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Found 6 results

  1. Hello Corsair forum users, I was wondering if somebody knows if there is a bad batch of coilwhine boards. I'm currently using a G413 Carbon red/black which i won with a Facebook post, but now i would like to get an RGB keyboard. So i was looking around for a keyboard that has nice RGB LED's and looks awsome and is build decent. The board has to be from aluminum and the keys has to be PBT instead of ABS, or there must be an upgrade available for the PBT keycaps. So i first went for the Huntsman Elite, and after connecting it to my computer, i noticed a massive coilwhine sound. At the end i tried 3 units and all of them had coilwhine... I had to look for something different. So i noticed the Corsair K95 Platinum XT, perfect i thought. The looks are great and its solid. So i bought the board and the first thing i did noticed after i plugged it in to my computer, was the coilwhine... This time the coilwhine is less then the Huntsman one, but still audible and that annoys me. After trying 3 units of coilwhine boards i was done... I tried the old K95 version so not the XT version, and guess what... it has audible coilwhine... I quit my mission for looking for a decent keyboard, because i dont think there is any decent keyboard without coilwhine and with PBT keycaps at this moment. So my question is, is there a bad batch of coilwhine units? What i did discovered was, the coilwhine is audible on a different way with different colors. I tried different PC's and laptops to check if it was a fault of my computer, but that was not the case. Everytime the LED's were turned on, it was audible on every device. I bought the keyboard from different vendors and even a replace from Corsair. I dont like the fact that there is no keyboard at this moment that has PBT keycaps with RGB and no coilwhine :[pouts:
  2. Hi, I am currently looking to introduce more white colors into my setup. I currently have a black K70 Non-RGB keyboard with red backlight and Cherry MX red switches. It's approx. 4 years old. It seems like there are two options for me: Buy the white PBT double-shot keycaps and call it a day Start fresh and upgrade to a K70 RGB MK.2 Special Edition, which is marketed as having double-shot keycaps In the EU (Netherlands), the white PBT double-shot keycap set is hardly available. I can only find 1 shop and it is charging €70 for it instead of the €40-45 range. This is why I've been looking to upgrade to a new K70 RGB MK.2 SE (Special Edition). If I look at Corsair's video, which is here: [ame=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vRMmbKT1lo]here[/ame] then it seems that this keyboard is sold with any of the mentioned switches (Cherry MX Silent, Speed, Red, Brown) and that the keycaps are double-shot. My questions are: Does the WHITE K70 RGB MK.2 Special Edition come with PBT double-shot keycaps? Where can I buy such a keyboard with anything else than Cherry MX Speed switches? I'm looking for a red or silent switch. Why is this so hard to figure out myself? There is a lot of contradictory information available.. I'd love some help with the above! Friendly reminder is that I am from the EU (NLD), so all of the US retailers are no-go.
  3. I was looking at reviews of the corsair PBT keycaps for my K68 and noticed one of them said it isn't compatible with the k68. Could someone from corsair clarify whether they are compatible or not as there is nothing on the page specifying which keyboards the PBT keycaps work on.
  4. Hello Everyone, There has been inquiries in regards to double shot key caps. My question is, how many of you would like the option to purchase a set if they were available? If so, how much would you spend? What is double shot key caps? "the process of molding plastic around a preformed metal or plastic insert. This has been a popular process to create very durable keycaps in the past" How will it benefit you? Maximum contrast lettering: the legends are bold and vibrant and pure in tone, with smooth edges and uniform colouration. Zero wear: the legend will never wear, as it runs right through the surface of the keycap. Colour freedom: the keycap and legend can each be of any colour desired: this lends itself well to custom keycaps where a wide range of colours is highly desirable. Feel: the legend and the keycap are one, and the legend cannot be felt while typing. ^ pulled from wiki because it's easier
  5. Hi Everyone, I've been using Corsair's PBT key caps on my K70 and really like them a lot. I'm also experimenting with trying a wireless compact KB with Cherry MX Red switches. Will I be able to use my Corsair keykaps on another board that uses standard Cherry Red MX switches? The KB I'm looking to get is the new Drevo Blademaster that is currently on Kickstarter. Thanks in advance! Dedaciai
  6. I want to purchase the white PBT keycaps for my Strafe RGB, but they are only available in the US/UK QWERTY layout, and I can't use that. Will they ever be available in other layouts, especially German QWERTZ?
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