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  1. Hi all, I got myself a Nexus last year and have been disappointed with the development so far. Been looking at ways to customise it a bit more and have come up with this solution in the meantime. *Scenario* So I have 2 Audio outputs, Sound Bar and Headset. I notice I switch between them both quite a lot and wanted an easy accessible way of changing the output on the fly. Looked online and found I could create a pretty simple PowerShell script utilising an external module (can link it if people want it). Tested it, worked perfectly and moved onto the next issue. (Attached Script to help others) Anyway, created a desktop shortcut that allows me to double click and run the script and thought that maybe the "Launch App" option would work if I used it but it didn't. Had a look round and found a VSCode plugin that allows you to package a .ps1 script into an .exe file. Did this and set the macro to launch the .exe file and it worked! Can't wait to start utilising more custom scripts on the Nexus and hope they introduce a much better way of doing this in the future. I assume this can also be used on any other iCUE "Launch a program" assignments too.
  2. Hello! I have been using my Nexus for a while now and the software updates have been very good so far. Only I would like to have 1 option added.Could you make a separate color button for the temperature text? Because when the graph is full you can't see what the temperature is. In the image 'problem' you can see what I mean. In the image 'solution' you can see what I would like to see. Each circled color is a separate button in the software, so you can give the name + temperature + graph a different color. Hopefully this is possible!
  3. Adding buttons to start apps located in the AppData folder simply does not work for me. I get "The File cannot be accessed by the system" when trying to select the application to launch every time. This issue is present on ALL apps located under AppData. Most of the apps I am trying to add are ones I REALLY wanted to add to the Nexus, such as Spotify, the Xbox PC App, Discord,... I am logged in as admin (only account on pc), I have full control/permissions, tried making a shortcut (and placing that in various locations),... Am I missing something here?
  4. Hi All, New to the forums and didn't find a section that people could post their custom images and backgrounds so I wanted to start one...The gif backgrounds were downloaded online, and the icons were created by searching the images for that respective program online, then importing them to PowerPoint, and using the picture formatting tab to remove the background so that only the icon shows up in front of the gifs. Note: Images/gifs are already formatted to size for the Nexus. You can right click and download the images/gifs on my post if you want them. Click the "Nexus Tab" image to see my setup...the background doesnt move here as it was a screen shot, but it is the hexwave gif attached below.
  5. I just updated to ICUE 4.25.155 and now the graphs and their respective text share a color. Before, the text was always white and changing the graph color only changed the graph color. Why was this added with no option to change the text and graph color independently? It was fine before.
  6. CUE 4.25 has changes the graph value at the top of the Nexus widget window to match the graph color. This is problematic since the graph maximum includes the entire window and thus the graph will cover the value at various times. The value color does not change with text color. If you wish to employ this, the values need to be tied to the text color value so a contrasting color can be selected or the graph needs to have a ceiling below the text/value position at the top of the window. Given the difficulties with graph representation in CUE 4, the alignment with the text color choice seems like the easier option. As you can see the 5v rail display on the right of the Nexus is virtually invisible. Given the shifting ranges and graph scaling CUE employs, this can cause any of the graphs to shift to the top of the window at any time. The VCPU graph is at its minimum, but the graph is nearly to the top and will fill the window in the next instant.
  7. Hello CORSAIR, I just buy that unecessary but so sexy tool : NEXUS. I'm just desapointed about "widgets" and "capabilities". In deed, my ICUE Center can provide many informations like - Battery status (ironclaw or Void elite) - Temperature of my GPU (MSI), or CPU (AMD 5900x) But i can't use these informations in nexus, and for some information, i have to use these horribles defaults screens... So my questions are : - Is there any feature to open these "librairie of actions/widgets/button" to reuse them in my custom and so sexy screens (they already exists, just permit the reuse)? - Why informations displayed in the icue center, can't be reused in nexus? (I'm full corsair or MSI (GPU + Mobo) but a can't take advantage of all my setup corsair Should i use the MACROS to do an ugly script that read informations to display them in a .txt? No? Corsair, you are the bests!!! Kisses
  8. I want to set up a macro in Nexus. Can't I get the macros in the assignments library and use them? Do I absolutely have to create a new one?
  9. Would it be possible to add a battery widget to ICue Nexus? The Voice prompt in my Corsair Virtuoso headset is great, but I have no external visual of my Corsair Dark Core battery status (Unless I have ICue up on my second screen or checking the battery level in the system tray) Alt tabbing to check it is not a huge pain but the ease of scrolling threw the Nexus screens is nice and it be convenient to see the battery status at a glance. Also is there a way to display percentages of the battery level instead of relying on "High" "Medium" etc....? I got this Nexus thinking it would just be a nice toy to check out once and while but I am really liking this product and want to see develop. In the future I would like to see a refresh of this product with a bigger screen and less bezel and better viewing angles.
  10. Hello, I use the Nexus fotr a while now, but I have some ideas to make this thing more usefull. - Option to remove the black background for graphs. This way the gif is over the hole background instead of the little gaps. - Add the GPU Load graph please!! - A hue button to interact with your hue lights. I know there is an option to activate hue, but this is not for the nexus and currently its not that good. Because there is no good option to control lights only in ONE room. I hope this things are not that big to add.
  11. I think it would be cool to have a "Now Playing" option with the media controls that would just display Media Details. See my "Artists Conception" below
  12. I contacted the support a week ago after my nexus stopped working correctly after a day and a half. Ticket number 2004454089 incase an employee reads this. The issue is it keeps pressing on one section of the screen, i have tried cleaning the screen, updating software etc and i don't know what else to try. It also gets stuck when swiping between screens sometimes or won't pick up me swiping at all. Does anyone have any suggestions or had this issue before? Help would be much appreciated.
  13. as the tittle says. i have corsair nexus to monitor my system temperature but it shows me wrong gpu temp. instead of GPU Current Temp it shows me GPU Junction Temp. I'm using the latest version of Windows 10 and iCue. As for GPU i'm using Aorus x5700 XT.
  14. When I type "ida" really quickly, iCUE submits a 'd' character and opens the windows calculator. (Yes, I uninstalled / installed to verify that iCUE is the component causing this odd behaviour. Ran malware scans, the full 9 yards.) It's most likely bound to one of the iCUE services, as it occurs when the GUI is closed and I used the SysInternals Process Manager to inspect the startup program, which was the windows service manager process. The thing that concerns me the most is... Why is iCUE recording my keystrokes... and why is it opening the Windows calculator of all things? The keystroke recording is very concerning for clear reasons, though I do understand that for global shortcuts it needs to be enabled. I have the iCUE Nexus connected, which doesn't have any bindings for calculator, and the issue even occurs when it's unplugged. So my questions are: 1. Is this the right space to submit a bug report for the iCUE software? 2. Is there any possible solution for me other than uninstalling and reinstalling the software until the patch is released? I'm a web developer by the way, so I should be able to run lots of technical tasks if necessary.
  15. I didn't see a specific location for this so I am hoping I am posting in the right place. I received my Nexus and I see a lot of potential here however it is clearly in its infancy. That said is there a place for feature requests; specifically widgets? For example: I would like to see a FPS widget; a more extensive hardware widget. If I am posting in the wrong place please point me in the right direction.
  16. I believe that my mount between the K95 keyboard and the Nexus got thrown away by accident and so I called Corsair to try and get a replacement. They said that they don't do that. Please can anyone help?
  17. The functionality is already there. Unless I am missing something and it already exists it would be really nice to be able to create our own button folders. For the K100 there is a "Show G-Keys" which already acts like a folder for macro buttons, but you can't add this anywhere else aside from the default K100 page. There is a lot of things that would be nice to be able to do ourselves. Including the volume sliders and DPI button folders. It is beyond me as to why we cannot put these on any pages we like or why we cannot create button folders. It is so much easier to go though folders for some grouped macros other than swiping pages and pages to find the ones you want. There is so much more that can be done with this, but you have to have certain products to get access to certain buttons which are then locked to the default pages they come with on said product, there are just certain buttons on all the different panels I have that I'd like to have one one or two pages in my own layout, but I am stuck with a limited amount of said buttons and they're stuck on certain pages with buttons I don't want. Please make this a possibility for these extra "hidden" buttons to be placed by our own accord and let us have as many of them as we want and on whatever pages we want. The image attached is for anyone who may not have access to see this "Show G-Keys" buttons which essentially acts like a macro button folder where you can assign multiple macro keys inside of a folder where you can return our of to the previous page, instead of swiping to another.
  18. There's a default screen for the Dark Core PRO SE on the Nexus which displays DPI, changes some Lighting Link settings (I hate that one, it messes up everything) and also the battery of the mouse. For whatever reason though, I cannot put the battery widget on a custom screen, there isn't any option in the "Widgets List" even though in the Dashboard I can add a widget for the battery. Oversight?
  19. *I apologize if this has already either been addressed or posted, I looked through the forums but did not find this exact issue described so perhaps I am just blind or maybe my issue is an isolated situation. **I will also note ICUE & Nexus software are up to date The issue I'm encountering is specifically with the Corsair Nexus profiles after my computer is locked (such as using Windows key+L) or when waking up from sleep mode. Everything in ICUE establishes itself just fine (such as the RGB lighting on fans, motherboard, mouse, keyboard). Profiles setup for games change on everything but the Nexus screen itself acts like the profiles that were setup for it, don't exist at all. For example, I've setup 1 specific Nexus profile that is only enabled with a given .exe (and disabled while operating the computer regularly or when using another program). Opening Nexus within ICUE, I can see the profiles are there. After launching a game I can see Nexus switch to the profile it is supposed to, but the Nexus screen displays a black screen (while the program is open) instead of the screen it is setup to display. Looking at ICUE, again it switches to the profile, but the profile itself is toggled off (such as it should be while in the default profile). The first time it occurred I thought it just needed to refresh the profiles, so I manually swapped from the game profile to the system default in ICUE, and then back again but that did nothing (meanwhile all of the ICUE RGB lighting profiles are swapping just fine across the board). Even while swapping the profiles manually, the Nexus screen itself will go to the default profile just fine, but will not swap to any profile screen setup for specific program. Then I thought I just needed to toggle the profile back on, as previously I had said that although the Nexus is switching to the right profile, it just remains toggled off. So I toggled it back on. Now this does fix the screen (as expected). However this is not actually toggling on the setting for this profile, it's doing it for the default. From what I can gather: Any edits made to the ICUE Nexus profiles after waking the computer from Sleep or Lock, are only made to the default profile. So it isn't just an issue with the Nexus screen after waking or sleep, I cannot edit any profiles but the default unless I do the following... I did find a resolution by closing the ICUE software, and restarting it. Everything with the Nexus works perfectly again after doing so. I'd just like it to function after waking/unlocking without having to do that. It's a mild inconvenience to me, otherwise the Nexus is a beautiful addition to my setup and very happy I got it! I hope I've described my issue thoroughly enough to be duplicated with ease.
  20. Hi there! Just a quick feature request here: It would be great, if you added a RAM usage widget. I don't know, if this software is written in C++ or anything else, but you could use this to get the values and create a widget just like the cpu percentage widget. It might even help you in the quest of the search for the cpu usage problems in the icue software. Just create an instance of the object below and call the needed functions as few times as possible to save clock cycles. // system_stats.h #pragma once #include "TCHAR.h" #include "pdh.h" #include "windows.h" class SystemStats { public: SystemStats(); int currentCpuUsage(); int currentRamUsageInPercent(); int freeMemoryInPercent(); private: PDH_HQUERY cpuQuery; PDH_HCOUNTER cpuTotal; }; // system_stats.cpp #include "system_stats.h" SystemStats::SystemStats() { PdhOpenQuery(NULL, NULL, &cpuQuery); PdhAddEnglishCounter(cpuQuery, L"\\Processor(_Total)\\% Processor Time", NULL, &cpuTotal); PdhCollectQueryData(cpuQuery); } int SystemStats::currentCpuUsage() { PDH_FMT_COUNTERVALUE counterVal; PdhCollectQueryData(cpuQuery); PdhGetFormattedCounterValue(cpuTotal, PDH_FMT_DOUBLE, NULL, &counterVal); return (int)counterVal.doubleValue; } int SystemStats::currentRamUsageInPercent() { MEMORYSTATUSEX memInfo; memInfo.dwLength = sizeof(MEMORYSTATUSEX); GlobalMemoryStatusEx(&memInfo); return memInfo.dwMemoryLoad; } int SystemStats::freeMemoryInPercent() { return 100 - currentRamUsageInPercent(); }
  21. Basically exactly what the title says. I was having issues unrelated to iCUE and had to load a restore point. Doing this totally nuked all my profiles in iCUE but I was able to get those back. What I COULDN'T get back was my Nexus screens, oddly enough. I spent a lot of time tweaking them and would like to recover them if possible. The old icons I used are showing under the appdata\roaming\corsair\CUE\touchscreens folder so I'm pretty sure they're still there. I just need to know how to restore them.
  22. Hello, unfortunately there is a bug in the newest iCue version 3.35.152. After updating to this version, the timeout setting for the iCue Nexus is ignored. Once after each system restart / screen lock / standby the timeout-setting is ignored and the screen goes black The desired behavior is a completely disabled timeout I tried to enable the timeout-setting, changing the timeout-duration and disabling the timeout again (without success) After waking the nexus through a touch, it works fine again The issue didn't occur in previous iCue versions I would be very happy, if this annoying bug would be fixed in the next iCue version :D:
  23. Hi, Since today I have the corsair icue nexus. I love to use the lightning link, battery indicator and all others from the default bar also in my customized bar. Those widgets are only in the default bars. Also hoping to get network activity and CPU clock speed in the bar. Please add these features. I got it with my old logitech g510s, I saw the workload clock speed of gpu and CPU and network activity. It would be great to get these features back.
  24. Hey hope someone from Corsair sees this cause this finally got me to create an account :o: first some information, I have been using icue for over 2 years now and hadn't really had any problems before.. normally my ICUE CPU load is 2,5% when idle and that is with the following connected. K95 PLATINUM DARK CORE SE VOID PRO WIRELESS MM800 RGB POLARIS ST100 RGB COMMANDER PRO LIGHTNING NODE PRO LS100 STARTER KIT 6 x LL120 FANS 4 X LED STRIPS 4 LONG LIGHT STRIPS AND 4 SHORT LIGHT STRIPS so with all that my normal idle ICUE CPU load is 2,5% when i plug the Nexus into my k95's usb hub my ICUE idle cpu load is 20% that is crazy! so from 2% to 20% i have tried plugging the hub cable from the K95 in usb 3.0 port usb 2.0 port usb 3.0 hub it's all the same... load on 20% if i take the nexus and plug it directly into my machine and not in the k95 hub then the usage drops from 20% to 11% so that's half of the raised load, still crazy but alot better, so it doesn't look like the K95 platinum hub can't handle it with the current load, maybe a firmware upgrade to the keyboard can fix this if not directly related to the nexus firmware or icue software. but right now i can't use it cause the CPU usage with it plugged in will never be that low so my machine can idle... it would be nice with a quick fix... it would be nice, as someone else said in another post that we could be able to control the refresh.. from 24 maybe all the way down to 1, that would work for most of my usage with it. my CPU is a Intel Core i5 8600K (running stock) i would love to provide more info and help if needed to get this fixed or else i would have to return it :( running K95 Plat firmware version 3.21.28 Nexus firmware version 2.2.5 icue 3.31.81 all other icue related stuff is also running the newest firmware.
  25. Hello, Got a Nexus and I have a Corsair Void Elite Wireless too. On iCue dashboard, I can see the charge of the battery of the headset, so at least I know this information is available somewhere in iCue, but there is no Widget to add it into the Nexus, nor the default blue bar that comes built-in in the Nexus shows it. Would be a pretty great feature for me, since I don't want to open the dashboard to see the current charge (that's why I'm trying the Nexus in the first place right? :)) I was thinking this was the right place for feedback, please apologize if not. Thanks!
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