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Found 6 results

  1. Hello. First of all I'm sorry for my english I'm not that good. I bought a new void elite and it was working until this morning. I played a game and turned off my computer but when ı oppend my computer ı couldn't opend my headset and when I tried to charge it there wasn't any light on charcing port light and my computer didn't saw my headset connected. I'm sure it has battery because It was almost full in the morning. It looks like dead no voice no light no any thing that ı can see. Please help me should I return it but I don't want to do because I want to use this headset.
  2. The USB is plugged in (I own a Windows Surface pro) and first of all, the sound it makes when you normally plug in a usb device never played. Second, it was never detected by the ICUE. It does not light up, nor does it move the cursor. It was never even detected by my laptop i guess. Im sorry but i really dont check this forum often at ALL
  3. Hi, so i was using my keyboard this morning turned off my pc and went to work when i came back i booted my pc but my keyboard did not turn on, only leds that worked are the 3 leds in the top right corner ( cap locks num lock and 1) other then those leds turned on nothing else on the keyboard works cant type either. I tried plugging it in different usb ports, restarting my pc, plugging it in a different pc, holding esc while plugging it in, making sure its not on bios mode, holding luminosity button down, nothing works any idea what it can be? Thanks for the help!
  4. I've had the k95 for about 2 years now and have had no problems with it. Today, I spilled a small amount of water on it, causing it to glitch and send random inputs to the computer. After taking some time to dry it out and get rid of the water, it returned back to normal. Things were well and fine until it suddenly crashed (don't know if this is what actually happened but it looked like it). All of the LEDs stopped working (turned off) and no inputs were registered. Oddly enough, a hard reset fixes it for about 5-10 minutes, before it crashes again. This can be done repeatedly with the same result. Since it works after a hard reset, the mechanics mighy still be working at the very least. I tried forcing the hardware to update through ICUE and updating ICUE itself. I tried switching it to BIOS mode and back, which doesn't do anything. Hard resets give me a short amount of time. Sorry for misspellings or incorrect grammar, I'm on my phone.
  5. Hi! Im stil very new to this sofware and for some reason my mouse 1-12 keys are not working in Sea of thieves. I have profiles for diffrent activitys and the one im sitting on now have the keys mapped to 1-12 on the keyboard so i can quickly change between my weapong and planks etc but its not working, i use this profile on all other games that uses the 1-12 keys on keyboard such as PUBG, ROE, World of warcraft, Diablo, HotS etc but for some reason its not working on sea of thieves? Can someone help me out or explain to my why its not working? Thanks in advance! :)
  6. I have an issue with my corsair k70 gaming keyboard (non rgb with red switches). It worked flawlessly since i bought it (15.07.2015 (dd.mm.yyyy)) but yesterday after unplugging it and taking my laptop to a friends place, it wouldn't turn on at all. No backlight or working keys. It's not even recognized as a standard keyboard by windows. Plugging it into other usb ports doesn't work either, although other devices work on those same ports. Trying another computer doesnt work eiter (again not recognized at all). There was no windows update since unplugging it. Restoring the pc to an earlier date didnt help either. No physical damage (no spillage or damage from dropping it, etc)..i didn't move it since the last time it worked. Setting the keyboard to BIOS-mode doesn't help (no led is blinking and the keys dont work either). I'm guessing i don't have a warranty anymore either, since it's 2+ years old and i'm all out of ideas. Thank you in advance for any help.
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