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Found 6 results

  1. At the moment i have 10 Fans in my PC 3 ML120 on my Corsair elite Capellix 150i and 7 QL120 All connected with Fan Splitters to the Commander pro. I want to change them to 7 Corsair ML120 Pro 75 CFM 120 mm Fans https://pcpartpicker.com/product/wPFXsY/corsair-co-9050041-ww-750-cfm-120mm-fan-co-9050041-ww and 2 Corsair ML140 Pro 97 CFM 140 mm Fan https://nl.pcpartpicker.com/product/ycH48d/corsair-co-9050046-ww-970-cfm-140mm-fan-co-9050046-ww Now my question is, does the Commander pro work with these Fans? If i plug them into the fan part of the Hub will i be able to control them in Icue to change and adjust the fan speed. I have looked around for the last few hours but i can't seem to find a real answer on them, no videos or forum really explaining it. so i made an account here in the hopes of getting an answer! :biggrin:
  2. Bonjour, J'ai actuellement un Commander Pro sur lequel sont reliés 3 ventilateurs PWM ML140 Pro. J'ai également 3x ML120 PRO branchés sur le "Y" de la pompe de mon AIO H150i Pro RGB XT. Si je branche les ventilateurs de mon AIO sur le commander pro et que je fais une courbe de ventilation personnalisée, basée sur le capteur de température de la pompe de l'AIO, au démarrage ces ventilateurs s'excitent à 2400rpm jusqu'à l'écran de connexion Windows. A partir de là ils reprennent l'allure définie par la courbe. De l'autre côté, si je fais une courbe personnalisée basée sur le capteur de mon GPU (RTX 2080S), là au démarrage les ventilateurs tournent à l'allure normale définie par la courbe. Pourquoi le capteur de la pompe des AIO Corsair fait grimper la ventilation au démarrage ? Merci de votre aide !
  3. Hello! A week or so ago, I purchased 3 ML120 and 3 ML140 fans. I have them connected to a lighting node pro, which in turn plugs in to the USB header on my motherboard. I also have them connected to a PWM controller manufactured by a different company. Basically, the fans worked perfectly fine when they were installed. But, upon restarting my PC, they stopped working. They were still spinning, so no problems there, but I could not get the RGB lighting to come on. The node pro does not show up in iCUE. I know iCUE works, though, because I have a K70 RGB MKII that does show up and is configurable, like normal. I was able to fix the issue (temporarily) by turning off the PC, unplugging the USB header from my motherboard (the one going to the Node Pro), starting my computer, turning it off again, plugging the USB header back in, and then turning everything on again. But, that only works until I restart the PC again. Obviously, I don't want to have to open my case every single time I restart my computer, and its kinda disappointing to have spent $250 on fans, just for this to happen... So, does anyone have any ideas on what could be happening here? Thanks for the help! ~Doombot1
  4. Hi everyone, sorry my English, I'm Brazilian. I bought a ML 140 PRO RGB kit and did the installation. The fans are working normally, but the LED does not light up. I already added the fans in the Link and still does not light. Has anyone else been through this or can anyone give me some help in resolving this? Thank you very much in advance!
  5. Hello, I just recently upgraded my old H115i to the Pro model. I did so because my new case is shorter than before and didn't allow the thicker tubes on the old model to fit inside and bend to the CPU socket. Along with installing the new AIO, I downloaded the iCUE software to go along with it. I created a custom profile in iCUE with a fan curve identical to the one I was using with the older H115i with Corsair Link, and I mapped the graph to correspond with the CPU package temperature. Here's where the problems arise. Whenever my processor comes under an intensive load, the fan speed shoots up way above the limitations I set on my fan curve. For the temperature my processor was at, the fan speed should've been around 1000rpm and instead it was around 1600rpm. The first time that happened I double checked the curve in the software to make sure it saved, which it did. The second time, I abandoned my custom curve to try a default one, specifically the quiet preset, and the problem still persists. After a few times of trying different profiles in iCUE and getting the same results I finally set the fans to a fixed RPM, which did work. Funny enough, fixed speed percentage doesn't work. I tried setting my fans to 10% and the RPM again shot up to 1800 rpm. So after no luck with the profiles in iCUE, I thought maybe Corsair Link would fix the fan curve problems. Unfortunately, the exact same issues happened with the exact same profiles regardless of which software was being used. So I don't know where to go from here, the reason I posted this thread in the cooling section and not with iCUE threads is because the only component I haven't troubleshooted that must be the problem here is the AIO itself. I don't know if I have a case to RMA the unit and get a new one, or if there is a magic switch somewhere in the software that I'm not seeing that will clear up my problems instantly. Also, the fans I'm using with the H115i are a pair of ML 140 pros. They are the same fans I used with the older H115i so I can't imagine they're the cause of the problem, but in case they are that's them. I appreciate any help you guys can give me, thanks.
  6. Howdy! I am trying to figure out the best placement of a few components in the Corsiar Carbide Air 740 case for optimum cable management and air flow. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Here are my components: Case: Carbide Air 740 Fans: - CPU: H110i AIO Cooler (Currently the radiator is mounted as intake in a pull configuration on the front of the case) I have also upgraded the fans to ML140 Pro fans. - Case Fans: 2 SP120 Quiet Edition fans located bringing air from the bottom. - Case Fans: The two stock 140mm fans that came with the H110I mounted to the top and are exhausting. 1 stock 140mm non-pwm fan as a rear exhaust. Fan Controller (Particularly looking for suggestions on placement of this and the temp sensor placement): Corsair Commander Pro Graphics Card: Asus Strix 1060 6GB Let me know any suggestions you would have on placement of the fans, aio radiator, and where the fan controller should go. One other question is the RM750x, can the fan point inward towards the mobo in this case or should it point outward to the cover of the case? It looks upside down if it is mounted that way but seems like the fan would work better. Thanks in advance!!
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