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Found 9 results

  1. okay so i got the h115i and i have to mount it in such a way that the back of the fans are facing into the case (intakes like they should.) however i have quickly found out that the LED's on the side that make the fan glow are very annoying, anyone have a remedy for this?
  2. I have been running with 6 LL120 fans in an Obsidian 500D RBG for the past year. Just added a H100i Elite Capellix, taking out the top two LL120 fans and replacing them with the ML fans that came with the Capellix. This has thrown my RBG all out of wack. I cannot figure out how to add the ML fans to ICUE. I plugged them into the Commander Pro but they're not showing up right because you can only select one type of fan. My other lighting channel is taken up by RGB led strips. I also tried connecting the ML fans to the Commander Core but they are not showing up in ICUE. The easiest fix I can think of is to switch out the ML fans and add the LL fans back in. If I do that will the LL fans sufficiently cool the Capellix? And is there a way to get the ML fans to show up in ICUE if I connect them to the Commander Core?
  3. Hi everyone, new on the forum but have been reading a lot about icue rgb since Im building a new PC that I am trying to make 100% icue compatible. Im going for a STRIX mbo and gfx which will hopefully be compatible with icue, as well as corsair ram, and AIO. I am ordering the h150i Elite Capellix and as I understand, the ML fans are not compatible with QL fans. As I have ordered 6 QLs my original plan was to replace the 3 MLs with QL and use the other 3 QLs as case fans, all of them connected to the Commander CORE. However, in the meantime, I have also ordered the Commander PRO because I plan to connect the LianLi Strimer plus to it (using a cable adapter). Nothing is delivered yet but in the next few weeks I should have a Commander CORE, Lighting node CORE, Commander PRO, 3x ML120, 6x QL120. I presume the "not compatible" refers to the ML and QL being connected to the same channel or am I wrong? Originally I wanted to sell the MLs but now I am thinking the following: 6xQLs connected to the Commander CORE, both rgb and pwm (3 on AIO radiator, 3 as case fans), Commander CORE connected to Commander PRO 3xMLs connected to the Lighting node CORE rgb, Lighting Node CORE connected to the Commander PRO, and ML pwm connected to the Commander PRO. Strimer plus connected to Commander PRO rgb strip port. Is there anything I am missing as why this wouldn't work? Also, is it advisable to use the Commander CORE pwm to power both case and radiator fans, or will they all be controlled as AIO fans if connected like that? I presume it would be better to connect QLs to Node CORE and Com. PRO as case fans and leave MLs as AIO radiator fans on the Commander CORE but I want to use the MLs in the bottom of the case where they are less visible. I know similar questions have been asked a lot on the forum but I read so much contradicting information and even got completely false and misleading info from Corsair support that I just want to get someone's input on my exact case scenario. Thank you all!
  4. Hi everyone, I have just built a new setup with 6 x ML Pro RGB fans running to a RGB hub and then a Commander Pro. They aren't being recognised correctly in ICUE. I have gone to lighting setup and selected Lighting Channel 1 as ML PRO RGB Series Fans and specified that 6 are connected. When doing this is treats each individual LED as a fan, not the fan itself. Meaning ICUE thinks the 4 LEDs on the first fan and 2 of the LEDs on the second fan are my 6 fans. Meaning 4 1/2 fans aren't lit up (18 LEDS) If in lighting setup I select that 6 RGB LED strips are being used then all fans light up correctly but this will only let me configure the lighting as a strip which it isn't. Quick detail of layout: 6 ML Fans connected to 6 ports on the CoPro and the 6 RGB connectors to the equivalent ports on the RGB Hub. RGB hub is connected to lighting channel 1 on the CoPro. Sata power ok All fans are spinning fine and speeds can be adjusted, just the RGB not working correctly. I have tried another RGB Hub and lighting channel 2 and still having the same issue. I have also updated drivers and reseated connectors. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks :biggrin:
  5. My top priority is Low-Noise so thinking of getting an H100i RGB PLATINUM AIO cooler and all ML fans. Not wanting to deal with CoPro and Hubs, and NodePros... I just want a case that has it all... but want ML fans :). Ok I guess that's not going to happen but just thought I'd ask. While I have your attention: Should the case fans be connected to the mobo or the Commander Pro? Which would control as a function of temp?? Zotty's post shows the fans hooked up to some PWM-repeater small circuit board but I'm not sure what that is. The Corsair carbide 678c 6-port pwm repeater is out of stock... I can see how it would make sense to have all fan speeds controlled by the same "controller" to help with push/pull. I'm not overclocking... or gaming for that matter (sorry guys)... so maybe I don't need that many fans? (noise)? Sorry for all the questions :) MSI Z390 MEG ACE, i7-9900K, WX 5100, Thanks, -Ed
  6. drkwpn

    500d RGB SE

    Hey guys, planning my new build and just wanted some advice on my fan choices. Going to have the H150i pro mounted to the front with the 3x included LL fans pushing air in through the radiotor and then using the 3x ML fans included with the cooler to pull air into the case. I orginally was going to use 2x 140mm ML pro rgb fans for the top and 1x 120mm ML pro rgb at the rear for exhaust. Have now changed those exhaust fans to LL. Should I revert back to the ML fans? Or stick with the LLS? Thanks.
  7. Hello! I'm in the middle of building a completely new system and I had a quick question. I've purchased 2 140 ML fans to accompany the set of fans that ships with the 115i Platinum for a push/pull configuration. Rather than having to purchase an entirely separate node, am I able to just split 2 fans to a single header on the pump connection?
  8. Hi there, I wanted to make sure I got my information right before ordering the fans / fanhubs for my upcoming 9900k+2080ti build. For cooling, I have decided to go with ML pro RGB fans. So, I will need to control power and lighting for a total of 12 fans : 8xML120 pro RGB (for two 480 XE from EK) and 4xML140 pro RGB (case fans intake, in an Enthoo Elite). It's my understanding I would need two Commander pros and two RGB fan hubs. Here are my questions: - Would populating all power sockets from both Commander pros go over their respective power limit of 1A I think? - Would I need two USB 2 headers from my motherboard or would one suffice provided it won't saturate the available bandwidth of this single USB2 with two daisy-chained commander pros fully populated? - Can I mix two different sizes (120 and 140 mm) but from the same line of fans (ML pros RGB) on a single RGB hub or do I need one RGB hub for the 140s (4 fans) and TWO RGB hubs for the 120s (8 fans)? In short, do I need two or three RGB hubs on top of the two commander pros? - Is it possible to manage the fans on one commander pro so that some fans connected to it will act as PWM fans and some others just DC, or do I have to use one commander pro for everything PWM and another one for DC? If you feel like I should know anything else before ordering, please let me know! Thanks in advance to everyone for their answers! Cheers!
  9. Hello, I explain briefly my question, I currently have a h150i pro with its 3 fans ml 120 pro (no rgb) everything works very well with corsaire link. My question is the following: I bought a set of 3 fans LL 120 (rgb) is what corsaire link is able to manage two usb connected to the motherboard namely one usb that comes from the pump of the h150i pro and its 3 ML 120, and another usb that comes from the lightning node pro where are connected the three LL?? Or corsaire link only manages one usb line?? I hope it's understandable with my bad English. Have a nice day!
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