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Found 8 results

  1. Hi. I`ve got a Corsair one Pro (Intel i7-7700K, Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080 ti) about 1 year ago, used especially for gaming. At the beginning, I watched only out of curiosity Corsair Link reports. I was very impressed by the quietness of the system during the games. As far as I remeber, at that time, GPU temperature values were in range of 50-60 degrees Celsius during gaming, and fan noise was very low. But used to it, I didn`t checked GPU temp because nothing suggested a change...no increased fan noise, no crashes, nothing at all. But few days ago, I`ve got some issues with my system (some malware or virus suspected) and I decided to reinstall Windows. Everything by the book, but didn`t expected what followed. Suddenly, immediately after I started to play the first game, the noise made by the fans was significantly increased. Of course, I suspected an overheat of GPU and indeed, from that moment I noticed that GPU range temperatures during gaming or various stress tests are between 75-85 Celsius degrees. The cooling system seems to work well, because almost instantly GPU temperature goes down from about 80 to 25-30 degrees, after I stop a GPU stress test or close a game. On idle, temp is 25-30 degrees, ambient temp about 21-23 degrees. So, all reasons to consider that OK. I decided to open case, I blew air for dust remove, even was not present, checked for any water leaks on cooling system (obvious that that wasn't a problem but I checked this too), I repasted both GPU and CPU (thermal paste on both appeared to be OK). Even so, after other 2 fresh Windows installations, because I continued to suspect some software issue, the described problem still persist. I just did a stress test with Uningine Heaven and I attached results. Peak temp for GPU was 82 deg.C So, I need help to understand...after all, 75-85 Celsius degrees under gaming on extreme graphic settings or stress tests is OK for Corsair One and all the problem is only in my mind, or is really an overheating issue? In that case, any suggestion, please? My Corsair specs: SKU CS-9000009-NA/RF CORSAIR ONE PRO Compact Gaming PC — Intel Core i7-7700K, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, 16GB DDR4-2400, 480GB SSD, 2TB HDD Stress test table.pdf
  2. Hi! I have the H80i GT in my rig since 5 years cooling my 4790k. I just moved to a new household, transporting the computer carefully. However now I suddenly have problems with frequent Blue screens which I now know are because of CPU overheat. When I run the computer at idle the temps stay around 40-50 degrees C, much higher than Before. And when I runt games it goes up to 90-100 degrees and krasches. Corsair LINK says the pump is running at 3000rpm. When I feel the pump hoses one is really warm and the other is like room temp Cold. The radiator is not warm at all and the air flowing through it is not warmt either. What do you guys Think. Do I need to replace the cooler? Any Point in changing the cooling paste? Anything else? Suck to buy a new cooling unit if it doesnt solve the problem. Thanks Kristian
  3. Hey everyone, So I already submitted a ticket for this, but I just wanted to understand more about it. I've had my Corsair One Elite for around 8 months, not a single problem. However, yesterday, I was playing the Division on Ultra, and all of the sudden, the screen shut off, and the fan started whirring extremely loud. I could not turn the screen back on until I reset the system. With my neolithic knowledge of computers, I knew that it had to have been something with the heat. I checked Corsair Link and sure enough, my GPU and motherboard would peak at like 70c before shutting off. I don't know why this happened out of nowhere, and I want to know if there's another fix for this before I go a few days without a computer (go progression raids for WoW lol). I tried resetting the CMOD or the motherboard, and I regularly clean for dust. For regular use like now, the computer is fine, it's only for graphically intensive things that it shuts down. I can totally be patient, I just wanted to know more about why this might have happened so suddenly. I included a picture of what it looks like on Link. Thanks guys.
  4. Hey everyone! A few days I finally upgraded my rig from AM3 (FX-8350 @ 4.7GHz, never went past 56C in roughly 1yr of H115i goodness) to AM4 (2700X). I tested things out with the Stock Cooler while waiting for the AM4 Bracket for the H115i to arrive and temps seemed high (using Ryzen Master temps as reference here as they seem to be what most people advise using, up for any suggestions though). Optimized Defaults loaded on BIOS with MSI's Core Boost enabled went up to 4150, throttled down to 4000 or 3900 after a while on air. Not bad to begin with so I was stoked to try it out properly. Bracket arrived, I installed the H115i and.. temps were just a couple of degrees lower if that.. and the Core Boost OC was about the same. I tried reseating the cooler as maybe I missed something or applied the Thermal Paste wrong or w/e.. but nope. Same result. I tried several manual and automatic OC setups on the BIOS and the results were not encouraging. Any voltage above 1.42v on the CPU means I'm looking at a potential thermal shutdown (gets to 100c fairly fast). I've since changed the cooler's orientation twice, retested the Stock Cooler (again, only marginally worse than the H115i) and tried both "loose'ish" and tight fits with the screws. The Liquid temp (measured by AIDA64, iCue and Link on separate occasions) rarely goes past 32C and doesn't seem to really rise much, if at all, under load. I've tried different pump/fan speeds as well, with no significant difference in the results and the air coming off from the fans doesn't really feel very warm either. I'm running out of ideas here, anyone got any suggestions? Cheers.
  5. Hello everyone! Starting a new thread about an issue I'm experiencing, with a clearer topic since the issue is somewhat narrowed down. A few days ago I finally upgraded my rig from AM3 (FX-8350 @ 4.7GHz, never went past 56C in roughly 1yr of H115i goodness) to AM4 (2700X). However, after quite a lot of testing, my results aren't the greatest. Simply put, the coolant temp won't rise more than ~2 degrees C. While using AMD's Ryzen Master to measure Package temps and Corsair Link to measure the coolant's temps, I've run a few stress tests and while Package temp sits at around 88-91C at 1.425V, 4200MHz, coolant temp just won't go past 33C. I've tried reseating the cooler over a dozen times with varying thermal paste (Arctic MX-4 and Prolimatech PK-1 in all the patterns I could think of), varying pressure (both the standoffs and the thumbscrews were tightened differently between attempts) I also noticed between attempts that the thermal paste was always scarce in the middle compared to the edges of the chip, which hints to a contact issue as well. I used the AM4 bracket for the H115i (CW-8960046). Anyone else using a similar enough setup that's had any issues? Any suggestions for solutions/things to try out? Thanks in advance for any attempt to help me out here.
  6. Hello all, I recently bought a Corsair KB95 Platinium and then decided to switch from Link to iCUE to manage my new keyboard and my 6 fans ML 120 PRO, Hydro H150i PRO RGB and my 4 leds strips, the software controls RGB like a charm. Today I noticed that iCUE was not controlling my fans properly trough my Commander Pro and even put on extrem setting the fans were turning super slowly. Also the setting is not properly saved and gets back to silent each time I reboot the computer. Moving it to extrem again has absolutely no effect on the fans' speed. This caused my system to heat a lot more than normal (I own a 570X, and it was actually super hop even touching the outside), so I went back to the combo Link + CUE 2. Is there anything to do to avoid this ? I tried uninstalling the whole thing, rebooting and installing again and nothing seems to fix that... I am currently running Windows 10 64bit. Many thanks for helping out! Best, A.
  7. I noticed recently that my CPU temp is running higher than normal, much higher, like 15-20 degrees Celsius higher. In addition, I noticed that my pump speed is at around 3000-3200 RPM, as opposed to the normal 2800 RPM when on Performance settings, and it's at 2040RPM when on quiet, not that I can keep it at that speed because the computer will overheat in a matter of minutes.. The CPU is an AMD FX-8350, and even when idling is much hotter than normal, around 55C. I've had the cooler in there for about a year and have never seen it do this. I've cleaned the radiator and still no temperature improvement. One tube is very hot while the other is pretty cold. Any ideas?
  8. Good Afternoon, I am building a new dedicated plex server and am having some issues with it shutting down due to temperature whenever the processor has to do a little bit of work. I am using the H60 hydro cooler and it does not appear to remove any of the heat. Idling does not appear to affect it much or generate much heat. The processor is a Ryzen 7 1800X I have removed and reapplied thermal paste with it having no effect, for that i am using Artic MX-4. Please help me, i am so lost
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