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Found 5 results

  1. Anyone else has issues with Mystic Light messing up corsair products Corsair Products K95 RGB PLATINUM, LL140 RGB Fans, MM800 RGB POLARIS Gaming Mouse Pad, M65 PRO RGB Mouse and ST100 RGB Premium Headset Stand which all works fine with iCUE but MSI Mystic Light ... MSI Motherboard , MSI Graphics Gard and Trident Z RGB are controlled with Mystic Light but when installed it wants to over take Corsair products and when I set the Corsair products off in Mystic Light it just turns off the LED and iCUE can not control them. The two software's doen't seem to work well with each other as I wish MSI would stick with their own products and not add support for Corsair for example as Corsair has more lighting options then MSI .. I would love to see Corsair supports MSI products as well and G.Skill so I can dump Mystic Light all together as it's poorly written . Even G.Skill own software will not work on MSI motherboards ... go figure James
  2. Guten Tag, falls ich im falschen Bereich frage, gerne darauf hinweisen... Bin noch frisch hier. :-P Hintergrundinfos: Ich plane für eine Freundin einen komplett weißen Build zu machen und bin aufgrund der gut aufgestellten Auswahl auf Corsair gestoßen. Nun ist es ja so, dass MSI (z.B.) bei einigen Boards einen JCorsair Header an Bord hat. Ich hab gelesen, dass über diesen ein Steuern von Corsair Produkten über die Mystic Light Software möglich sein soll.. Dem würde ich gerne nachgehen. Leider gibt es nämlich keine GPUs die direkt Corsairkompatibel sind... Ich werde vorraussichtlich das neue iCUE 4000X Gehäuse nehmen, einen zusätzlichen RGB Lüfter nach hinten packen, das Corsair CX-F RGB Netzteil verwenden und ggf. einen Commander um genügend 12v Fan Header zu haben. Das 4000X besitzt schon einen Node Core. Frage: Funktioniert das wie ich mir das vorgestellt habe? Kann ich den Node an den Commander stecken und den Commander an den JCORSAIR Anschluss des MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon? Kriege ich vielleicht sogar noch 1-2 RGB Stripes untergebracht oder optional noch die Corsair H100i mit ihren zwei Lüftern und der Pumpe angeschlossen? Fragen über Fragen... So halbwegs steige ich ja durch, aber es ist wirklich SEHR viel input... Edit: Könnte ich den Commander ggf. auch ganz weg lassen und einfach Splitter-Kabel für die Lüfter benutzen? Besten Dank schon mal für jede Hilfe! Liebe Grüße, Yannic
  3. Sincere apologies if this is a repeat. Lots of threads on the various blogs on this but I still do not have a clear picture. I am considering an MSI Z390 MEG ACE motherboads which has a Corair header. All I want is to control the ARGB fans and liquid cooler, all of this I would like to get from Corsair... 1) Can the MSI Mystic lighting control the Corsair fans and CPU cooler? 2) Can iCue control them if I don't install Mystic lighting? Is it just the LEDs on the motherboard itself (which I don't care about) which can't be controlled but the fans and cooler can? 3) Would iCue work if the chassis did not have a dedicated button and I just wanted SW control? 4) I see a partnership with ASUS. Is there any other motherboard manufacturer you partner with which supports iCue? Thanks for any pointers. This technology is evolving so fast and everyone seems to have their own standards. Thanks -Ed
  4. I have a ridiculous amount of Corsair products, especially that are going into the new ryzen 3950x build I am making. However, my one qualm is that iCue does not work with all my RGB. Corsair has top notch RGB lighting and quality products, but I would love to see you guys work with MSI Mystic Light and not just Aura Sync. The reason, I plan to put in the MSI godlike in my build and would like it to play nice with all my corsair RGB. I saw, in a much earlier thread, that the team was working on getting permitting and contracting done with MSI. Has there been any progress? Also I got an EKWB, (the MSI 2080 Sea Hawk EK) and would also love to see it work with Corsair. Can EKWB jump on this band wagon too? Finally, with all the RGB lighting your team releases, have you considered RGB fittings for hard tubing? Thermal take has a set, but I know Corsair could do it better and make it sync with all its software. Really looking forward to hearing back from the Corsair team on the questions I askes and what new updates you might be coming out with in the near future.
  5. I'm looking to connect three ML140 fans to my setup with the fan hub that is supplied with the twin pack, and purchase a singular ML140 to add to the hub as it supports up to six fans. I would then add the fan hub to the JCorsair1 header on my MSI Z370 Gaming pro Carbon Motherboard by using the connector that came with my motherboard. Apparently from what I've read, the connecter that comes with the fan hub will not connect to the JCorsair1 header. You have to use the connector that the Motherboard supplies you with. I've seen from other people that they've had success with the HD140, LL140, and the SP140 variants using this exact process, but I haven't seen anything with the ML140 fans. The fan hub that is required to connect to the Jcorsair1 header looks exactly the same as the others, so am I right to assume that if I were to connect the fan hub to the Jcorsair1 header, I can control the ML140 fans by Mystic Light software? The reason being, I have multiple RGB components already controlled by Mystic Light, and I would LOVE to use the ML140 fans, but if they are not compatible, I may have to look elsewhere. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!
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