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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone, I'd like to be able to use modifier keys for the G keys, e.g. SHIFT+G1 or ALT+G1 to be able to have more macros. Or in my case specifically I want to use the same G key for a variation of a macro in a game, where the macros effectively provide the same result in the game, but have to be slightly different (the keystrokes aren't identical) dependent on the status of the game. I can't find this option and was wondering if it is possible. If not please implement this into the iCue software! It would be a very useful addition and should hopefully not be very hard to implement(?). Side note: This K100 is my first mechanical keyboard and I absolutely love it! The main reasons I specifically chose this model keyboard are the macro keys and the full layout with numpad. Thanks in advance for any help or feedback!
  2. Using iCUE Software v. 4.28.177 K70 RGB PRO Mini Wireless - v. 5.17.120 ok my problem: I remapped the 1 key to F1 so when I press the 1 key it registers as F1 and that works as it should... now if I press ALT+1 what I expect to happen is ALT+F1 because the 1 key is remapped to F1. Now what actually happens when I press ALT+1, is ALT+1 even though the 1 key is remapped to F1. I have also tried this with other keys combinations, and for some reason using the Modifiers not just ALT but also SHIFT or CTRL the remapped key goes back to its original input. I have also remapped my Cap lock key to profile switch and when I press a Modifier key with the caps lock key the caps lock toggles even though I have it set to profile switch. Now before you ask, I did not toggle the "Retain Original Key Output" setting on any of these keys. I would expect that when you remap a key, the key should act like the remapped key in its entirety so modifiers can be used with it. I'm mostly wondering if this is a bug or as intended? it is saddening that I can't use modifiers with remapped keys.
  3. After setting up the M65 mouse, was so impressed with the power of CUE, I went all in for a keyboard also. Until now I'm forced to ask... Does CUE really lack the most basic macro functionality imaginable? I just want to assign a text macro to Control-E. That's it. It would just type an email address. And CUE can't handle that!? Searched around a bit and found this Tutorial: Switching Modes by Modifier Keys, but if I'm reading it right (hope I'm not) it's essentially a worthless technique. It basically says (for my case), create a dedicated profile only for the Control key. Then within other profiles, assign the Control key to switch to the Control profile as long as the key is held down. The massive problem with this approach is, because you have taken over the normal functionality of the control key, all of the control key shortcuts in all of your apps become completely disabled. The tutorial says the way to fix this is to write down a list of every control key shortcut key you'll ever want to use in all of your apps, and recreate a macro for it from scratch within the new control key profile you've just created. Are you kidding me? Not only is that a ridiculous waste of time, what if you ever want to install a new app on your system? Every time you get a new app, you should figure out what built in shortcuts you need to recreate from scratch? Oh, and btw, go through the same process all over again if you want to assign a macro for any Alt key combo. And again for Shift-Alt. And again for...well, hopefully you can see the problem. Simple key modified macros are some of the most basic functionality any power user would want in a keyboard, and this is a train wreck. Has anyone heard if Corsair is planning an update relating to this?
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