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Found 8 results

  1. Hey all, So I recently got a NZXT kraken x73 360mm AIO and I had to do some questionable things to get it mount in a "correct formation" but it makes me a bit nervous. So question is can I top mount it in the crystal 570x ( with or with some mods) or can I front mount it with tubes going down? It definitely look possible but the only worry is then that the tubes may then not be long enough to reach. Please let me know, Thanks
  2. The card is too thick. It does not allow the tray to be put back on. It does screw into the tray holes OK. I have been searching for days to find a tray that would work, but no luck. I am using the HDD trays for HDD, so can not put an adapter for SSD in there. I can not find an additional HDD tray/hanger for the case either. I found a 3.5 mounting tray at BestBuy for Corsair, but where do I mount it inside the case? And it is ONLY a tray, holes in bottom and sides. The manual is too hard to read, the print being too small to read even with a magnifying glass. It only shows moving the original hanger in the case via a tiny picture that says basically nothing. I don't just want to leave the card hanging off the cords! Anyone? Thanks.
  3. MikeT

    H115i Pro TEMPS

    Hello, I built my own pc not to long ago and my idle temps are about 34-36 degrees C but when I did an hour long stress test I found out my Intel Core i5-8600k(not overclocked) was running at about 86 degrees Celsius. I have a Corsair h115i Pro liquid cooling system with 2 140mm fans and I was wondering if these are normal temps. I've mounted the radiator at the front of my case but still behind the case fans, because my case doesn't have the possibility to mount the radiator on top. Can I have 3 case fans and then the radiator behind that and only 1 fan at the back as an exhaust? Or maybe is something wrong with the thermal paste? Please help, Thanks!
  4. Hey there everyone :) I have a short question about mounting the H100i RGB Platinum to an AM4 socket: Do the screws need to have the same outward bend / bow out? The screws on mine weren't exactly bend out the same so I tried to fix it but they still look like the outward bend is slightly different. I attached some pictures but they're not the best quality. I hope you can still kinda see what I mean. I've seen a YouTube video where the bend is almost perfectly the same. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? Or it doesn't even matter? Thanks in advance :)
  5. Hey everyone, I’m planning to use the H150i Pro in a push/pull config and I don’t know if I need any extra parts like longer screws instead of the ones that come out of the box? I also don’t know how to mount it so any help on the procedure would be appreciated.
  6. While I love the cable management structure in the Evolv X, it makes it very hard to determine where to put my Commander Pro. I would really appreciate some guidance in this matter. Has anyone out there mounted one of these fine devices in this fine case, and would you be willing to share some advice and/or pictures? Thanks! hplovescats
  7. Hi all On Corsair's website it says that the 750D has 4 locations for mounting the hard drive cages. I have only been able to find 3 which are the two on the bottom next to the PSU and the slide on mount underneath the 5.25 drive bays. Does anyone know where the 4th one is?
  8. Hey guys! I got the 550x case the other day, which is pretty awesome btw, and decided to upgrade to some liquid cooling. I picked up the h115i pro since it had some good reviews and some slick coloring options but after some frustration I realised, as others have, that with the fans it doesn't top mount. After some googling I found someone else who was able to front mount it without having to remove any of the front fans. Does this set up look legit? And with it mounted like this which way should i put the inside fans on the radiator? edit:made pictures not huge
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