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Found 8 results

  1. I have run into a huge problem with iCUE 4 and the Sabre RGB Pro. When I try to map the forward and back mouse buttons (traditionally known as MB4 & MB5) nothing happens. It doesn't matter what game, setting or process the only time they work is for browsing the web, which I feel wasn't intentional for an FPS/MOBA mouse :(. I know iCUE and the new products will have growing pains but between this and the asus plugin crash i am thinking the future of corsair is grim and dark. If anyone can help or link me to help it would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi! I just installed iCue on MacOS (I have it on Windows and all works fine). Nevertheless, on MacOS, the RGB profiles work but the back button, forward, etc (everything except the two main click left and right buttons) are basically dead. As soon as I quit iCUE software, the RGB profiles are gone (back to rainbow) but my buttons work. Any reason why? How can I have both functionalities? :) Thanks!
  3. I bought the Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro, because I wanted some more buttons on my mouse, but I can't get DPI change buttons (ones on the left of the mouse) to work in the game (War Thunder) - only after binding them to keys on keybord in iCUE the game allows to bind them in settings. But even then clicking them disables sniper mode if enabled and changes DPI level (despite two additional DPI modes being disabled in iCUE). Can I do something with this issue? Thanks in advance for help.
  4. I have a profile for one game where I configured one key to press and hold a mouse button. It works as expected, except when I quit the game the mouse is somehow screwed up. Meaning I cant click some things, for example start menu items or buttons in any program/dialog. This started when I updated to the latest iCUE version. With the previous version I had no issues. To get the Mouse working I pres CTRL-ALT-DEL to bring the "lock screen" up and then ESC to get back to the Desktop.
  5. When trying to bind macros the two buttons on the right of the mouse show up but don't let me select them when trying to bind them. Need help.
  6. I'm currently using an M65 Elite RGB mouse bought about 4 months ago (16 April 2019). It's now started not seeing primary (left) mouse clicks. This mouse replaced a 5 month old M65 Pro RGB (bought 12 November 2018) which developed scroll wheel problems (scrolled randomly backwards and forwards). And that mouse replaced a 2 year old M65 Pro RGB (bought 06 December 2016) that started double-clicking instead of single-clicking. All of these problems are well documented by a myriad of users all over the web (as well as in this forum). For the current M65 Elite, I've done a soft reset (unplug the mouse, hold left and right mouse buttons while plugging the mouse back in, and holding that for about 5 seconds). I've also done a clean install of the latest iCUE software (uninstall iCUE, in REGEDIT delete both the HKCU and HKLM \Software\Corsair\Corsair Utility Engine folders, and install new iCUE). In addition I've run the Windows 10 sfc /scannow and dism stuff until they ran clean. No change: the mouse keeps missing left mouse button clicks. So, once again, another Corsair mouse has bitten the dust. There's no doubt about it. I don't know why companies insist on using cheap, garbage hardware in their products. Especially parts of those products which are pressed repeatedly.
  7. I opened a support ticket for an M-65 Pro RGB wired Corsair mouse back in November, it had a squishy right click and some weird noises. This was all well and good and I sent it in for an RMA replacement in early December (ticket 803014) The problem is, the replacement they sent me was a brand new product, but was in even WORSE condition than the one I shipped to them. BOTH the right and left click were squishy, the whole click assembly felt loose, and pushing in the left click required noticably more force than the right click. I already opened a brand new ticket over this (ticket 827719), but the concern I have is am I going to have to pay postage AGAIN for a product that was faulty before I even TOUCHED it? I'm in canada and paid over $20 to ship it, and having to pay that AGAIN for something that was out of my control seems a bit much, not to mention the additional waiting I'm going to have to go through for it.
  8. Recently my mouse has started to have the left click act as though it was being held down after it was released. It is very inconsistent, and hard to replicate to pinpoint exactly when it happens, but it generally happens when I am holding down left and right click at the same time. It goes away when I press the left click again. I've tried soft resetting the mouse, closing iCUE, Turning off the lighting on the mouse, switching to a different USB port, lowering the polling rate, and downgrading the firmware and none of these stopped the issue permanently. When I downgraded from 2.06 to 2.05 the issue didn't occur for around 10 hours before it came back. Does anyone have any ideas on what I can do to fix the issue? I've already posted a support ticket and am waiting for that to proceed, but I feel as though I might get better luck here. Playing Destiny 2 and having my gun sometimes continue to fire after I want to stop is getting annoying, and I really don't want to have to swap to another mouse.
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