it "normal" ?!? I mean : i know it's a high end set, with a big GPU, etc... but Corsair Ones are said to be quiet ! Q-U-I-E-T. I don't expect to have a totally inaudible solution with this kind of equipment, but i just can't accept to game next to a plane's reactor while paying 2800€ for a device said to be "dangerously quiet". Is that an hardware issue ? What can i do ? I mean, there are 2 cases : 1 - ALL C1 Pro Plus are making that much noise and i'll have to send it back to get a refund (which will be very annoying), but then PLEASE, stop saying C1 are quiet, because they're NOT AT ALL. 2 - It's a probable hardware issue, and i'll have to send it back (same annoying thing than before as it's also a WORK machine...), but who will i have to deal with ? Corsair or Amazon ? Sorry for the sometimes sarcastic tone, but i'm very very disappointed. I am really looking for help. Thanks a lot by advance EDIT : Another video, showing how it goes with just the homescreen of SubNautica. I agree a phone is not the most accurate device to measure sound, but i guess it's enough to get the global idea... And here is a report of temperatures and fan speeds in idle, subnautica homescreen (second video) and Assassin's creed performance test (first video) : Corsair Link reports [ame= ] [/ame]
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