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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I have looked on these forums and some people have the same problems but want to clarify my problem. Sometimes when I start my pc the polaris won't light up. So no first rainbow colors. My usb mouse dark pro still works. And when in windows and starting icue it still won't light up. After 2 times unplug or plug the usb it recognize it and show the lights. I got this often.
  2. I am having some issues getting the MM800 Polaris to keep my color profile after a restart or when closing the icue app. When I start the PC, the lighting effects are rainbow, but when the ICUE app starts, the MM800 switches to my color profile, whereas my other Corsair RGB devices stay with the colors I pick no matter a restart or closing the app. I have a attached two pictures. one picture shows RGB lights with the icue app open second picture shows icue app closed and the only device that changes color is my MM800 RGB POLARIS :mad: I have installed and uninstall icue and no fix
  3. Hello everyone, I love the Corsair Eco-System and I only stick with it! I got full Corsair in every Category it is possible. Headset, Mice, Keyboard, Ram and much more. One thing shocked me, I wanted a Big sized Mousepad (500mm x 1000mm) maybe with RGB and the best would be with Qi charging for my Darkcore RGB SE. So why is there no big sized Mousepad with Qi and Polaris ? Have you ever thought about to engineer something like this ? Because if you manage to make 2 Big Qi Charging Zones on the Mousepad you could release a Qi Keyboard. So you basically only have 1 Wire (2 USB) to your mousepad. And you can Charge Your Keyboard your Mouse, maybe also your Corsair Virtuoso Headset (with a Qi adapter) on your Mousepad. Doesnt that sound great?
  4. My Corsair mm800 mouspad can do the rainbow wave effect, the spiral rainbow effect, but all the other dont work for some reason. I could use some help here. TY.
  5. Good afternoon, I have been using Corsair peripherals for quite some time. Previously I was using a K95 RGB alongside a Logitech G600. I had the K95 set up to have a static color blue backlight plus a rainbow ripple expansion per key on keypress that expanded out. I recently expanded out to a K95 RGB Platinum, a Polaris pad, and a Scimitar Pro and am exploring Lighting Link. I can set up my choice of a static blue backlight *OR* the rainbow ripple expansion from keypress, but cannot combine them. I have checked for software updates and updated firmware as appropriate. I have made sure to try using both on-board and non- profiles. I am not sure if I have defective hardware or software or if this feature is in progress or just not being implemented at all (in which case I wasted several hundred dollars possibly). ***EDIT*** THANK YOU FOR RELEASING THIS UPDATE, IT IS GLORIOUS!
  6. So all of my keyboard profiles are on CUE 1.16.42 and will not transfer to cue v2 which I already know about, however, I recently purchased a Corsair Polaris mouse mat and CUE 1.16.42 does not detect this at all. When I switch back to CUE v2, it works fine but my keyboard profiles are not there. Does anyone know a way I can make my Corsair Polaris be detected by CUE 1.16.42? Thank you!
  7. I'm not sure this is the right place to put this, and I don't so much need assistance with anything regarding the products, but I've noticed that corsair has an extended mouse pad with the MM300. What I haven't been able to find is a mouse pad with more vertical room like a XL ( 18 x 18 ) an XXL ( 35 x 18 ) sized version. Does anyone know if corsair has ever made something that size? And if not, would they ever consider something like that? I'm pretty much a brand loyalist and would like to keep all my accessories under one brand. Ohh maybe even, should I dare ask :bigeyes:, would Corsair consider and XL version of their polaris mouse pad. I guess we can dream with that last one, but any help is greatly appreciated.
  8. Bonjour (ou bonsoir) à tous et à toute J'ai mon Polaris depuis décembre 2016. Au début tout fonctionne correctement il y a aucun problème. Mais depuis quelques semaines il ne s'allume qu'une fraction de seconde au démarrage de l'ordinateur et puis plus rien. Pire encore, l'utilitaire de Corsair ne le détecte même plus. Je vous fournie un screen en pièce jointe. Le reste de mes équipements est bien détecté. Ce n'est pas un problème de branchement USB car ma souris est directement branchée sur mon Polaris et elle est détectée par le logiciel comme le montre mon screen. J'ai aussi essayé en téléchargent le logiciel qui est fournit pour le Polaris mais toujours rien. Si vous avez des solutions je suis preneur ! Bien à vous.
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