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Found 9 results

  1. Hi! Mi name is Yolenzo I have a workshop in Russia Here is build in Obsidian 1000D
  2. Moved a build from an Enthoo 719 w/ 2 Commander Pro's and 10 fans to an Obsidian 1000D with 19 (potentially 20, still debating whether I want to put one in the rear). Rads in front in push/pull configuration. Front (pull or front-rear): 8x QL 120 - let's call them fans 1-8 starting top left and going down, with 5 being top right Front (push or front-front): 8x ML Pro 120 - let's call them 9-16 with the same format Top: 3x QL 120 - I'm not sure these even matter for this discussion The hardware: 3 Commander Pros with 5 boxes labeled RGB hub attached between them. 3 of these hubs use 3-pin connectors and connect into LED ports of Commander Pros. 2 of these hubs have USB headers (I'm not sure why the difference) and plug into USB ports of the slave Commanders. 4 of the hubs control 4 each of the front fans (separated by model and whether they're left/right in the stack), the 5th controls the 3 top fans 2 of the Commander Pros are plugged into the USB header ports of the primary Commander Pro Problems and changes: Initially, front left fan 4 wasn't lit up, and fan 3 had one quadrant (bottom) that wasn't lighting. Fan 5 was fine. Front right fans 6-8 weren't lit up at all. Front-front fans 9-16 were all in sync with each other. I tinkered with the wiring, and got fan 4 lit up. With fans 5-8, whatever fan I plug into RGB hub port 1 works, and whatever fan I plug into port 2 lights up 3 of the 4 ring quadrants, but never the whole thing. Anything I plug into port 3 and 4 of that hub will not light at all. Then I installed iCue to see if maybe I could fix this problem in software. Icue correctly identified my keyboard, my motherboard, *TWO* of the commander pros (but not 3 - it calls them Pro and Pro (1) ), and something called Lighting Node Core (2). It looks as though this is referencing one of the hubs for some strange reason. It also recognizes my Obsidian 1000D - which is weird, because that's just plugged into the LED port of one of my Commander Pros. After installing iCue, fans 9-12 stopped lighting up entirely. I have no ability to stop the top 3 fans from doing a weird rainbow loop pattern that I don't want. And, as mentioned, whatever fans I plug into RGB hub pull-right ports 3 and 4 won't light up at all, but will light up if I put those fans in hub positions 1 and 2. This is driving me nuts. Some guidance? It looks like my core problems are one of my COmmanders isn't being recognized and I might be missing how to force that, and potentially one of my hubs is bad? And I don't even know what's going on with that Lighting Node Core (2) item. I looked at Zotty's diagrams, and I'm not seeing anything obvious I've failed to do.
  3. Soo Hallo erstmal, mein erster Post und mein erstes Build mit Corsair Produkten! Ich plane Ende des Jahres einen neuen High-End Rechner zu bauen. Dabei habe ich mich für das Obsidian 1000D Gehäuse entschieden. Weitere relevanten Specs würden folgende sein: 24 QL RGB Lüfter 16 120mm, 8 140mm MSI Z490 Godlike Mich interessiert wieviele Commander Pro / Lighting Node Pro ich zusätzlich kaufen sollte. Ich wüsste auch gerne ob eventuell Splitter-Kabel Sinnvoll wären. Vielen Dank fürs durchlesen! Wünsche euch alles Gute und bleibt Gesund.
  4. how to install a push-pull radiator in the front panel of the obsidian 1000D? what screws should I use?
  5. Hey guys. My first time building a PC and now with all that RGB "madness" ;) I'm about to start building in Obsidian 1000D and it will contain 13 fans (including the H150i) My first question: Can I connect 3 fans to a single channel on Commander PRO using splitter 1-to-3 cables ? And my 2nd question: Can I use the same splitter cables to group the fans on Corsair LED Hub ? Or do I have to use a different cables for that ? If so, where can I find them ? Sincerely. Robert.
  6. I wonder if I can install 420 rad and fans without a 420 fan tray in the front of Obsidian 1000D (the default one is 480 I think). I couldn't find anywhere to buy a 420 Fan tray in my country (Japan). It seems that it is only available in Corsair US homepage. Any comments would be greatly appreciated!
  7. Hey, guys! I'm new to the forums, but I was hoping someone could help me out with a bit of a dilemma that I have: I have just updated my build using the following PC 1: Motherboard: ASUS ROG Rampage Extreme VI EATX Processor: Intel i9 7980xe 18-core 2.6gHz RAM: x8 8GB Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro (64GB Total) Graphics Cards: x2 Nvidia Titan XP (2017) (SLI) Sound Card: Creative Sound BlasterX AE-5 Power Supply: Corsair AX1600i System fully water cooled using EKWB Components and Corsair LL fans. PC 2: Motherboard: ASUS ROG Strix H370-I Mini ITX Processor: Intel i7 8700K 6-core 3.7gHz RAM: x2 G.Skillz Trident Z RGB 8GB (16GB total) Graphics Card: Nvidia Titan XP (2017) Power Supply: Corsair SF600 System fully water cooled using EKWB Components and Corsair LL fans. Both PCs are housed inside the Obsidian 1000D case, and I couldn't be happier with the way this thing looks. I have only one real issue; the case comes with 2 USB-C 3.1 connections on the front panel, but the ASUS ROG Rampage Extreme VI has only one connection for USB 3.1 Type-E available, and the H370-I unfortunately doesn't have any at all. A really big pet peeve of mine is to have dead ports, especially with such a beautiful case, and I have scoured the internet in the hope of coming across a female USB Type E splitter or adapter to no avail, so I wanted to ask if anyone knew of any adapters for the USB Type E connection that can connect to the motherboard (a USB Type E Female to USB 20-pin male adapter would be ideal), or any way that would let me make use of both USB C ports at the front of my computer and would be kind enough to share a link. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! :D:
  8. I just go the case yesterday, and built the initial start of my PC into it, and it seems to function mostly perfectly! I have a second Commander Pro on the way tomorrow, and fans galore so far. The build is going smoothly, and it's been very fun, however I have 2 issues. First off, I screen snipped an image from the Pauls Hardware Riptide build video showing a cable hanging from the front panel I/O bundle with 3 pins. I have no idea what this cable is for, can someone identify and help me figure this out? I don't want stripped functionality with this build. 2nd problem comes with that same front panel, and it may just be my phone, but the USB Type C ports don't seem to be working, despite having one of the cables for it plugged into my Motherboard. Is this a common issue for people? Higher priority to the hanging cable. I hope I'm not just going to feel very stupid for not knowing what it is, the case didn't come with instructions! Thanks in advance to everyone who responds!
  9. In the video for the case, George stated that the front I/O panel has connectivity for both systems, going to both motherboards. Does this mean the front I/O panel will essentially work as a USB KVM (no monitor)? Is there a button to switch back and forth between the systems if both computers are on?
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