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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, i have a corsair scimitar pro and i noticed i cant make macro with mouse events in the hardware section, to save in onboard memory, it only works with i cue running, other events like keystroke and delay events is able to set, but why not mouse events???
  2. Please add possibility to load custom lighting effects to your K57 keyboard when it's in wireless mode. Having it plugged in for wasd and my other gaming keys shining is defeating the RGB and wireless purpose totally. Loading 1 profile with 3-5 custom lighting effects should be doable! Regards a couch gamer!
  3. Hi, When I plugged both my mouse and keyboard in to do some changes recently, I noticed even before I opened iCUE that they both had totally different profiles set than I had set the previous day. When I opened iCUE it had deleted all of the onboard storage. In addition, now it will not allow me to create new onboard storage profiles. It only allows me/gives me the option to create the profiles that are only stored on the computer. This is so frustrating! Now I cannot use any other device if I want to keep my profiles. How do I get iCUE to create new onboards? Do I need to factory reset? Keyboard: K55 non-RGB Red Mouse: Ironclaw RGB wired
  4. So I was recently fooling around in iCue and noticed that my onboard profiles weren't there anymore, anyone know how to fix that and make new ones? This version of iCue seems to have a lot of things taken away from the last version and it's kind of irritating.
  5. Hi, so I have a K95 Platinum RGB and the latest CUE installed. So I created a profile and saved it to the onboard storage but as soon as I exit CUE it changes my profile to the standard profile and I can't change it with the profile key on my keyboard. The only way to change back to the profile is if I enter the CUE software again and click on the onboard storage with the profile on it. But if I don't even close the program but only minimize it or klick on the desktop it switches to the standard profile. I hope someone can help me here
  6. Hello, I recently encounter issues with the onboard memory of my Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB. When i start CUE in order to change a macro i get an error message which says something like "An error was detected in the local profiles on your device. A profile is damaged or unknown. Please save all your profiles to the device again. You can also delete all data from the onboard memory under settings." Unfortunately i can neither save a new profile to the mouse nor delete the onboard memory. Trying to delete the onboard profiles does nothing. It does not cause an error but does not delete the memory either. Trying to save a new profile to the mouse results in an error message saying "Your device is not detected any more or there is a problem when saving to the onboard memory. Please reconnect your device and try again." Apart from that the mouse is working fine, even the profiles that I saved to the mouse two months ago are still working flawlessly. CUE just refuses to apply any change to the onboard memory. I get the same errors on two different systems with Win7 and Win10 with CUE 2.21.67 and CUE 2.24.50. Does this mean that the hardware is defective or can this be a software issue? I appreciate any help.
  7. The entire reason I chose the K95 was for the large number of macro buttons and the onboard memory. :cool: I bought it for work, not gaming. I work at a hospital where we use really old software with constant tedious repetitive tasks. We cannot install any drivers or software on the hospital PCs. :mad: I wanted lots of extra buttons that I can program with macros to automate a lot of my tasks. I saw the huge number of G buttons on the K95 and saw that it has "onboard memory" to save your profiles. Now that I have the keyboard for a while it seems the onboard memory will save my lighting profiles (totally useless) but will not save any macros! I've had it too long to return it. :mad: Am I going to have to toss my K95 and buy a Redragon K550 Yama? Or am I missing something? Can I use the onboard memory to save my macros? Or create macros on the fly at work, saved to onboard memory?
  8. When I log out of one profile and log into another the colors change to the defaults. And when the computer is booting and the Corsair Utility Engine is not loaded, it also reverts to defaults. It seems the settings are dependent on the local installation of CUE. Surely there must be a way to upload my settings to the onboard memory so that they are persistent. I have the RGB K95 Cherry MX Red. Can anyone help me?
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