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Found 15 results

  1. Bonjour c'est mon premier headset donc je n'ai pas l'habitude d'aller fouiller dans les paramètres mais il ne me semble pas avoir fait quelque chose de faux. Peut-être que ce topic a déjà été écrit mais je ne l'ai pas trouvé en tout cas. Mon casque produit du son, ça pas de soucis. Mon ordi détecte le microphone qui est bien pluggé dans le casque je précise, le haut-parleur aussi. Mais après l'avoir testé sur discord ou obs en désactivant le micro de mon ordi portable ça n'y change rien du tout. Du coup j'ai été dans la liste des péris juste "Son", j'ai été dans propriétés du micro qui est noté sous "Mic in at front panel (black)", je suis allé dans niveaux et le son est à fond, j'ai même une fois testé l'ampli du microphone mais rien du tout. J'ai aussi été dans les paramètres de son et c'est bien mon micro qui est sélectionné, le test a révélé qu'il ne produisait aucun son et le dépannage windows n'aide pas plus. Je n'y comprends rien du tout et je suis perdu, j'espère juste que ce n'est pas mon micro qui ne fonctionne pas. J'envoie une copie du modèle de mon pc, peut-être que l'usb y est pour quelque chose ? PC : "HP Notebook - 17-x176nz" Je vous remercie d'avance pour vos réponses
  2. Hey everyone. I own the void elite headset. I have owned it for a few months now and it has been working perfectly fine. Today I hop in discord and no one can hear me. I tested my audio with three different online testers and still nothing. I combed my settings making sure it was compatible and allowed access to as well. I also un installed Icue and tried different versions of icue as well and still nothing. I also updated windows 10. Any tips or a fix?
  3. No matter what i do i can't stop the mic of my headset from picking up sounds from headphones. So whenever im in a voice chat, my friends can hear themselves from me. And they can hear music or whatever im listening. I dont even know where to start troubleshooting. Any help would appreciated!
  4. I received this headsets on Monday and i don't know how to make the mic work on PC, it only does something when i blow at it. I tested it on other devices and works fine. I have all the realtek drivers updated and nothing. I have it conected to the pc using the "Y" adapter that comes in the box. Don't know what can be wrong.
  5. I am unable to alter the microphone's settings in the iCUE application. Where I believe the option to do so should be is nothing but a blank box. The microphone itself works perfectly fine for discord and whatnot, but for whatever reason, I just can't change anything about it.
  6. So, this is a problem I've had for a while. My headset works fine most of the time, but occasionally it will make my voice extremely loud and distorted. This is something that everyone in several discord servers tells me when it happens. My voice sounds robotic and is loud enough to hurt their ears. Unplugging my headset and plugging it back in does fix it, but I'd like to know exactly why this is happening to begin with and possibly just prevent it. For the sake of my friends' ears.
  7. Hey! So I got an HS60 recently and mostly really enjoy it. My computer has a 2-in-1 audio jack port. When I plug this headset in using this port, the microphone doesn't work at all and I can't find it in device manager at all. It DOES work when plugged into my computer using the USB connector, but I would prefer to have my headset plugged into the audio jack rather than the usb. Any solutions?
  8. Hello everyone, I bought an HS45 headset with the pluggable microphone but i have one issue : when i speak, people are hearing a lot of breath, i registred myself and i confirm that i hear my breath while i'm speaking. So i wanted to check the mic sensibility but i didn't found any way to do that : - I checked the sound settings in windows but i only have the level slider for the microphone , there is no amplification slider (with the dB unit) - I downloaded iCUE software but it seems like there is no option for the mic or my mic is not detected by the software (check the screenshot in attachment) If anyone can help it would be very nice it's very painful to game with my friends having this issue. Thanks ! :)
  9. After the latest update to icue, my microphone issues began. It no longer turns on no matter what, the red light on the microphone is always on telling me its off. The button on the earcup that is supposed to turn it on and off no longer functions, except to turn side tone on and off.
  10. I have a newly built PC with new corsair HS45 Headphones that come with a attachable mic. When i play any kind of audio, it is heard through the mic as well as the headphones. This happens constantly and not just through a certain application as i have tried voice recordings and get the same result. I have tried making the headphones and mic default and disabled any other possible output input devices. I have also installed Icue but unsure if this helps. Have installed drivers for audio that are for my asus motherboard. any suggestions from what i could try to fix this?
  11. Hi, i bought a Void Pro RGB Wireless headset yesterday. Everything except the microphone if working. As soon as i turn on the headset the voice says "microphone off" and a red led light is showing on the mic. I have read that i might be a compatibility issue with Windows 10. Since yesterday afternoon i have looked trough this forum, Corsairs support page and a countless number of other pages for a fix. So far it dosen´t seem like Corsair have any intention of fixing this or acknowledge that its a big issue. They give some sporadic tips on how one might be able to solve it. I have tried everything i can in order to get the microphone to work. Looked at my privacy settings, setting it as default, reinstalling the iCUE software, tried with the software on and off, Updating the headset, pairing it again and a lot more so called fixes with no result. So i am at the roads end here. Either i get it working today, or i return this for another working product from a different company. I have never used a Corsair headset before. But if it this kind of quality, with almost no support or any official patch to fix this, i will never use a Corsair headset again. I mean come on Windows 10 has been the most used system for years now. If they have known about the problem for this long and still have not come up with an official fix, they are not interested in fixing it now either.
  12. Hello, I bought the HS50 microphone a longtime ago, it always worked, but since I change my pc and add another mother board (570x) with the same harddrive. The micro volume is really low and I tried tons of way to change it, i went into the peripherique configuration to tried uninstal and restart my pc. I went into the panel that show the level of the micro, I checked the cable and it's good and connected. the computer understand the connection and connect it but it don't level up the micro sound. the headphone work perfectly btw, I can listen to music and it is at a good level. I wonder if I can explain in french it will be easier. Thx!
  13. Bonjour, Depuis peu, j'ai effectué une mise a jour de windows et depuis le micro du casque HS50 n'est absolument plus détecté par mon pc ni dans les périphériques d'enregistrement, ni dans le gestionnaire de périphériques... J'aimerai savoir comment pour a nouveau utilisé mon micro pour pouvoir jouer ...
  14. Is there any way to fix the quality of the microphone. It sounds like I'm speaking into a styrofoam cup. If I adjust to closer to my mouth it sounds like I am eating the microphone itself. In the settings, the only thing you can do about the microphone is tuned it up and done. If you turn it up too loud to sounds grainy, while if you turn it down you can barely be heard. I used this headset to stream and just about everyone told me the same thing, "Sounds like you are far away". I would adjust it closer to my mouth and I would get "Stop eating your mic". I would record myself and get the same result. Also, a static appears here and there as well. Any solutions to go about fixing this?
  15. There is a common problem with Corsair Wireless Headsets that windows 10 will automatically set the microphone quality to 8000Hz (Telephone), however this can be fixed by going into advanced options and changing it. When I go into my advanced options for my microphone and choose DVD quality, or any quality, and click apply, it crashes the tab and doesnt change the quality. Is there any way to fix this?
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