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Found 7 results

  1. I built my PC 7 months ago and have been using it daily with no issues. However, when starting up my PC on 8/7/20, the pump begins to make a strange noise which increases with time as the cooling system (H115i) tries to cool the increasing temperature of the CPU (Intel i9-9900K). Within minutes of startup, the fan ramps up because of the increasing CPU temperature. Prior to this issue, the temperature (reported by Corsair iCUE) would be about 35 degrees C when idle and about 51 degrees C when under heavy load such as gaming. However, since this issue began, while idling after startup the temperate slowly goes from 29 degrees to 69 degree C. During this time, my PC begins to slowly grind to a halt. At this point I usually shut my PC down for fear of damage. How do I verify that the pump is working? iCUE reports the rpm for the pump, but changing the setting from balance to extreme (shows the increased rpm and it can be heard), does not impact the temperature at all. I also noticed that the radiator remains cool several minutes after the system is on. Is this enough to flag the pump as being defective and causing my overheating issue? Video of sound: [ame]https://youtu.be/JYV3PYF_SpY[/ame]
  2. Hello, I have been using my Corsair One PC for about 1 year and a half or so and haven't run into any major issues until now. Recently, games that have never caused my PC any strain are suddenly causing the GPU to overheat and freeze up the PC. I tweaked an speeds to temporarily fix this issue, but today while playing Destiny 2, which had never caused my PC any issues before, caused my PC to freeze up. After rebooting it, there was this white tint on my screen (I only ever see this white filter when starting up or after closing Destiny, but after closing the game the tint turns off after a few seconds), but the tint wouldn't go away. I tried multiple reboots, unplugging and re-plugging the HDMI (which had horrendous results), power cycling the monitor and the PC, updating display drivers (also produced horrendous results), and nothing has worked. I have attached some pictures of the issue. The one of my desktop is to show the white tint, but the picture doesn't do the issue justice. It is much more evident with the naked eye. The other photos are the "horrendous results" I mentioned before when trouble shooting. I have searched online about this issue and found nothing. What do I do? Thank you ion advanced. Update: if I plug my HDMI cable into the jack at the front of my PC, the picture works fine. Could the graphics card be fried?
  3. Hello all, While using the H115i with my i7-7700k i've noticed the temperature while idle and light applications has been spikey (from 29C to 60C), but then always quickly comes back down. When running a prime95 stress test (26.5) all the cores almost instantly drop up to high 90s and 100C where I stop the test. I've already reseated and reapplied thermal paste. I'm running my system through Asus' auto ExtremeTweaker overclocking tool, which brings the 7700k up to 4.9GHz. Do you guys think the system is capable of pushing the i7-7700K close to 5.0GHz? Or do you think there might be something wrong. The fans are set to balanced and the pump to quiet. Thank you all in advance!
  4. For quite some time my Corsair H100i V2 and CPU have been overheating (55+c and 75-80c, respectively), generally while under heavy load like gaming, but also occasionally while doing simple tasks like running file explorer and Google Chrome. I installed my H100i V2 on 12/26/2016, and until recently it cooled my processor very well, averaging about 50-60c while playing games like Overwatch in 4k (max settings). But for the past 3 months or so, I have been getting 75-80c and even higher on my CPU (FX8350) and 45-55c on my cooler which has been causing my PC to freeze and even shut down without warning (no shutting down... windows message). I already replaced the power supply, so this is not a power/voltage issue. On Corsair Link, it says my pumps and fans are running fine (2700rpm and 2040rpm, respectively). But whenever I launch software or games my temperatures immediately spike and the corsair light on my cooler turns solid red. For a while, I can play games while getting around 80c on my CPU and around 50c on my cooler, but eventually it will cause my PC to freeze. If it's of any relevance, one of the tubes on my cooler is rather warm and the other is cold while running. I assumed this is normal but maybe not. Also, I installed the fans so that they would intake air from the top of my case and blow air down into my case, towards the ground. Perhaps there is a better way? Though, this setup was working great for a while, so I don't believe it's a problem with installation, rather something is failing on me, and I don't believe it's the pump or fans. I've used an air compressor to dust out the radiator (though, I haven't taken it apart for a clean yet), and I've made sure that all the cords are plugged into the motherboard and cooling unit. I've never tried overclocking on my CPU. Thank you very much in advance, any information on the matter is greatly appreciated.
  5. Hi! In a home/office server with a Corsair AX1600i, of course normally the PSU is fanless up to ~650W. I wonder: If for any secondary reason the system would heat up - say that CPU, SSD, RAM, motherboard, other peripherals would drive the system crazy hot - Is there some temperature sensor and logic in the AX1600i that would turn on the PSU fan as a way to help the other system not overheat? I.e. the PSU fan is not only turned on by wattage as trigger but also some temperature sensor in the PSU. Is this so? Please let me know thanks!
  6. Hi there, this is my first post (ever), so I have probably made mistakes, please help me rectify them. Moving on, Since about two months ago, my PC has been restarting whenever I load a game, to be precise, when I'm playing Dota 2 or CSGO (That's all I play), the restart doesn't occur in main menu, but does within seconds to minutes after I finish loading and am playing a match. I purchased a new of set of 2x8GB RAM from a local shop but they've passed Windows Memory Diagnostics, tested GPU with Furmark and it didn't restart. I live in India where the average temperature in the day is 40C (summer), considering that, my CPU, GPU, HDD temperatures are 60C, 55C, 43C respectively, which I think is normal. The restarts have increased as the average temperature increased (winter to summer), now in day, I can't game because it is sure to restart but I can play after 23:30ish because temp. in the night falls to 28-30C. I was told by the technician it's an overheating PSU and I should replace my case with Carbide Spec 01, did that, didn't work. I've checked all such errors since last 6 months, found out it happened before 2 months but in a very low amount, Event Viewer mentions them all as Critical Error, Event ID 41, Task category 63. The last report gave this. - Provider [ Name] Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Power [ Guid] {331C3B3A-2005-44C2-AC5E-77220C37D6B4} EventID 41 Version 6 Level 1 Task 63 Opcode 0 Keywords 0x8000400000000002 - TimeCreated [ SystemTime] 2018-04-23T13:35:06.495599700Z EventRecordID 8931 Correlation - Execution [ ProcessID] 4 [ ThreadID] 8 Channel System Computer L0L - Security [ UserID] S-1-5-18 - EventData BugcheckCode 0 BugcheckParameter1 0x0 BugcheckParameter2 0x0 BugcheckParameter3 0x0 BugcheckParameter4 0x0 SleepInProgress 0 PowerButtonTimestamp 0 BootAppStatus 0 Checkpoint 0 ConnectedStandbyInProgress false SystemSleepTransitionsToOn 0 CsEntryScenarioInstanceId 0 BugcheckInfoFromEFI true CheckpointStatus 0 Appreciate your help, thank you! Update: It restarted a minute back, I touched the exhaust of PSU at the back, it's ambient temperature, not hot at all. Also, I read about this issue being caused by Win 10 Anniversary Update, I have the latest update, could this be a software issue? if so, why does it occur extremely rarely at night?
  7. Bonjour, j'ai fais l'acquisition d'un corsair H100i v2 pour ma nouvelle config que j'ai monté aujourd'hui d'ailleurs, seulement j'ai un petit soucis en effet, au démarrage du PC je me retrouve dans le BIOS, ce qui est normal, mais je reçois une alerte comme quoi le "CPU_FAN" n'est pas détecté ( La ou est branché mon watercooling ), et quand je regarde les écrans de monitoring dans le BIOS je m'aperçois que mon CPU monte, monte, monte en température sans s'arrêter, alors évidemment par sécurité je l'éteint avant les 90°C. Les ventilos tournent impec sur mon radiateur, par contre je n'ai pas l'impression que la pompe fonctionne, je n'entend pas vraiment de bruit, seulement un sifflement assez strident, voilà j'éspère avoir donné assez de détail, si jamais quelqu'un a une piste qu'il me la fasse parvenir au plus vite :sigh!: Merci d'avance. ( Config : i7 6700K / Corsair HX850i / Corsair H100i v2 / Asus Z170 Sabertooth mark 1 / 16Go DDR4 2666Mhz HyperX / 2x STRIX 1080 )
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