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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, looks like I might be having an issue with my XD3 pump either being slow to start, or not starting at all upon resuming from an off power state. Has anyone else been having any issues? I came home one day to find a warning from HWINFO that said my cpu temp was at 85 degrees and I was a bit confused. When I opened up the program and looked at my temps I noticed my GPU was also hot and then when I looked at my water pump rpm's it was at zero. So I shut down the system opened up the covers and sure enough the system was hot! I pulled the spare power supply from my cabinet and plugged the XD3 pump into it to test and see if it died and it fired right up. I let the pump run for a bit and let the system cool down. I then hooked up the pump back to the power supply in the system (EVGA 850 p2) and fired the system up and well, everything is working. I setup HWINFO to monitor the pumps rpm as the tach lead is plugged into my cpu fan header (it's set at a 40% constant speed in the bios) so that in the case it's at zero for so many read cycles to give me an alert and if's it's unattended for so long with reading zero rpms I have HWINFO shut my system down so I don't have another run away hot system. I've contacted EVGA thinking it could be a power issue and they suggested to plug the molex harness into an empty SATA connector on the power supply and see if the issues goes away. Well this morning when I woke my system up, I noticed the the pump rpms were sitting at zero when my desktop loaded (I have rain meter setup with a skin to monitor system information). After about a minute I then noticed the rpm's start to come up before my panic started to set in that it was not working again. I'm now wondering if it's the pump and not the power supply. My next step is to wire in a 12v led to the pump's power harness so I can make sure that the power supply is in factg supplying voltage to the pump to rule out if either the power supply is causing the issue, or if the pump is just not starting up all the time. Are other people having or seeing any issues with these pumps?
  2. Hi everyone, after some months of correct funcionality, I have a problem with the HX750i PSU. When I power it up (by its own switch, or when the switch is in "on" position and I turn on the power switch on the multiple power socket) i get a "tick" noise from the PSU and the system won't start... If I try a few times, then the system starts with any other problem... Any idea of the cause? :confused: :confused: Thanks
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