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Found 5 results

  1. im on my last straw and nothing frustrates me more than tech issues. I bought the k55 today and I am on a early 2015 Mac book air on Big Sur. Icue keeps saying no device detected. I've tried turning off bios, I've uninstalled and reinstalled, I've changed USB ports, unplugged all usbs besides the keyboard, restarted my computer, made a second profile in icue, NOTHING WORKS. please please please find the kindest to help me out, no one has answers me across several platforms. I wouuld REALLY appreciate it....
  2. Hi, I'm trying to see my H80i v2 cooler in iCUE, but it's not showing. It was working once, and after that I just cannot seem to make it work again. I didn't do any change to the configurations. It just stopped working. Things I already tried: Uninstalling and Re-installing iCUE. Removing Registry Keys Disabling and Enabling device in Device Management I can see the device in Corsair Link (, but it says "controlled by iCUE". Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi there, I'm struggling hard to get iCUE to recognize my HX 850i PSU and LL120 RGB fans. I've read through quite a few forum posts and troubleshooting videos and nothing seems to rectify my issue. Controllers / links are all plugged in correctly and everything seems to be powered adequately. Problem Description: About 6 months ago I installed a new PSU (HX 850i) and struggled then to get iCUE to recognize the device. After playing with Link, uninstalling, installing, installing iCUE, etc. I did finally get it to work, although I can't remember the specific fix. Shortly afterwards, iCUE stopped working again and I've just been living with it since. I now have three new LL120 RGB fans that are spinning and lighting up, but still no devices recognized in iCUE. I suspect it is a software issue with the USB header and detecting the devices, but am not sure how to trouble shoot further. Known Values: Disabled Fast Boot Legacy USB does not appear in BIOS XHCI handoff does not appear in BIOS Windows is latest version iCUE is latest version, has been reinstalled, and power cycled the computer No other RGB software installed (besides Razer mouse / keyboard) System specs in profile, but let me know if you need additional info Thank you! 2020-10-03T06-34-44.log
  4. When i plug in my keyboard (stafe RGB) on my mac its says on Icue "no device detected" I tried to reset my keyboard but it dont worked. I cheked the firmware and that wasent the problem. I reinstaled it and downloaded the last version but nothing worked. So can someone help me? ( sorry if this is bad English but i am from the Netherlands so sorry )
  5. Hi guys, I have a Corsair Void Wireless 7.1 headset but it seems I can't get CUE to recognise my headset anymore. It has worked well in the past but suddenly stopped working. The weird thing is the headset works partially: Sound: works but not sure if 7.1 though Mute: works Volume changer: does not work Lighting: cannot change lighting, it stays on standard cycle trough all colors. CUE: No Device Connected What I have tried: - Uninstall/Reinstall Drivers + CUE (using 2.13.80) - Paired dongle with headset, worked like a charm, but no device connected message remained. - Tried other USB port + Reinstall/Uninstall drivers and CUE Unfortunately these steps did not fix my problem. Anyone have an idea what I could do next? Is there maybe a way to force the firmware update even when the headset is not recognised by CUE? Thanks in advance!
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