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Found 12 results

  1. I bought a H100i, i installed it and already had vengeance rs ram so i already had the software, i am able to connect the pump but not the fans, everything is plugged in accordingly on the commander core (not showing up either) FAN: port 1, 2 RGB: port 1, 2 (tried 2,3 and 3,4 and 4,5) PUMP RGB: plugged in THINGS I HAVE TRIED: reinstalling icue, manually setting up the fans, reinstalling icue again, moving ports, downloading other icue software OTHER SOFTWARE I HAVE INSTALLED: logitech ghub, obinskit rgb keyboard software. please help i want these fans lit up.
  2. Hey! I recently upgraded to the 220t RGB case that includes 3x SP120 RGB Pro fans, as well as a H150i Elite Capellix cooler that includes 3x ML120 RGB fans. All 6 of the fans are installed into the Commander Core and everything is detected by iCUE. I have access to all the lighting features and they function as intended. However, on the cooling side of things, the 3x SP120 RGB Pro fans run at a constant ~1300 RPM and there's no way to turn them down. I HAVE tried creating my own cooling curves in iCUE and they only affect the 3x ML120 fans. The SP120 fans remain at ~1300 RPM. I have also set everything to Zero RPM and, again, only the ML120 fans will change to 0 RPM. The SP120 fans remain at ~1300 RPM.
  3. Hey Leute, Ich habe ein Problem mit meinen 2 120mm ML Lüfter, welche bei der AIO dabei waren. Die Lüfter funktionieren einwandfrei und werden in der Icue Software angezeigt aber sie leuchten nicht. Als ich das erste Mal den PC gebootet habe leuchteten sie und als ich die Software herunter geladen habe ging gar nix mehr. Habe die Lüfter auch an das RGB HUB angeschlossen wo 2 LL Lüfter auch dran hängen aber leider vergebens. Ich besitze auch den Commander Pro. Hoffe einer von euch kann mir helfen. Danke im Voraus:)
  4. Hello, I wanted to build myself a new PC but I have a few questions regarding fans, AIO fans and Commander Core. I would buy the Corsair 4000D Airflow with a H100i Elite Capellix which comes with two fans : ML120 RGB that have 8 LEDs (unlike the ML ML120 PRO RGB that have 4 LEDs). As well as 4 SP120 RGB PRO that have 8 LEDs, too (the 3 kit + 1). And this how I would setup all of this : All fans connected to Commander Core (RGB and PWM/DC cable) and the pomp. And connect to my motherboard (ASUS ROG STRIX B550-E). The problem is that after searching on the internet, I don't know if I can connect the SP120 PRO RGB that are DC to the Commander Core and change fan speed and curve. (And from what I've seen all RGB cables can be connected to the Commander Core (since they all have 8 LEDs?). So I could connect the fans to the motherboard but the ASUS ROG STRIX B550-E only has 3 fan headers from what I understand. I could take 4 ML120 RGB PRO (not the same as ML120 RGB that are included with the AIO), but they only have 4 LEDs and apparently Commander Core wouldn't like this (unless there is a firmware update or something. Finally I either have all RGBs working as expected or I can correctly control all my fans. Either I found some wrong info online or you may have a solution for me. I would have like to buy ML120 RGB Elite Capellix individually (those that comes with the AIO) but you can't... I would to setup like in this image : Concept Diagram for a Typical 6 Fan setup using the iCUE Elite Capellix AIO Thanks in advance for your help
  5. Guten Abend, ein Kumpel und ich haben seinen ersten PC selbst zusammengebaut da ich Ahnung davon habe. Nun haben wir ein Problem mit den Lüftern, die Lüfter an sich lassen sich Steuern über iCue jedoch lassen sich die Lüfter nicht in Sachen RGB ansteuern. Wir haben alles Probiert und schon alles gegooglet jedoch keine Lösung. Deswegen versuchen wir es jetzt hier und hoffen das wir schnelle Hilfe bekommen. Danke und schönen Abend noch
  6. I recently built my first PC! Everything booted up just fine. I have 6 corsair magnetic fans (RGB). After a few days one of the fans RGB went out, but it still spins just fine. So I took it out and replaced it with a new fan, this time no RGB. I swapped the Node Pro with another one, but nothing. To be clear five of the fans are working just find, with their RGB. I have all my fans connected to a commander pro to the Node pro. I disconnected each of the fans, and made sure each fan was paired correctly with its correct rgb pin number. I uninstalled the Icue software. Speaking of Icue software the software picked up the fan and had colors displayed. I though maybe the Icue messed something up but after I uninstalled it the problem stilled occurred. I really dont know what to do. Please help.
  7. Hello, I'm building a PC in about a week and am currently ordering parts. My case is the Corsair iCUE 465X with an included Lightning Node CORE and 3x LL120 fans (pre-installed in the front). I'll also have a H100i RGB Platinum AIO which I planned to install on the top side, but I heard that it won't fit due to my RAM (G.Skill 2x 16 GB Trident Z Neo; 44mm height). The new plan is to install the radiator in the front like this ML - Rad - LL ML - Rad - LL Front ___ - ___ - LL The ML fans would be the ones included in the AIO and are for the rad. So they would be connected only to the pump, wouldn't they? These fans would be inhale fans. This way I have still place for three more 120mm fans (2 top, 1 rear) so I think about buying a 3 pack of LL/ML fans which will include a NoPro. My mainboard is an Asus Rog Strix x570-e Gaming (if that matters). I think I buy ML fans because their performance is better than LL, but I'm not sure if it works as intended. I can't mix LL and ML fans on a Lightning Node CORE, but does it work with a NoPro? If it doesn't work I should be fine with connecting the Lighting Node CORE and NoPro directly to the Motherboard instead of connecting the Core into the NoPro? And if this doesn't work I would buy 3x LL fans and connect the Core into the NoPro (which should help with cable management too)
  8. So I've tried many things but can't seem to make sense of how to fix it, but suspect I know what's going on. Putting it out to the community to see if someone can shed some light on it (Pun intended?) I have 3 ML120 Pro RGB Fans in my computer, recently purchased. Each fan is plugged into a specific port (More on this latter) on the RGB Hub, and the hub is plugged into a lighting node pro (Channel 2 as Channel 1 has 4x Light strips connected). Light strips work correctly, 3 fans are configured in the ICue software on channel 2 but I can only get 2 of the 3 to work. Fan "1" works if plugged into the RGB Hub port 1, 2 or 3 Fan "2" only works if plugged into RGB Hub port 2 (Even if other fans are on Ports 1 and 3) Fan "3" does not work if plugged into any port (I have tired setting ICue to 6 fans and tried all 6 ports but only have 3 fans so can't test with all previous ports populated (if that makes a difference) What I suspect is that since the fans are Addressable RGB and the hub "daisy chains" each device each LED receives an address, for some reason I suspect 2 fans ("2" and "3") are stuck on a certain address (Hence why "2" only works on port 2). I have tried restarting the service, reinstalling the software, changing all the cables around, moving the fans to channel 1, only using the fans, using Corsair Link instead of Icue, etc but still can't get the 3rd fan to light (or fan "2" to use a port other then 2) power cycling, rebooting, unplugging everything doesn't work either. Thanks in advance for the assistance,
  9. Hallo, ich bin neu hier und hoffe, dass ich die richtige Abteilung für meine Frage gewählt habe :) Ich bau mir morgen die H100i RGB Pro Platinum, 3 weitere ML120 RGB PRO Lüfter, das Lighting Pro Expansion Kit (RGB Strips) und einen Commander Pro für die ganze Steuerung ein. Nun möchte ich logischerweise, dass die RGB Beleuchtung aller 5 Lüfter (3 separat und 2 auf dem Radiator) synchron läuft. Deshalb war meine Überlegung, die RGB Anschlüsse der 2 AiO Lüfter ebenfalls an dem RGB Hub, an welchem die anderen 3 Lüfter angeschlossen werden, anzuschließen. Das RGB Hub ist dann natürlich noch mit dem Commander Pro verbunden. Die PWM Stecker für die Lüftersteuerung für die WaKü würde ich normal mit der AiO verbinden, damit die Lüftergeschwindigkeit entsprechend den Temperaturen angepasst werden kann. Geht das denn so? Ich habe auch eine Zeichnung erstellt, in der ich die Verkabelung aufgezeichnet habe. Ist kein Kunstwerk, erfüllt aber den Zweck. Zusammengefasst: - AiO PWM normal miteinander verbinden - USB von AiO an Commander Pro (Verteiler von USB) - SATA für Strom der AiO - RGB Stecker der Lüfter auf Radiator/AiO an RGB Hub - RGB Hub mit Commander Pro verbinden - SATA für Strom des RGB Hub - SATA für Strom von Commander Pro - USB von Commander Pro an Mainboard - ML120 RGB PRO Lüfter PWM Stecker an Commander Pro - ML120 RGB PRO Lüfter RGB Stecker an RGB Hub - Lighting Pro Expansion Kit RGB Strips an Commander Pro Ich hoffe ihr könnt folgen und mir eine Antwort geben, Tipps geben oder helfen :) Bild von der Zeichnung ist dabei. Danke schon mal :D:
  10. Bonjour, j'ai acheté récemment 2x Pack de 3 ML 120 Pro RGB 1 ML 120 Pro RGB supplémentaire 1x Corsair COMMANDER PRO 1x Corsair Lighting Node PRO Le soucie est que je ne sais pas comment brancher le ventilateur supplémentaire car sur le commander pro il n'y a que 6 emplacements ainsi que sur le hub rgb led, j'aimerai savoir comment faire. Je vous remercie de votre réponse. Cordialement,
  11. Hey! I have something to ask. The question is can I connect fans from ML and LL series to the same commander pro and make it work. I have this question because I am going to buy Corsair H100i RGB Platinum All-in-one water cooler for my processor. And it comes with two ML120 RGB fans and I am going to buy more fans to my case and I have two options, ML120 and LL120. But I'm not sure can I connect 3 fans from ML series and 3 fans from LL series to the same commander pro. So I ask it from you. Will it work if I put 3 fans from both series. From, xX_KIIPELI_Xx
  12. i wanna buy ll120 fans or ml120 rgb fans, i really like the ll120 look but unfortunately they will probably be oriented such that the intake will not be the visible part... does anyone have any sources/pictures on how the ll120 fans look from behind? do they just look like ml120 rgb fans at that point? if they will look the same for me i'd rather just get the ml ones since they are supposed to be quieter
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