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Found 12 results

  1. Hi there Are there the dummy ram sticks available for the dominator platinum rgb like the vengeance rgb pros ? Reason I ask is i have 2x 16gb of dominator and would like the other slots filled with the same rgb lights. Thanks
  2. Hello people. I have this little problem, maybe you can help me to solve it. I have 4x8gb Dominator Platinum (cmt16gx4m2c3200c16) they work just perfect, but one of the sticks is having some weird rgb behaviour, it only turns on blue, It doesn't matter the effect I apply they will work(at the moment I have them all on static color, 3 of them are white and the first one is completely blue), but only if that ram stick has to turn on blue, these are all new sticks(bought them yesterday) so they shouldn't be damaged. Any help would be appreciated
  3. Hi All, I bought a new H115i RGB Platinum last week. Once installed it was clear there was a large anount of air stuck in the pump. When running on quiet profile in iCUE this was audible over all my case fans. The noise sounds like a constant ticking or crackling. As other have suggested I took the cooler off and gave it a good tap and shake to try and dislodge any air pockets. This did not help. I then returned the unit to amazon and they sent me a new one. Upon installing the new one it had exactly the same problem. Quiet mode and balanced mode profiles were extremely noisy with the pump turning silent when put in extreme mode. Both myself and my father have owned over 6 AIO's from corsair and never experienced this level of noise from a pump. Again as others have suggested this noise goes away when the case is layed flat.I am mounting the 280mm rad in the front of the case (275R) with the tubes at the top (higher than the pump). Can anyone give me any confidence in buying a 3rd cooler? I suspect amazon wouldnt let me return a 3rd one. I was temped to buy the H115i Pro XT but I am pretty sure its the exact same CoolIT pump design and could have a similar problem. Thanks in advance for any advice or thoughts!
  4. Hi, I recently have a repeating 999999999 nonstop issue in windows, any where I type like word, note, search bar etc.. i read by google search, to go into control panel, device manager under keyboard and delete all except 1 driver, called HID Keyboard Device, and seems to work. Usually I find 5 repeated same drivers (HID Keyboard Device) and I have to delete all except 1. The repeating 9999's starts after around 3 to 5 minutes. I have the latest iCue installed. Using windows 10 pro 64bit. I think it started since latest keyboard firmware update but not sure though. Would appreciate some help. Thank you
  5. Been googling around for nearly 2 hours now and found several people with the same issue, but it seems it's not quit the same. For me the RGB works (rainbow effect) and the fans/pump is fully functional, but it's not showing up in iCUE for me to alter the colors. Is there any solution to this issue, or is the pump type just not compatible with iCUE? Note that I do not have the commander pro, but everything works so I can't see that being the issue.
  6. I updated to Version 3.22.74 last night and my H100i Platinum is no longer detected. led's on cpu are set to blue which is not my profile color and fans sound like they are on extreme no led's on. I have repaired , uninstalled and reinstalled iCue nothing has fixed it. Also when updating my keyboard the K55 RGB it fails, disappears and tells me to repair Icue. i have downloaded usbdeview as recommended in another thread all devices are listed none are labeled Corsair, not 100% whats going on :hmmm:
  7. - Keyboard LEDs light up at power on - keys don't work though in POST (BIOS, System Password etc.) - USB Legacy is activated - Different USB Ports (2.0 and 3.0) tested - Usual Dell USB keyboard works without problems (!!) - BIOS Switch not existing on this keyboard anymore - Polling Rate lowered to 8ms didn't help - Keyboard Firmware and BIOS up to date. Motherboard: Asus P8P67 Deluxe. Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  8. So some of my keycaps got deformed (melted, bent, etc.) during drying after cleaning my k95 plat keyboard... I started a ticket (I'm all over the place with this cause I'm so frustrated) with a question if I could get some spare/replacement keycaps cause they aren't sold in my country. :[pouts: In case it won't be possible to get replacements will it void my warranty if I buy the Corsair Gaming PBT Double-shot keycap set from amazon (from Corsair) and replace the old ones???
  9. Hey leute, hab mir gestern die K95 Platinum geholt und bin soweit sehr zufrieden, ein Problem habe ich noch, bei meiner alten Logitech G710 konnte ich spezifische Websiten auf die markos legen, z.b. Facebook Startseite auf g2 oder die Twitch Startseite auf g4. wie bekomme ich das bei der k95 hin? wenn ich bei dem makro "Anwendung starte" auswähle und dort die url, die ich mir vorher auf den Desktop als Verknüpfung gelegt habe, einfüge, passiert danach gar nichts :/ also wie schaffe ich es, dass sich per g2 druck sofort Facebook öffnet? (diese Aufzeichnugsfunktion will ich nicht nutzen, ich will das es sich instant öffnet.)
  10. Bought my first corsair keyboard 4 months ago, K95 RGB Platinum ... After few months of use, I experienced key duplication on different letters, went to the shop and they tested and confirmed this issue. They gave me a new one. (shopkeeper says, never seen this before) My second keyboard ... 3 weeks usage ... experienced same issue (on different keys) Went to the shop, and they gave me another new one. (shopkeeper says, yeah have seen it before on some) My 3rd keyboard ... 2 weeks usage ... same problem again, and again on other keys! -- All keyboard tested on the latest firmware (1.07.123), CUE software (2.20.72), tested without CUE, on different computers, etc... This is seriously an amazingly frustrating for a keyboard with this price ticket. Is this for real?
  11. The CORSAIR K95 RGB PLATINUM has been on the market for quite some time now, the feedback from our customers has been stellar, especially from the gaming communities. Besides the fact that the K95 RGB PLATINUM uses 100% Cherry MX RGB switches, the aircraft-grade anodized brushed aluminum frame is one key feature that sets it apart from the competition. The per key RGB backlighting is next to none, allowing you to create virtually any possible lighting effect that you can think of. The K95 RGB PLATINUM feels phenomenal during intense gaming sessions and you can tell that it’s a PREMIUM piece of gaming hardware. Now, I can go all day and talk about the other great features of the K95 RGB PLATINUM, but thankfully if they’re not obvious, they also happen to be printed on the box it comes in. Since the K95 RGB PLATINUM’s debut, I’ve seen all kinds of discussions on the forums and in user reviews, however not many of them cover one cool feature that the K95 RGB PLATINUM has, its integrated cable routing on the underside of the keyboard itself. Let’s go ahead and check it out. Here is a pic of the cable routing channels on the underside of my K95 RGB PLATINUM, each channel crosses the other so that you can route one cable over the other from either side of the keyboard. Pretty cool, right? We’ve got plenty of examples of typical gaming setups at our office which include a wired gaming mouse such as the GLAIVE RGB and a wired gaming headset like the VOID USB. Here’s an example of the kind of cable mess you could potentially run into. For guys like me, who tend to consider themselves as neatfreaks, this wouldn’t pass.Now, let’s take a few minutes and tidy up the cables a bit using the K95 RGB PLATINUM’s integrated cable routing. The following example looks much cleaner and only took two minutes to route the cables for the mouse and headset. But what does this setup look like underneath the keyboard? Well, here’s what it looks like on the underside. As you can see the mouse’s cable crosses on one side and the headset’s cable crosses on the other. And there you have it, integrated cable management is a simple, but incredibly useful feature to help create a clean gaming set-up on your desk. If you’re an owner of a K95 RGB PLATINUM who takes pride in your gaming rig (after potentially hours of cable management), why not take the time to make sure the peripherals on your desk are also managed accordingly?
  12. Upgrading the Dominator® Platinum DDR3 memory with the Dominator Platinum Light Bar Upgrade Kit will let you customize your Dominator Platinum modules with a new look. A set of two modules can easily be upgraded in approximately 15 minutes. You can choose between the clear lens for a white glow or the blue lens for a blue glow. After shutting down your machine and discharging yourself of any static, remove the modules from the motherboard. Place them on an anti-static surface. Now use the included allen wrench to remove the screws. It may help to place your finger on the back side of the module to keep the back screw from spinning. Once you have all four screws out flip the module upside down. Now remove the top bar from the module. You want to make sure you do not damage the Corsair Link connector or any other components on the module. Take the new top bar and place the desired lens color into it. Now reverse the process and put the top bar on the module. It works best if you leave the top bar flat on its top. Make sure not to damage the LEDs, Corsair Link connector or any other components on the module. Now replace the all of the screws and tighten them down. Be careful to not over tighten the screws! Finally install the modules in your motherboard and enjoy the look of your Dominator Platinum modules. If you run into any issues with installation please contact technical support @ www.corsair.com/support.
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