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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all, Just got a new Gigabyte 4090. I am aware of the issues with the adaptor melting and I plan to seat the adaptor into the GPU very firmly in the hope that this averts the issue. In this instance, though, the issue is at the other end of the adaptor. My system has a AX1000 Corsair PSU. I happily connected 3 of the 4 PCIe cables from it to the 4090 adaptor, but I couldn't get the primary connector on the final cable to sit properly. The other 3 cable connectors, however, happily fit into the 4th socket, so i felt it was safe to assume the issue was with the primary connector on the final PCIe cable, ( instead of the adapter ) I used the secondary connector on the final cable instead, and voila, it fits. Which is great but I know that with high powered GPU's like the 4090, daisying chain connectors is verboten. My questions is if it's okay to use the secondary connector instead of the main connector?
  2. Hey folks, i recently bought a RTX 2080, but came to notice that it needs more power than my old 1050ti. So which cable do i need to connect my power supply to the RTX. i got an CS750M. I kinda figured that i need a type 3 or 4 pcie, but it seems to be out of stock or is included in a package with 5 other cables i don't need. Is there someone with a link for me, what's the best choice? Thanks in advance, axegb
  3. I've never seen PCIe power cables with multiple 8 pin connectors at the GPU end before, so when installing my new RMx 850, I was surprised to discover these. Is it recommended to use a single cable for a 2x 8 pin GPU like a 3070 or 3080, or is it better to use 2 separate cables? And really either way, please explain why if you can. I'd prefer a single cable as it will be cleaner, but if there's a functional benefit to 2 cables (reliability, longevity, stability, whatever), then I'd do that. Thanks!
  4. Hello, I bought a computer as it was built(missing a graphics card) off someone over a year ago and I didn't know to ask for the remaining uninstalled power supply cables. I don't think that these were something I was given and I don't want to trouble him to find them. I recently got a graphics card that takes 2 8pin PCIe cables. I have a Corsair RMx 850 power supply. Are these a set that would have come with the power supply?: https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Accessories-%7C-Parts/PC-Components/Power-Supplies/Premium-Individually-Sleeved-PCIe-Cables-%28Single-Connector%29-Type-4-Gen-4/p/CP-8920243 EDIT: Just realized through package contents that these appear to be just two 8 pin to 6+2 pin cables, not a full set, ergo exactly what I need. Still confused what the cable below is. Will probably order one of these. Is this just one 6+2 PCIe cable?: https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Accessories-%7C-Parts/PC-Components/Power-Supplies/Type-4-Sleeved-black-PCIe-cable-with-pigtail-connector-and-capacitors-for-Type-4-PSU/p/CP-8920143 Presumably I just need to buy 2 of the single cable. The pictures are confusing they seem to show 2 cables and only one end of the cable clearly. Does anyone know how long it is? Sorry if questions seem obvious. New to most of this.
  5. Hello, I am looking for PCIe power cables for the HX1200 and HX1000. (Corsair CP-9020140-NA HX1200 1200W 80 Plus Platinum). There seems to be a lot of different ones for the different power supplies, any help would be great. Thanks!
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