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Found 9 results

  1. Bonjour, Je me pose une question, je viens d'acheter un tapis de souris MM800 RGB, que j'aime beaucoup. Le seul point négatif est qu'au démarrage du PC, le RGB par défaut est en mode arc en ciel, pas très joli à mon goût... Y a-t-il un moyen de changer cela, pour avoir une couleur fixe, ou même qu'il soit éteint jusqu'au démarrage de icue? (Même problème avec le support de casque ST100). Merci par avance!
  2. I am having some issues getting the MM800 Polaris to keep my color profile after a restart or when closing the icue app. When I start the PC, the lighting effects are rainbow, but when the ICUE app starts, the MM800 switches to my color profile, whereas my other Corsair RGB devices stay with the colors I pick no matter a restart or closing the app. I have a attached two pictures. one picture shows RGB lights with the icue app open second picture shows icue app closed and the only device that changes color is my MM800 RGB POLARIS :mad: I have installed and uninstall icue and no fix
  3. Hello guys =) for a few weeks now I am facing an annoying problem with my MM800 and iCue. The Problem(s): - I have a total of three Profiles in iCue I am using. One Main / Desktop Profile, and two Counter Strike Source Profile (One T side, one CT side). All have different lighting and macro setups. All lighting effects are links to the Corsair K95 and MM800. When I start the PC, the lighting effects are working on the MM800, but after a few seconds or minutes, the MM800 switches back to the default Rainbow spiral lights, whereas the K95 stays in the selected lighting mode. As soon as this happens, the MM800 stays in the Rainbow mode, no matter wether i try to select a custom lighting for the MM800 or disabling the lightings. The MM800 simply doesnt react to any commands from iCue. Also a profile switch doesnt help. I have to plug out the MM800 and plug it in, to get the right lighting work, but as I mentioned, after a short time, it goes back to the default rainbow lighting. - Sometimes the lighting of the MM800 wont turn on when i start the pc, i have to plug it out an in again, to get the lights work. But the above mentioned problem happens shortly after. - Sometimes the lights of the MM800 stays on even i have powered off the PC. - In the attached screenshot you can see that i selected an all white color scheme, but the MM800 still got its rainbow lighting... Background info: I have bought the MM800 together with the K95 Platinum in April 2017. From the time of buying the K95 works perfect, never had any issues. The MM800 worked also perfect since about beginning of June, then the problems started. I havent had any hardware / software changes at that point. Things I've already tried: - Update the USB drivers - Updated Windows - The MM800 is plugged in in the USB port of the K95. I tried using all other USB ports in my tower. No changes... - Update / Force update the MM800 bunch of times - Sent the in April bought MM800 back, and got a new one from Amazon, cause i thought this was a hardware issue of the MM800, but same with the new one. - Reinstalled iCue software. Also tried it with all iCues version i could find, beginning with Version 3.1.133. But the same problems happens with all iCue releases i could find. System: - Windows 10 Pro Version 1803 64Bit - Mainboard: ASrock Gen68 Xtreme3 - Intel i7-2600K - 16GB DDR3 Ram If you need more infos, just ask =) I really hope that someone can help solving this issue, because i do like the MM800. But not being able to use / sync the lighting profiles to the other Corsair devices fails the meaning of it... Have a good day, Ricardo
  4. Bonjour, Le logiciel iCUE m'indique une mise à jour du micrologiciel de mon tapis MM800 RGB. Mais celle-ci échoue systématiquement. Que faire ? Merci
  5. Mein Problem ist das, sobald ich mein Mauspad(MM800) einstecke meine CPU Belastung von 3% auf 16% steigt. Wenn ich iCUE(neuste Version) clean neu installiere läuft alles gut aber sobald ich den PC dann neu starte fängt dasselbe Problem wieder an. Hoffe jemand kann mir weiterhelfen.
  6. I recently purchased a Corsair MM800 RGB Mouse-pad, however it doesn't seem to show up in the CUE software. I am somewhat new to CUE so perhaps I'm missing something. I have a Corsair Mouse plugged in through the pass-though and that works, and the lighting works on the mouse-pad, however the MM800 still doesn't show up in CUE. I've tried with and without the mouse plugged into it, and plugging it into a USB 2.0 port (since sometimes devices have trouble with 3.0 or 3.1). I plan on installing the latest version of CUE from the Corsair site (which shows as a different version number than mine) and see if that effects it. Also, when I go to update it it says it's on the latest version yet it doesn't detect it. Also, Device Management doesn't seem to see the mouse-pad either (or I cannot locate it) however it does function and the pass-through works. What I'd like to know is if anyone has seen this before, or has an idea of the root cause or a fix for it. Any ideas are most welcome, and thank you in advance!
  7. So I recently bought a MM800 Polaris (the mouse pad) and I've had this issue where the USB passthrough is blocking my cord. So basically whenever I try to move my mouse I have to forcefully move it so the cord can go across the passthrough box. Is there an easy fix for this?
  8. Hi guys, Does anyone know how to remove this? I was cleaning my MM800 (hard surface) and there was a smaller white stain where the bigger white stain was and I tried to remove it with acetone on cotton pad (lo and behold) all the areas my acetone cotton pad touched became white. I can’t seem to remove the stain although when I wipe it down with a wet cloth, the white ‘stain’ seems to disappear, but comes back once the water dries. Is it a stain or is the plastic permanently damaged now? Is there a way I can fix this? T-T image: https://imgur.com/a/rCYiHNC
  9. Ok, So I Just purchased an MM800 mouse pad like 2 days ago and this thing is insanely frustrating. Within windows, it powers on, and does the rainbow effect for like 3 seconds then just turns off. When I boot my computer, it turns on and stays in the rainbow effect until I log into windows then it just turns off.... I have found that if I highlight a custom made effect in "Lighting Library" It will light up to what I make, BUT if I click off of that, or if I close CUE it just turns back off while My M65 RGP works and keeps its profile just fine. I also can not find how to enable the default rainbow mode, it just turns off in windows. I've tried numerous USB ports, both USB2 and USB3. I am just drawing a blank and am and currently am just using it as a super expensive plain mouse pad. UPDATE: Thanks Hastegag I found the issue, I was in advanced settings and thats why there were issues, when In basic mode, I was finally able to customize it and set the colors and effects and then close CUE and have it stay lit. Thats odd, but thats the problem! I appreciate the help!
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