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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, So, I have the Corsair mm800 RGB hard mousepad, but lately it's been hard keeping it clean, even the smallest scratch makes my Dark core mouse hump over at often miss my shots in my FPS games. So how do you keep it clean and in good condition? I really like this mousepad, if I need a new one it will be the same one again, but I prefer keeping this one clean and usable.
  2. Hi, I have looked on these forums and some people have the same problems but want to clarify my problem. Sometimes when I start my pc the polaris won't light up. So no first rainbow colors. My usb mouse dark pro still works. And when in windows and starting icue it still won't light up. After 2 times unplug or plug the usb it recognize it and show the lights. I got this often.
  3. Hello everyone, I love the Corsair Eco-System and I only stick with it! I got full Corsair in every Category it is possible. Headset, Mice, Keyboard, Ram and much more. One thing shocked me, I wanted a Big sized Mousepad (500mm x 1000mm) maybe with RGB and the best would be with Qi charging for my Darkcore RGB SE. So why is there no big sized Mousepad with Qi and Polaris ? Have you ever thought about to engineer something like this ? Because if you manage to make 2 Big Qi Charging Zones on the Mousepad you could release a Qi Keyboard. So you basically only have 1 Wire (2 USB) to your mousepad. And you can Charge Your Keyboard your Mouse, maybe also your Corsair Virtuoso Headset (with a Qi adapter) on your Mousepad. Doesnt that sound great?
  4. So I've upgraded to a Corsair K95 RGB Platinum Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and a Corsair MM800 Polaris RGB Mouse Pad. Now when I shut down Windows 10,the fans are still going. I've had to turn PSU off to full have my computer off. Also if I restart,it just kinda does the same thing. I have to hit the reset button to restart it. I'm using the latest version of Corsair iCUE. I really wanna like this new hardware and keep using it. I'm still running Windows 10 64bit version 1903. I haven't updated Windows 10 to the next bit version considering there is file issues going on.
  5. Hello guys =) for a few weeks now I am facing an annoying problem with my MM800 and iCue. The Problem(s): - I have a total of three Profiles in iCue I am using. One Main / Desktop Profile, and two Counter Strike Source Profile (One T side, one CT side). All have different lighting and macro setups. All lighting effects are links to the Corsair K95 and MM800. When I start the PC, the lighting effects are working on the MM800, but after a few seconds or minutes, the MM800 switches back to the default Rainbow spiral lights, whereas the K95 stays in the selected lighting mode. As soon as this happens, the MM800 stays in the Rainbow mode, no matter wether i try to select a custom lighting for the MM800 or disabling the lightings. The MM800 simply doesnt react to any commands from iCue. Also a profile switch doesnt help. I have to plug out the MM800 and plug it in, to get the right lighting work, but as I mentioned, after a short time, it goes back to the default rainbow lighting. - Sometimes the lighting of the MM800 wont turn on when i start the pc, i have to plug it out an in again, to get the lights work. But the above mentioned problem happens shortly after. - Sometimes the lights of the MM800 stays on even i have powered off the PC. - In the attached screenshot you can see that i selected an all white color scheme, but the MM800 still got its rainbow lighting... Background info: I have bought the MM800 together with the K95 Platinum in April 2017. From the time of buying the K95 works perfect, never had any issues. The MM800 worked also perfect since about beginning of June, then the problems started. I havent had any hardware / software changes at that point. Things I've already tried: - Update the USB drivers - Updated Windows - The MM800 is plugged in in the USB port of the K95. I tried using all other USB ports in my tower. No changes... - Update / Force update the MM800 bunch of times - Sent the in April bought MM800 back, and got a new one from Amazon, cause i thought this was a hardware issue of the MM800, but same with the new one. - Reinstalled iCue software. Also tried it with all iCues version i could find, beginning with Version 3.1.133. But the same problems happens with all iCue releases i could find. System: - Windows 10 Pro Version 1803 64Bit - Mainboard: ASrock Gen68 Xtreme3 - Intel i7-2600K - 16GB DDR3 Ram If you need more infos, just ask =) I really hope that someone can help solving this issue, because i do like the MM800. But not being able to use / sync the lighting profiles to the other Corsair devices fails the meaning of it... Have a good day, Ricardo
  6. Dear Corsair Team, I purchased from you hardware, the Corsair RGB K95 Platinum, The Corsair Glaive RGB Mouse, the m800 Polaris mousepad, three Corsair LL120 RGB Fans with control device and the 115i watercooling unit. All devices are really good products. But problems occuring with the keyboard, mouse and mousepad. When i setup an profile on Icue, which is in my case really a really simple one (RGB rainbow linked with all parts). The profile works fine until i turn off the system. When i turn off the system, and start the Pc again, of course the lightning is loading, but unfortunately after about 1 minute or less after Icue is loading and applying my profile, the top Rgb strip of the keyboard turns red, also the complete mousepad and the Corsair Glaive two site strips, the one in the center and back of the mouse still using the rainbow effect. Also everything below the top rgb strip of the keyboard still works fine. When i try to change the red parts, the software says, that on all rgb parts rainbow parts are applied, but they are not. I always have to uninstall the software in order, that the effects work properly and this of course too much work. I gave you my trust and bought your products therefore I hope you find out or tell me how to fix this issue. Thank you very much in advance for your help. I am looking forward to your reply.
  7. I'm in the process of acquiring parts to put together my first ever gaming PC. I will be using a ton of Corsair parts and peripherals, but my setup is somewhat unique compared to most. This is going to be a living room PC, connected to my 4K TV via HDMI. The PC itself will sit on a table just to the left of my entertainment stand. The problem is, how do I get my Corsair USB peripherals within reach? The natural solution I came up with was simply to get a 10 ft USB extension cable, run it across the living room (when I'm not using the PC, I'll simply put the cable away) and connect a USB hub to the extension to power my devices. Will this work? I got a really nice deal on a 4 port USB hub, but then something else occurred to me. Will I need the USB hub to be POWERED in order for this to work? I'd prefer the one less cable, but my concern is that all of the RGB lights are going to require more power than a non-powered USB hub can provide. Here is the setup diagram I threw together for reference: https://i.imgur.com/ETyvIzD.jpg
  8. Hi I got a new dark core qi charging mouse and MM1000 as a gift couple of days ago,when i plugged in both the usb of the MM1000 mousepad the green light does not come on, i installed the latest version of icue software and it does not detect the mousepad. it detects the dark core mouse. The mousepad works perfectly fine, qi charging the dark core mouse or phone(lights come on while charging) The usb passthough works fine as the mouse is plugged into it and works fine. windows 10 detects the mousepad as a usb hub.
  9. Hi guys, Does anyone know how to remove this? I was cleaning my MM800 (hard surface) and there was a smaller white stain where the bigger white stain was and I tried to remove it with acetone on cotton pad (lo and behold) all the areas my acetone cotton pad touched became white. I can’t seem to remove the stain although when I wipe it down with a wet cloth, the white ‘stain’ seems to disappear, but comes back once the water dries. Is it a stain or is the plastic permanently damaged now? Is there a way I can fix this? T-T image: https://imgur.com/a/rCYiHNC
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