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Found 20 results

  1. Recently I had an issue with my K70 RGB MK.2 keyboard and reached out to corsair support where they then instructed me to reinstall the firmware and provided me with a bin file. I followed their instructions exactly but now my keyboard won't power on and isn't detected. Reviewing the file name of their provided .bin file closer, I believe I was sent the firmware of the wrong model even though I provided my P/N and S/N as it was required when creating the ticket. Looking through old forum posts of users having the same problem, corsair staff stated installing the wrong firmware can brick your keyboard permanently. Now I'm worried my keyboard is now perma bricked and I'm at a loss of what to do since I use the keyboard & configured macros for my job. Anyone have any ideas of how to fix this?
  2. Been using this gaming mouse since 2017 and for some reason now it's not being detected at all, disabling me from using the number buttons which I use as shortcuts all the time. Curiously, the K55 keyboard I've bought in January is detected without problems. I'm uninstalling iCUE now and gonna try to reinstall it to see if it clears up the issue. ...and it didn't. Anyone got any tips?
  3. I recently rebuilt my PC replacing the motherboard, CPU, CPU cooler power supply, and fans. However when I booted up my PC iCUE was not detecting my h100i Elite Capellix cooler. The h100i was just showing as Unkown device. The h100i pump runs and functions but the LED lights dim in reythmic increments (about every 1 to 2 seconds then brightens for the same amount of time). My Commander CORE shows up on my PCs Device Manger but the h100i does not. I followed the steps listed in the "What to do when your Elite Capellix liquid CPU cooler is not detected by iCUE" Help Section. Some of the troubleshooting I have tried is: -Plugging the USB into a different header on my motherboard and making sure it was fully inserted. -I made sure that the cable from my Elite Capellix is fully and correctly plugged in to my Commander Core -I have Uninstalled and reinstalled iCUE -I have triple checked to make sure all cables are plugged in It is possible that I may have missed some software incompatibilities however I am pretty sure I tried all the ones listed in the Corsair Help section. If anyone has other suggestions I would love to hear them. I am currently running iCUE version v4.18.209 I believe. The following is a list of my PC components: -iCUE h100I Elite Capellix liquid cooler -MSI MPG Z590 Gaming Carbon WiFi Gaming Motherboard -i7-11700k intel CPU -Corsair RMX Series, RM750x, 750 Watt, 80+ Gold Certified, Fully Modular Power Supply -Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 32GB RAM - 4x Corsair LL Series LL120 RGB fans
  4. Hi all, I'm having some trouble getting iCue to recognise a newly purchased and installed H115i Pro XT RGB. The pump lights have lit up and are cycling through (what I assume) to be a standard rainbow cycle, the pump is cooling well after configuring it in my motherboard's BIOS and 2x Noctua NF-A14s I've attached to the radiator and Corsair Commander Pro are running fine. Cooling wise I'm pleased, however I cannot get iCue to recognise it in order to monitor pump speed and customise RGB. If it helps, here's my PC's spec [running latest Windows 10]: Ryzen 5 5600X Gigabyte Aorus X570I Crucial Ballistix 2x8GB 3600Mhz CL16 Sabrent Rocket 1TB NVME (TLC) [boot drive, various other drives for game and recording libraries] Corsair SF600 Platinum PSU PowerColor Red Devil Radeon RX 6700 XT Cooler Master NR200P (using vented side panel and horizontal GPU layout) Corsair Commander Pro, attached are: 2x NF-A12x15 bottom intakes, 2x NF-A14 side intakes (H115i rad) & 2x Cooler Master Sickle Flow fans exhausting up top. H115i Pro XT RGB in the USB 1 header Monitoring and controlling fan speeds and component temperature is fine through the Commander Pro in iCue. However, the H115i Pro XT RGB refuses to show up. So far I've tried: -Disbaled fast boot and XM-something hand off under USB settings in motherboard BIOS (following a post on Corsair forums), -Updated motherboard's chipset drivers to latest, -Reinstalled iCue 4 (per Corsair's clean install guide), -Installed the iCue v3.x on the H115i Pro XT RGB's product page under 'Support - Downloads', -Using USBDeview to try and locate H115i (no success, can see Commander Pro as only Corsair device), -Windows 10 Device Manager that reveals 'Corsair composite virtual device' which apparently has the latest/most optimised drivers - possibly Commander Pro? -No micro-USB cable on hand small enough to plug into the back of the motherboard to see if it's a Commander Pro compatibility issue. It would press against and possibly damage the RAM modules. Any further troubleshooting tips would be greatly appreciated. I have read this is a problem on AMD systems and if it requires an RMA I'd rather avoid it. Also other users who have experienced the same problem have reported plugging their case USB into the Commander Pro's USB header and pump usb directly into the motherboard has solved the issue - I'd rather avoid this due to further cable management and tinkering after squeezing the H115i into the NR200. The cooler is running seemingly fine and I'm content with performance. It would just be nice to see it in iCue and customise colour schemes - this is also why I went for the H115i over NZXT X63 (in my girlfriend's SSUPD Mesh system) and Cooler Master 280mm AIO due to already having the Commander Pro for 6 fans. At the end of the day I can't actually see the cooler behind the rad on the side bracket and am pleased with performance - lowest temps I've seen since building this sysytem, was previously using a Noctua NH-U9S which I've kept in case this AIO bricks. EDIT 1: I should mention the motherboard (Gigabyte Aorus X570I) has only 2 USB headers - 1 for case and 1 for other components. I've the NR200 front panel USB plugged into larger and Commander Pro plugged into smaller.
  5. So I have a Corsair H100i Elite Capellix. It worked fine for a while, aside from the motherboard complaining about a CPU Fan Error even though the Tach cable was properly connected to the CPU_FAN header. I just ignored this issue though, as otherwise the unit was fully functional. Worked upon startup, fully controllable in iCue. There were a few times where the RGB block wouldn't be recognized for a little bit after I disconnected it while in use, but that would fix itself. At least for a while. At some point, I disconnected it once again while in use accidentally while trying to swap the face plate. It once again wasn't detected after being disconnected and reconnected while in use, but I figured it would resolve itself like the times before. But it didn't. But everything else was fully functional, I just couldn't control the RGB block anymore. And then the next day, the Commander Core also wasn't recognized. Fans weren't spinning. The pump wasn't running. At that point, I had to effectively jump-start the unit by disconnecting and reconnecting SATA power. As a result of this, everything connected to the Commander Core would run at full speed, no matter what the temps were. I tried all the normal steps, fully uninstalling all Corsair software, uninstalling Aura Sync, reinstalling iCue, but to no avail. The unit wasn't detected. It wouldn't start up with my system- I had to jump-start it. I looked for another solution, which led me to the "Bluetooth and other devices" panel of Windows. The unit is supposed to show up there, but it didn't. I powered off the system once again, and reseated *every* connection multiple times. This also didn't help at all. I still can't control anything, and the RGB is still either forced to my hardware profile (RGB OFF) or just doesn't work. I don't know which. I then decide to look at Device Manager. I see the Corsair USBxp driver, and decide to uninstall it. Maybe it was corrupted somehow. I uninstall everything Corsair once again, and reinstall iCue. Still nothing. Not detected anywhere. Unit still doesn't start up with my system. Not even with a fresh OS or in the BIOS. Just doesn't work without jump starting it. I suspect it's an issue with the Commander Core, and as I can't afford to RMA as I don't have a replacement cooler on hand and need my PC daily, I plan to just buy a replacement Commander Core. However, they haven't been in stock so I haven't been able to do so. However, if anyone has any other suggestions, PLEASE. For now I've opted to have the fans connected to my motherboard and that sort of works, but it's not ideal. I shouldn't have to do this. EDIT: Also tried: Different PSU header, Different SATA power plug, the other USB 2.0 header, different fan headers for the pump tach cable.
  6. My Corsair H100i Pro is not being detected in iCUE, I have installed the micro USB header to both USB headers on my Commander Pro and still no detection from iCUE. I even tried to connect the USB 2.0 to the spare connection on my motherboard and still no detection from iCUE. Is my cable faulty or do I need to replace the entire AIO? My device manager is detecting an unknown USB Drive as connected, is this the cooler?
  7. I recently bought an iCue 4000x case. I setup everything and installed the iCue software, but it won't detect my fans. Ive reinstalled and restarted everything, but no help. The fans are spinning, but aren't lighting up and aren't being detected. I am using a Maximus 8 Hero motherboard, and ive checked to make sure both the USB 2.0 and the Sata power cable from the fans are plugged in, which they are.
  8. I've been having some problems the past couple of days with corsair link. My H80i isn't getting detected on the app anymore. It was working perfectly fine the other day i was able to check my temps and change my fan speeds but now its not getting detected at all. I've tried swapping out the usb cable, redownloading corsair link, tried to install Corsair ICUE but its not getting detected in that either.
  9. Hey guys! So I recently bought the Commander Pro and 6x QL series fans and it came with the Lighting Node Core and whenever I plug my Node Core into my ComPro it won't detect through iCue. Unless I plug both into my motherboards USB ports directly then both would be detected but that would make my ComPro an expensive fan hub. I want to use the features that it came with :(: My specs are Asus x570 Prime-P 3700x 2080 Super (No RGB on this one) CMW16GX4M2C3200C16W (Corsair Vengence PRO 2x8) Coolermaster 750w GOLD Lian Li O11
  10. Not sure if this is the right place to as this. I have been running iCUE for a couple weeks now on my (2018) MacBook, which had been awesome. I have the M65 Elite, K70 MK2 LP, and MM800. What I am noticing is that iCUE 99% of the time will not detect the MM800 as if it isn't even plugged in. The mouse and keyboard work amazingly, but the mat is very much more miss than hit. In fact, the only times I have actually seen it work properly, I had no part in it. I will have gotten up from my desk for something, and when I get back, it's just working out of the blue. The odd part is that I have had the mouse plugged into the passthrough the entire time, and the software reads and recognizes the mouse without fault. I have tried running the MM through different ports and USB hubs, with and without the mouse connected, and it still rarely, if ever recognizes it. If there happened to be an update for the MM, I am unable to access it through iCUE to do so. The few times it was recognized, inside the software, next to the thumbnail for it, there was a red exclamation hazard icon and I couldn't ever select it. Are there any tips or tricks for this on Mac to help here, or is there anything else I can do for this?
  11. Hello, I bought a Corsair Virtuoso two weeks ago. Everything was working fine for the first week. (Headset connecting wireless and USB, giving Battery Status accurately, Dongle light blue) Then starting the second week I got the problems mentioned in a lot of other threads (red dongle light, crackles, disconnects, battery status inaccurate). It seemed in those threads that the problems were coming from the software side and will be fixed soon. So I accepted the problems for now and waited. But now my headset won't turn on at all anymore. Wireless and USB are both not working, no lights flash up anymore on the headset - dongle is either blinking red or has no light on. What I tried so far: - Connect via USB (not detected) - Reinstall ICue (and delete user saved profile) - Force Firmware update (only updates dongle, because headset is not found) - Seach for headset in device manager, but it is not showing - Charge Headset with phone charger (didn't change anything) - Leave it connected to USB for a while (didn't change anything either) - Remove Dongle and reconnect it - This support article: https://help.corsair.com/hc/en-us/articles/360034659591-How-to-Fix-an-unresponsive-Virtuoso-headset I have no idea what to do anymore. Maybe there are more things I can try? Since I really like the headset (when it is working!) it would be a shame if I have to return it because of this.
  12. Hello there, just earlier today, the fans on my H110i randomly revved up to 2800rpm so I checked out my Corsair Link and it seems at first that it was downgraded for me. I was no longer able to edit any of my fan speeds or change the LED on my pump to change according to CPU temp. My configure page doesn't show my H110i anymore and it only says that I have 3 "MB fans" instead of listing my radiator fans. I updated my software to the latest version which changed nothing, so I completely uninstalled and reinstalled but to no avail. Does anyone have any idea what is wrong? Should I unplug and replug in my Link cable on my motherboard? Thanks for the help :)
  13. Ever since I got my K70 low profile MX Speed keyboard it has caused me nothing but problems with the iQue software. If I ever bring the software to the foreground it only detects my lighting node and not my keyboard until I unplug and re-plug the keyboard again. If I press the profile or brightness button the custom lighting effect I created goes back to default. I can't find a way to delete the three default lighting settings and permanently replace it with the custom one I created. I'm forced to set it once and never touch it again or open the program or it resets and I have to unplug and re-plug it again. Every time I launch iQue it only finds my lighting node. As a side note I have the lighting effects of my keyboard active under the same profile as the Lighting node because I can't find a way to get both to be active at the same time otherwise. Also I have 2 of these keyboards, one at work and one at home both with the same issue on 2 different computers. Can someone help me out with making sure my keyboard is always detected and to keep my custom profile?
  14. I updated to Version 3.22.74 last night and my H100i Platinum is no longer detected. led's on cpu are set to blue which is not my profile color and fans sound like they are on extreme no led's on. I have repaired , uninstalled and reinstalled iCue nothing has fixed it. Also when updating my keyboard the K55 RGB it fails, disappears and tells me to repair Icue. i have downloaded usbdeview as recommended in another thread all devices are listed none are labeled Corsair, not 100% whats going on :hmmm:
  15. I've tried every method posted and nothing has worked. Only a NodePro shows up on iCUE, and I added the correct products but changing the colour on iCUE doesn't affect the RGB strips or fan. I checked USBdeview and I can see the NodePro but no the H100i. When I turned the PC on, the H100i fans spin up but the fan LED's and waterblock LED's are off. Please help. H100i Platinum RGB: the fans are spinning, but the fan LED's and waterblock LED's aren't on. NOT DETECTED BY ICUE LL120 fans have random parts that light up, but do spin. Only certain RGB strip LED's are on, and I don't have any control over them.
  16. As title, I was running iCUE probably a few versions older. All was well. I updated to the very latest version yesterday and since then, whenever I boot up my K70 LUX RGB is not lit, nor is it shown in iCUE. I have tried restsrting ICUE, doesn't help. The only way I can get it recognised is to flip the BIOS switch from one side (4) to the other (1), then the keyboard shows up and lights up. Any details about this issue on the forum anywhere? Cheers.
  17. win 10 64 i7 7700k msi z270 gaming m5. on lastest update and when i force updated my commander pro my lightning node pro decided to vanish from this earth... changing plugs dindt work... [ame= ] [/ame] this method dindt either... fans are just cycling rainbows but not like the software would... also, after i tried replug the intern USB cables some funky stuff happened. :laughing: Im not running dual PSU's but software seems to think I do now. Help :(
  18. So i walked away from my PC for a sec, came back and my mouse wasn't lit up or working. I popped in an old cheapy microsoft wireless mouse to reinstall icue (updated it to latest) no dice. It shows in device manager 3 mice plugged (HID compliant) in when theres only 2, furthermore it shows the sabre as being manufactured by microsoft and the driver as being microsoft as well. I have uninstalled and rebooted thru device manager, i have reinstalled CUE, i have plugged mouse into different ports. I cannot get CUE see the sabre at all, it shows my H100 and my k70 lux with no issues. But no mouse. It is almost as if it refuses to use the proper drivers, and device manager shows it continues to try and run with a microsoft driver from 2006 no matter what i do (wtf) So currently my mouse is dead, doesnt work, wont be properly recognized, and idk what the heck to do. Maybe older version of CUE?
  19. Hi All Just updated the board and now nothing is detected from the cooling system. There is light on the block, but I can't tell if the pump is working or not, the fans are not. I'm using the original connectors that came with the system and it did work on the previous board(asus z97-c). M Board:ROG Z390-F Tested: Reinstall/try different versions of Link, iCUE, BIOS -> none can detect the cooler Change SATA power to different plug-in and line. Swapped with hard drive. Manually changed the driver and we went from not detected to: This device cannot start. (Code 10) A USB port reset request failed. Changed the USB slots on the motherboard BIOS: no fast boot, XHCI hand-eff enabled, legacy USB support enabled edit: tested with external usb drive, no effect so it's not the usb cable. But now I'm clueless how to continue, any help is appreciated.
  20. This has been happening right out of the box, barely 9 months old. Anytime I restart my pc, iCue loses/cannot detect the K70 Lux keyboard. The only way to solve the issue is to have to go into Add/remove programs and modify and repair iCue. Again, it only happens if the pc is restarted. Anyone else have this issue?
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