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Found 8 results

  1. I have just installed the SP120 RGB Elite kit with the lighting node controller and 3 fans. I'm having issues controlling the fans individually. They all take the lighting profile assigned to fan #1, but they aren't synced up perfectly, its like the software thinks they are all one big RGB fan and there is some delay between them. All software is up to date and I've tried multiple configurations with the fan power connectors and the RGB headers. Currently the fan power headers on my motherboard are matched with the numbers on the RGB controller, if that makes any difference. When trying to identify The fans as #'s 1, 2, & 3 only the fan plugged into port 1 will identify, but i am not able to use the orientation control. I've also tried all of the different fan controller series settings, and none of them work properly. QL RGB Series I suspect it may be a hardware issue with the Node itself, but before i request an RMA id like to see if anyone has advice, as this is my first time using a standalone RGB controller. I attached a screen grab of the node controller setup, If that helps any. Thanks.
  2. So I have a brand new build that is a few days old. The issues I'm having are with USB disconnect sounds followed by my H100i SE lighting frozen and fan lighting flickering. I have an H100i SE hooked up to my copro USB and a lighting node core on the second USB passthrough on the copro. After the random USB disconnect sound, the RGB on the H100i freezes and fans hooked up to the Node Core start glitching. The fan PWM freezes on-screen but I can still apply different fan curves to the fans and I can hear them ramping up so I know the RPM signal works. It's just an issue with the RGB and it's very annoying. Seems to be an issue with just the CoPro as I checked all the connections such as CoPro USB passthrough, MoBo USB header, SATA power connections, fan RGB connections, and nothing seems to be malfunctioning. Seems like a software problem to me because if I leave my computer on it almost never has this issue. Maybe iCUE conflicts with other software or I have a weird setting on my BIOS or iCUE? please let me know. Specifications The RGB and PWM of the two fans on the H100i radiator are hooked up to the cables from the pump. The pump cable is connected to the Mobo CPU PUMP header and set to constant 100% Two QL120 in the front of the case hooked up to CoPro for PWM and Node Core for RGB Two QL140 on the bottom of the case hooked up to CoPro for PWM and Node Core for RGB Vengeance Ram is working fine.
  3. Bonjour, J'aimerai savoir si ce montage est correct pour mettre 9 QL120 dans mon Lian Li O11. Je précise que les 3 du bas seront montés sur mon H150i Elite Capellix 360mm. Merci d'avance pour vos réponses !
  4. Hi all, First a bit of background, then a couple of questions. About 6 months ago i bought a bundle deal of Node Core + 3 QL120 fans as part of the process of throwing out my very old 800D case and moving to a new 750D case. Here is the link. https://www.novatech.co.uk/products/corsair-icue-ql120-rgb-120mm-pwm-triple-fan-with-lighting-node-core/co-9050098-ww.html Not very relevant but the fan controller i had in my old case, a Lamptron CW611 which I love the look of, I moved into my new case also. Here's link also. https://www.overclockers.co.uk/lamptron-cw611-watercooling-controller-black-cm-047-lp.html So, my new Node Core and 5 new QL120 fans, plus my old fan controller, all worked together and looked absolutely gorgeous. I've chosen the colour mode "Temperature" which allows you to specify a colour based on the currentlt reported temperature of a selected component. So my CPU and GPU temps are indicated by my RGB fans. captrench is very happy at this point :biggrin: All good so far. Six months later i decide that I'm going to add some more fans and maybe replace the two front case fans with new QL120's also, and also use the same setup in my second pc (both wife and I are gamers). Whatever i plan to do first, I'm going to need to buy at least a second Node Core. I also buy myself a Commander Pro and decide to say goodbye to my Lamptron... *sobs*. And here's the thing. It looks like you cannot buy the Node Core on its own anymore (if you ever could). Its not even listed directly anymore on Corsairs site, unless you know the exact link to use (https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Accessories-%7C-Parts/iCUE-CONTROLLERS/iCUE-Lighting-Node-CORE-Digital-Fan-RGB-Lighting-Controller/p/CL-8930009). But you cannot browse products on the site and see it listed. So I look to Amazon and sure enough, nothing for Lighting Node Core there either. But Amazon does list this in the results of my search https://www.amazon.co.uk/Case-Acc-Corsair-RGB-Fan-Noir/dp/B075GWMJ68/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8 I find it a little odd that the product name is in French but it looks like the same thing I have already, and is only £11, so I decide its worth buying and checking out. When it arrives I notice that it only has a SATA cable connector but no cable to connect to a USB header on the motherboard, or to a Commander Pro. Without that cable the iCUE software cant control the RGB, rendering the whole product pointless. Also, although the product itself is branded, it is not Corsair packaging. Its a foldup cardboard box with bubble-wrap inside. And missing the usb header cable... scammy? Knowing that I'm going to use the fans eventually anyway, I opt to buy the same bundle of 3 QL120 fans + Node Core i did earlier in the year. Sure enough, the Node Core in that pack has both the USB header cable and the SATA cable, just as my first one did. So why the missing cable from the second? So, I have a couple of questions... What is the correct name of the cable I would need to buy to connect the RGB hub to a USB header? It looks like the hub itself has a female mini-usb socket so I'm guessing 'male mini usb to male USB header cable'? Why does Corsair not list the item directly on their website in product listings? Why do you need to do a google search to find the product page on Corsairs own site? Why cant you buy Node Core on its own? It seems scammy that a product with Corsair branding on it is sold with missing cables and non branded packaging. I feel that Corsair should be aware of this and if they have a point of view on it I'd like to know what that is.
  5. I have a 220t and thought i could just plop in 3 more rgb fans given those empty slots on my node core, but man its complicated. I dont really want to go the dual node route because the back of the 220t is small and I want to keep cables down. Same with the commander pro. So can I put 6 LL120's in the node core instead? (without having to add anything else) If not I guess I'll just add 3 more sp120 pros. (for a total of 6, on the 220t's node core) You can do this without having to add anything else, right? Thanks for any help, really appreciate it.
  6. Bonjour, j'ai récemment acheter le boitier icue 465X RGB. J'ai installé ma configuration dedans mais lorsque je démarre ICUE, le logiciel ne détecte pas le node core pourtant alimenter via l'alimentation sata et brancher en USB avec la carte mère. De plus, les ventilateurs (3 LL120 RGB d'origine avec le boitier) n'ont jamais eu leurs leds d'allumées même au démarrage de windows. J'ai tout essayé, de réinstaller ICUE, de redémarrer le service ICUE, de changer de port USB (car j'ai un H100i GTX en refroidissement qui est correctement détecté), d'intervertir le port d'alimentation avec celui de mon disque dur, de brancher les ventilateurs sur les ports 4, 5 et 6 du node core au lieu des ports 1, 2 et 3. Mais malheureusement, rien n'a changé. Pouvez-vous m'aider à régler mon problème ? J'ai remarqué qu'il y avait un bouton sur la carte du node core, à quoi sert-il ? Cordialement.
  7. Hello, I recently upgraded to the new QL140 Fans. I have 5 of them, 3 as case fans and 2 as fans for my 115i AIO. I have the fans connected to Commander Pro for PWM control and the the including Lighting Node Core RGB Hub for Lighting Control. From the start of getting these new fans and RGB controlled I have been having USB issues non-stop. Sometimes when I turn on the computer, all the fans spin but do light up and once I get into Windows I open iCue I see the Lighting Node core has not been detected. After lots and lots of troubeshooting I found out that the only way I can get Lighting Node Core to work is by unplugging it from the USB header WHILE THE PC IS RUNNING and then reconnect it. This was the Lighting Node Core is detected instantly and usually sticks around until the next reboot. I have Fast Boot and Fast Start disabled in my Bios.I have attached a screenshot of USBDeview (while the node was detected). After taking screenshot and reboot it was gone again. Short of getting a new PC, how can I get back to normal with this?
  8. I have twenty ll series fan. Cleanup of wires is hell. Becasue of node pro (individual power supply unit for lighting). lol But If LL120 and LL140 compatible with node core. It is easier to organize the wires. Please let me know. Do you plan to sell node core seperately?
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