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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I receved a pair of HS70 Pro today and when i first used them there was a quiet buzzing sound on the left ear. I tried reinstalling the frameware multible times, but the sound is still here. It sounds like a 120Hz square wave. Is that normall? Can anyone help? edit: the sound is only there when there is a wireless connection. It change frequencies when i turn mic on and off and when i change the mic volume. It doesn't sound like a wireless backround noise and i don't think it is because it's only on the left ear. I found some other treads about similar problems on the Hs70 and Hs70SE. Thank you SK
  2. Hello everyone, about 9 months ago i bought my new pc with a Ryzen 5 3600, A RTX 2070 Super, the Corsair Obsidian 500 RGB SE case and 3 Corsair ll 120 fans. The problem that I have is that the fans become noticable at around 700-800 rpm and if they are over 1000 rpm its basically like a vacuum cleaner. So far I tried everything: Cleaning the fans completly and also re-assembling them. I think its also mentionable that they were that loud from the beginning, but i thought it was normal so i did set them always under 800 rpm. I dont know what to do anymore, and if i can return my case, because i dont have the original packaging. My CPU is constantly at around 50-60 C in idle mode, which is prolly not the best either. I would appreciate some help (:
  3. Hello all, I have scoured the internet for months now trying to find something similar to what I've been dealing with. I have only ever come across one thread with a similar issue which is here. https://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=116511&highlight=ticking I had a Seasonic PRIME 850w Titanium for a few months that did the exact same thing, but slightly louder. It was one of the reasons I swapped it out for this unit instead, but this one also does the EXACT same thing. All voltages are normal and everything is stable. The list of things I've tried goes as follows - Tried different outlets - Bios updates - Overclocked - All power save settings on and off - Hired an electrician to check my wiring in the house - Bought a UPS (cyberpower le1000dg) - Re-did all cable management I am completely out of ideas. It is not loud by any means, but if the room is silent I can faintly hear it. I also find it hard to believe it could be faulty considering this is now two $300 PSUs, while the other PCs in the house run cheap EVGAs and the only noise they make is the fan. When I had my Seasonic I contacted them, which they told me it is probably the Active PFC working. I can't find any info anywhere to corroborate this though. Anyone have any ideas? Is it just really bad luck with psus and should I just RMA it? Or is this just normal operation noise or software issue? Really hope someone can help me out! Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi I replaced my old corsair AIO with the ´H115i Pro´ back in 2018 (Black Friday) and now im noticing cricket like noises when running in Quit mode. And it is getting quite annoying sadly. But is this normal? I think the sound is coming from where im recording with my phone. https://streamable.com/pcq7f Thank you edit: sorry for bad audio/video quality I dont have the best phone for recording
  5. So I just built my PC yesterday (3x HD120 H150i PRO i7-8700k 1060OC Z370-F TRIDENT Z RGB SPEC OMEGA RGB) and when I first turned it on it all went well apart from when I started gaming and after about 2 minutes the PC begins to go REALLY loud. The 3 HD120s are connected to a 6-way fan hub which then connects to the SPEC OMEGA RGB controller in the case which then connects to the motherboard the h150i pump is connected to the motherboard via AIO PUMP and the sound doesn't go away till I restart my PC. I don't know if the noise is the fans or the pump could someone please help! (it's not the gpu since they are on zero rpm mode and I can physically see that the blades aren't turning)
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