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Found 25 results

  1. Hi guys, I have an older HX1200i platinum power supply that I bought in 2017. At the time I bought a set of custom cables, but the person who made them is no longer around. So i'm looking at getting a new set to go with my 12vhpwr one. The problem is, even with the chart pinned at the top of this forum, I'm not certain which cables are right. Do I need to buy a full set of type-3 cables, or a full set of type-4 + a type-3 24pin ATX? Any clarification would be appreciated, thanks!
  2. Hello I have a ati Radeon r9 390 gpu arriving shortly. Now my PSU only has a slot for one pci-e cable but the cable I have has got 2x 6+2 connectors will that be enough? Or will I need a separate cable. As I only have one slot for pci-e I don’t know if I can fit another pci cable on.
  3. With the new release of the RTX 4090 soon coming, i am reading that it is preferred that the power supply be ATX 3.0 compatible. i am unsure where to find information regarding if my current PSU can safely be plugged into a 4090 with this information. https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Power-Supply-Units/Power-Supply-Units-Advanced/RM-Series™-80-PLUS-Gold-Power-Supplies/p/CP-9020196-NA#tab-tech-specs
  4. With all the recent platform launches from AMD and Intel along with new graphics cards already starting to hit the shelves, you might be looking at upgrading your power supply. The CORSAIR HXi fully modular power supplies are ultra-low noise and feature three EPS12V connectors with 80 PLUS Platinum efficiency. They are also compatible with CORSAIR's iCUE software which allows the user full control for setting custom fan curves, monitoring, and adjustable power settings. Let's discuss some of the key benefits of these new power supplies. First off, these are fully modular PSUs which allows the user to only connect the cables needed in the system, no unused cables and clutter to help better cable management. The triple EPS12V connectors along with high quality Japanese capacitors give full compatibility with modern motherboards while ensuring long-term reliability. Being 80 PLUS Platinum certified, you'll get up to 92% efficiency for exceptional low power consumption, less noise, and cooler temperatures. Zero RPM Fan Mode allows the power supply to switch off the 140mm cooling fan completely during low and medium loads for near-silent operation. When the fan does start spinning, the fluid dynamic bearing (FDB) delivers extremely quiet and long-lasting fan performance. Finally, with it being iCUE compatible, you can set custom fan curves, monitor, adjust power settings, and even switch between single-rail and multi-rail overcurrent production (OCP) all on the dashboard. For a tutorial on the installation and setup of the CORSAIR HXi series power supplies, check out this video here.
  5. Got my Brand New Corsair RM750w ATX Fully Modular Gold Rated PSU on an online store. First concern: Upon opening the box already notice that it uses the cardboard tray as support for the PSU. When looking up on YouTube for unboxing ang installing the RM750. Notice all of them have the "Black Foam" as support on their PSU. Second concern: Then noticed that the Q. C. STICKER (Q. C. sticker) and the Hi-Pot OK Stocker are printed on the PSU. Conclusion: Now I having this concern if my PSU is legitimate Corsair product or if is a fake. Note: Currently on contact on the seller. They have a physical store and have bought products from them. This scenario was a first.
  6. Hello i have a gaming prebuilt computer i bought and i wish to upgrade the power supply from 750 watts to something higher such as 850W, 950W, 1000W. the current PSU i have is the 750 Watt - CORSAIR RM750 80 PLUS Gold. However, i want to see if someone can provide me the specific product that will allow me to just swap out the power supply without having to do any re-wiring of the existing setup. (Basically, just remove the old PSU block and plug in the existing cables to the new one.) i struggle to understand the chart that corsair provides when wanting to do something like this so i am asking for someone to send me a link to or specify the specific power supply i need to purchase so i can just swap out the blocks. I would appreciate any responses!
  7. The self-test of the PSU passed, but once it is connected to a motherboard, it shuts off after 1 second, and the red solid led light turns on. Unfortunately, it seems like one of the cables (standard kit - brand new), either for the CPU (2 cables) or the ones to the motherboard, so some of them are faulty because it does not turn on (I already tested the Computer with another PSU, and it works fine). I did check them several times, and only the essential cables are connected to reduce the scope. But the behavior seen is like when the CPU is not receiving enough energy or the CPU cooler is not receiving power, and the motherboard does not allow for the PC to continue to be on for more than 1.5 seconds. And the PC components are OK because I have a 650w PSU that I was using, and I did reconnect it again to make sure the issue was not any of my components, but all is working fine with the 650w PSU. Like the guy from this post, I do suspect the cables, either the CPU ones or the motherboard cable (since these cables come with a capacitor(s)), could be potentially faulty: https://forum.corsair.com/forums/topic/153566-new-ax1600i-doa/#comment-906553 I did order a new kit of Corsair cables (SKU CP-8920223) just to rule that issue from above or any other issue with the cables. But I will be able to test it as soon they arrive between today and tomorrow. Also checked the MB and CPU cable connectors to discard this issue (the connectors are OK): https://forum.corsair.com/forums/topic/153819-new-rm850-gt-computer-not-starting-up/ Here is a Google Drive folder with all the pictures and videos showing the behavior: https://bit.ly/3IfLVZR ----- Summary: -Is not due to the motherboard. -Is not due to the GPU. -Is not due to the CMOS battery in the motherboard. -Is not due to the CPU or its AIO. -Is not due to the RAM. I will test it with a new set of cables soon. If any of you have any additional suggestions other than testing the PSU with a new set of cables, please let me know. Thank you,
  8. Hi all, I recently replaced an ageing HX650W with a brand new HX750 (80+ Platinum). The former made next to no noise at idle but the latter has a constant loud fan. From what I've read it's supposed to kick in at 40% load which it feels like I shouldn't be hitting, especially since the old PSU was silent. Hopefully you can see my specs attached - I know the R9 390 is an old power-hungry card but is this normal? I've double-checked everything is wired up correctly. Thanks :sunglasse
  9. Hi everyone, I´m having issues with a Corsair RM1000i, every time I´m using apps I get random high speeds in all fans they get very loud, when PC is in idle it doesn´t. The thing is that this is not hapenning with an old OCZ stealthstream 600W, I have tried with 2 PCs, I thought this happened due to my old PC , but I bought everything new except the power supply, it just happens with the corsair. I have seen in the task manager that every time this happens it says that consumption from CPU , SSD and GPU is very high.
  10. I built a PC in December and it worked fine for a couple of weeks then I started noticing crashes on my PC where the PC would turn off and the screen would just go black as if someone pulled the cord on the PC I googled the issue and found out it was a "power kernel 41" issue and could most likely be an issue relating to how the PC powers on or the boot settings if not driver and BIOS updates I did all of those things and still couldn't figure out the problem and as a last resort i updated the BIOS of the MOBO and it didn't seem to have worked at all. Around almost a week after updating the BIOS my PC crashed and then just stopped powering on which was like 3 weeks ago now. The RGB logo on the MOBO would still light up as well as that small power LED thing that is next to the PCIe power on the GPU when I connected the PC to power but pressing the power would not do anything I thought it may be a MOBO problem since I had recently updated the BIOS and returned my MOBO to amazon. I luckily still had a couple of days left on the return policy and claimed it as a broken MOBO and used the refunded cash to buy another one. Even with that new MOBO I had the same problem as in the the RGB logos on the MOBO and the power LED on the GPU would light up but pressing the power button would do nothing (BTW I have a MOBO with onboard power/reset buttons and I even shorted the front panel connectors for the power button with a screwdriver and nothing happened) I looked in to the problem a bit more and think that there's a chance my PSU may be damaged because I doubt that different MOBO's which are also different models would have the same issue and the initial problem of my PC crashing was I just updated the PC specs on my profile the PSU is the Corsair HX1000
  11. I Recently bought an upgrade from an rm650x to a certified refurbished ax1000. I figured a couple blemishes is not reason to not buy. AX1000 installed and cabled just fine, but when on after 3min, 3 hours, 4 hours, ie sporadic, the computer just shuts off. It does not self restart. Power button doesn't function, I have to toggle the PSU at the back to get the computer to restart. Ive swapped the rm650x back in for now. I will begin my troubleshooting: Test cables: Ax1000 with rm650x cables to test for the ax1000 cabling being faulty, and vice versa rm650x PSU with ax1000 cables. External factors: wiring in my apartment is suspect but I've had two computers on this circuit running furmark and prime95 for a total of 1400w at least and hasn't been an issue. But perhaps the fact that I have to toggle the PSU switch to get it to restart is an indicator. I will try moving things off this circuit to separate. Perhaps the sensitivity of the ax1000 causes it to shut off? What might do this and did. I just waste my money on something nicer that doesn't work
  12. So I when I built my PC, I bought the SF 750 for my small form factor pc and it seems to be failing now. I bought it from Amazon, but not directly from Amazon, it was another dealer on Amazon and didn't find out until recently. Since my PSU is failing, would corsair still honor the warranty, should I contact someone, or am I out of luck? Bought a 2nd one, this time from Amazon since I need it for school and for work. The power supply seems to hold up fine with basic tasks, but sometimes when I leave it idle to cryptomine when I'm away or play intense games, it seems to just shut off without any blur screen. Double checked ram, gpu, cpu, and that all cables are properly plugged in. Can only think it's the PSU at this point.
  13. I have a RM 750 power supply. Specifically this one: https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Power-Supply-Units/Power-Supply-Units-Advanced/RM-Series™-80-PLUS-Gold-Power-Supplies/p/CP-9020195-NA I would like to buy a braided/sleeved CPU cable, as the ribbon cable it comes with is far too stiff to manage in my case. Is this Corsair Premium cable compatible with my power supply? https://www.amazon.com/CORSAIR-Premium-Individually-Sleeved-EPS12V/dp/B07L682RFB/ Thank you!
  14. Hi there, I'm wondering if anyone can tell me what connectors are needed for the CMPSU-1000HX powers supply. I know it's quite old, but I'm just needing to buy some PCIe connectors. I can see on the Corsair website they sell Type 3 PCIe connectors but unsure if they will fit this PSU. Any recommendations are appreciated!
  15. What is the hold up with the AX1600i and will it support Nvidias new power connector without an adapter. Thanks
  16. Hey folks, i recently bought a RTX 2080, but came to notice that it needs more power than my old 1050ti. So which cable do i need to connect my power supply to the RTX. i got an CS750M. I kinda figured that i need a type 3 or 4 pcie, but it seems to be out of stock or is included in a package with 5 other cables i don't need. Is there someone with a link for me, what's the best choice? Thanks in advance, axegb
  17. Hey, I recently build a PC and bought a new Rmx 750w. However, I noticed very faint buzzing from the PSU when the PSU is on standby (PC is off but PSU is still on). Granted, this is very faint: I didn't even notice it until I was basically hugging the PSU to my ear (I'll post a video when I can, because it's nowhere near as bad as what others had). Nothing out of the ordinary anywhere else, and even when the PC is on sleep mode the PSU is basically dead silent and I can't hear the slight buzzing. Is this just normal for the PSU? Been looking at other forums and people discussing similar issues but I see conflicting messages or they have much worse issues than I do. I have used other PSUs in the past that didn't buzz when on standby. Edit: Here's a video showcasing the buzz. It's very faint but it's there [ame] [/ame]
  18. Hi hopefully one of you guys can help after much messing around.... I have a fairly old but decent spec pc with a vs650 power supply.it stopped working. I have it starting up (fans lights etc) but no signal to monitor. Tried cleaning everything, removing ram, bios battery etc but still same.i have managed to get into bios/windows a couple of times then did a restart and it went into a boot loop. I tested the psu with a voltmeter. Everything seems OK apart from BLUE wire on 24 pin connector. It's reading -11.2v instead of - 12V. Not sure what this wire is??? Could it be the problem??? The power good is 3V also. Any of you guys had a similar experience? Thanks for help..
  19. Hi, im want to know some specs for the vs550 power supply. I'm looking to buy one but Corsair don't give specs like, pfc, what are the protections if the power supplie have like OVP,UVP and there is no manual or something to download. i think that is very poor the information that the page gives. If u can help me, it will be great. Thanks
  20. Hi everyone I'm having some potential issues regarding my PSU. It seems to be making some sort of grinding/clicking noise when under load. For example when I'm playing EVE Online it makes this weird sound after a short period of time. The sound seems to immediately disappear when I alt tab out of the game. I tried checking my other components since I at first thought the sound was coming from my GPU but after close inspection the sound is coming from my PSU. Does anyone know what could be causing this sound? The name and model of the PSU are: Corsair TX 650M. Other than the sound I am not experiencing any performance related issues. Video link to the sound recording: [ame] [/ame]
  21. Hello all, I have scoured the internet for months now trying to find something similar to what I've been dealing with. I have only ever come across one thread with a similar issue which is here. https://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=116511&highlight=ticking I had a Seasonic PRIME 850w Titanium for a few months that did the exact same thing, but slightly louder. It was one of the reasons I swapped it out for this unit instead, but this one also does the EXACT same thing. All voltages are normal and everything is stable. The list of things I've tried goes as follows - Tried different outlets - Bios updates - Overclocked - All power save settings on and off - Hired an electrician to check my wiring in the house - Bought a UPS (cyberpower le1000dg) - Re-did all cable management I am completely out of ideas. It is not loud by any means, but if the room is silent I can faintly hear it. I also find it hard to believe it could be faulty considering this is now two $300 PSUs, while the other PCs in the house run cheap EVGAs and the only noise they make is the fan. When I had my Seasonic I contacted them, which they told me it is probably the Active PFC working. I can't find any info anywhere to corroborate this though. Anyone have any ideas? Is it just really bad luck with psus and should I just RMA it? Or is this just normal operation noise or software issue? Really hope someone can help me out! Thanks in advance!
  22. HI GUYS NICE TO BE HERE i am into my first serious build... Need advice on capacity of UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) My Build config. is as follows:- Power Supply -> Corsair AX1600i CPU ->Intel Core i7-8700K 3.7 GHz 6-Core Processor CPU Cooler -> Noctua NH-D15 Motherboard -> Asus PRIME Q370M-C/CSM Micro ATX Memory -> Corsair Vengeance LPX 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR4-2666 Storage -> Samsung 970 Pro 1 TB M.2-2280 SSD Video Card -> Asus GeForce RTX 2080 Ti 11 GB ROG Strix Case -> Cooler Master MasterCase H500P Mesh ATX Mid Tower the build has a wattage of around 500Watts as of now. i will be building upon the system in the coming year. the system will be used for running Research SIMULATIONS.. the insurge current for corsair Ax1600i is about 21.03Amps refer below link https://www.techpowerup.com/review/corsair-ax1600i/5.html Please recommend a UPS which would cater to 80 - 90% PSU load keeping in mind the insurge current... and a backup of about 5 to 10 minutes THANKS ShrikeM
  23. Hello, I've had my ax1200i for 3 years now, it's been working great until a few days ago. After I use my computer for a bit my PC shuts off then my PSU shows a red light. I hold the power button on my computer to completelty shut it off, I then try to turn it back on, but it only turns on for a second then my PSU immediately goes to a red light. Once again I turn it off completely, I let my PC sit off for a few minutes, then when I power it back on my PSU works normally showing a greenlight, but after a while of using it my PSU goes back to red. I'm not really good with computers, so if I had to take it apart completely to troubleshoot I would be lost.
  24. So a few weeks ago we lost power for a couple of days. Up to this point my pc had been running great with no issues at all. The pc was plugged into a power strip with a surge protector and several other electronic devices plugged in to the same strip. When the power came back on everything else turned on fine except my pc. It is acting like there is no power running to it. We have tried changing the outlet, the power cord, and a few other basic quick fixes but nothing has worked. Any suggestions on a possible fix or is the supply dead?
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