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Found 9 results

  1. Not sure if this is the right place to as this. I have been running iCUE for a couple weeks now on my (2018) MacBook, which had been awesome. I have the M65 Elite, K70 MK2 LP, and MM800. What I am noticing is that iCUE 99% of the time will not detect the MM800 as if it isn't even plugged in. The mouse and keyboard work amazingly, but the mat is very much more miss than hit. In fact, the only times I have actually seen it work properly, I had no part in it. I will have gotten up from my desk for something, and when I get back, it's just working out of the blue. The odd part is that I have had the mouse plugged into the passthrough the entire time, and the software reads and recognizes the mouse without fault. I have tried running the MM through different ports and USB hubs, with and without the mouse connected, and it still rarely, if ever recognizes it. If there happened to be an update for the MM, I am unable to access it through iCUE to do so. The few times it was recognized, inside the software, next to the thumbnail for it, there was a red exclamation hazard icon and I couldn't ever select it. Are there any tips or tricks for this on Mac to help here, or is there anything else I can do for this?
  2. Hi guys, I have browsed the forums to see if anyone else has posted this same issue, but I have not seen it yet. So I am hoping someone can shed some light on this. I have the K70 LUX RGB keybaord, the M65 Pro RGB mouse, and the MM800 RGB Polaris mouse pad that are being run with the iCue software. I run a small project studio where i do a lot of video editing and music production, and I have a multi-media PC built to handle it all. A quick rundown of my setup: Gigabyte X399 Aorus Gaming 7 motherboard with AMD Threadripper 1950x, 32GB of ram, GTX 1080 11gb graphics card (MSI), Windows 10 Pro 64bit (v1803), with several SSD and HHDs for storage. My entire setup is listed here at PC Parts Picker: https://pcpartpicker.com/b/BqHhP6 About 2 weeks ago, my entire system started freezing at random times and becoming un-responsive. Ctrl+Delete wouldn't work, mouse pointer would freeze, ect. My system is mostly for production work, but I am also a casual gamer. These freezes have mostly happened while playing sessions of Rocket League. I thought it might be related to the game itself, but earlier this week I was in the middle of a music production session where my digital audio workstation program 'Reaper' froze up. I discovered months ago that the cue software (older versions before iCue came in) were locking up controllers I was using on Steam games. I found this out when I was browsing the Steam forums for a controller issue I was having. A user on their forums that said if you are running the Corsair Cue software, to unplug all Corsair USB devices running with cue and it would unlock/un-freeze Steam and fix the controller issue, which worked for me. Remembering that, I decided to see if the new iCue software was causing these hard lockups/freezes of my entire system. So the last 4 times that my system froze ( 3 times during gaming sessions, one time during music production work), I unplugged all 3 USB cables for the corsair mouse, keyboard, and mouse pad. A few seconds later, my system unlocked and became responsive again. I could then plug the Corsair items back in and everything would be back to normal. I called Corsair tech support and the tech I talked to told me to open a ticket (whcih i have done). He also said to un-install the Corsair iCue software, open the %appdata% folder and delete all the Corsair folders/files, run CCleaner registry cleaner, reboot, and then re-install the latest iCue software version off the website. I have done all fo this, and yesterday I had another freeze during a gaming session where unplugging all the Corsair USB items un-froze the system. I have updated my ticket to inform them that I am still having this issue, but has anyone else experienced this? I am running the latest BIOS for my motherboard, and all the latest drivers for the USB ports and chipsets. Any suggestions on this matter would be great! I have a good amount of money wrapped up in this keyboard/mouse setup and I would like to get rid of this issue. If my system freezes during a recording session with musicians, it could be crucial to a recording take. Thanks in advance for any feedback/help.
  3. Bonjour, J'ai acquis il y'a moins d'un mois le tapis de souris MM800 RGB Polaris. Celui a été branché sur mon PC et a fonctionné normalement durant deux semaines. Après ce délai, un dysfonctionnement est intervenu. En effet, mon tapis de souris n'est plus reconnu par le logiciel CUE et celui-ci ne s'allume plus. Néanmoins, le plus étrange et que le tapis de souris reçois quand même de l'énergie et que la connexion avec le PC est bonne car la clé USB brancher sur le HUB du tapis de souris fonctionne. J'ai déjà essayer de changer de port USB et fait différents manipulations mais rien ne fiat, le tapis ne veux pas s'allumer et aucun moyen de le faire reconnaître par le logiciel. Je vous fourni une image de mon logiciel prouvant bien que le tapis n'est pas reconnu et une image du tapis avec la clé usb branché dessus en fonctionnement. Pouvez-vous m'indiquer d'où provient se dysfonctionnement et comment le régler ? En vous remerciant par avance. Cordialement,
  4. Hello all, I recently bought several Corsair products and love how the look all together RGB and all. However, I saw tons of youtube videos where people had their MM800 Polaris and their Corsair keyboards flashing together as audio visualizers. I searched for any sources or guides to program the MM800 and my K95 Platinum to function together as one giant audio visualizer setup. If any group of people would like to help to develop this thread to give a source of information and guides to help other people with their audio visualizer wishes for their MM800.
  5. I think this is a problem with the software, rather than the mouse pad, but I'm not completely sure. For some reason, the LEDs in the mouse pad like to completely ignore the iCUE software. If I have it set to a rainbow wave, it'll just stay static red. And in the software it shows that it's a static red as well, even though the lighting effect is set to a rainbow wave. And usually when I first open the software it's completely fine, but after like an hour or so, the mouse pad will just turn red, and I have to restart the software for the LEDs on the mouse pad to start doing what the software is telling them to do. It's really weird, and it's only when the software is open. But I would just keep the software closed, but I use the macros on the K95 keyboard I have, and there's no memory on the actual keyboard for the macros, so I have to keep the software open for them to work. So, any suggestions?
  6. Hello, right now I'm having a really rough time deciding if should get the MM800 Polaris or the MM300. I really like the RGB effects on the Polaris but I feel that it may be a bit pricey and that it will add another cable to my setup. The MM300 looks nice as well, and I really like that it's extended, but I don't really know if the fact that it's extended will make it better. Right now my desk is pretty small but I'm planning on getting a new and bigger one. And since I'm a student I need room for schoolwork and I feel like I will lose the majority of space I have on my desk. Now I want your opinion on which one you prefer. Thx :sunglasse
  7. Hi guys. So I just last week got into the world of RGB, by purchasing a Corsair STRAFE RGB, and an MM800 RGB Polaris. I started messing around with the CUE software, and I get a grasp of the "basics" but I would like to expand my knowledge and skills and be able to make my own custom light effects. I have just a few questions about using the software. -Right now I really want to make an effect sort of like the "Visor" effect where a "strip" of light scrolls across the keyboard, and then bounces to the other side. However, I can't seem to figure out how to get it to work. I have it working to a degree, where a strip of light scrolls across from left to right, and then another one from the right to left. They are scrolling at the same time, and instead of making a "bounce" from one side to the other, it looks like 2 waves of color are just scrolling at each other from either side and meeting in the middle. Any help? I've messed with the lighting times, and that doesn't seem to help at all. -There are also sometimes where my lighting profile will be working one way, and then they sort of "Desync" and the effects transition from the correct timing, then at times they are off time. Is this my doing? It seems rather unstable. As I'll get an effect to look great, and then minutes later it sort of has plateaus of being correct and being off. -Also, I haven't figured out how to synchronize my mousepad and my keyboard, is it possible to do this with an advanced lighting effect? Also, I am running CUE 2.15.83 if anyone is curious.
  8. I have had this mouse mat for a while now I think around 4 months but at least a couple of times before including now the mouse mat is unrecognisable in CUE and does not even light up after I have logged in the first couple of times it happened it was OK after a few hours or minutes but for 2 days now the mat does not light up. I have the Corsair M65 Pro RGB FPS Mouse which is plugged in to the mouse mat and that works perfectly and is even recognised in CUE but the actual mat does not recognise I think there is something wrong with the firmware on the mouse mat or something as the USB passthrough works fine with my mouse like i said
  9. Hey, just received an MM800 mouse mat today and I'm seeing some LED issues, is there a software fix for this or is it time to return already? http://imgur.com/a/t5vPl Cheers
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