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Found 6 results

  1. I ran into a problem yesterday that I've been trying to fix. As soon as I turned on my PC to go to my classes I noticed that the mute light on my mic was on. When I pressed the button on my headset to unmute my mic, the voice feedback said 'Mic Feedback On/Off'. This kept happening and I was unable to physically unmute my mic. I then quit iCue and my mic unmuted itself, however, when I reopened iCue my mic went back to being muted and the same issue occurred. After this I'd like to think I tried everything: -Uninstalled and reinstalled Corsair HID -Uninstalled and reinstalled audio drivers -Uninstalled and reinstalled iCue *After uninstalling the drivers/software I restarted my PC each time What was odd was the mic was unmuted after I reinstalled iCue and I thought it was fixed, but I still didn't want to test my luck with the button on the headset itself. I wake up this morning to go to class and iCue starts up as normal and I see the red light on my mic and the button is still having the same issue. I'm fairly sure the mic feedback option is only supposed to occur when the button is held, but it is changing regardless of it being pressed/held. I am on iCue version 3.33.246. This is very agitating because if I want to use my microphone I need to quit iCue. If you need any more information let me know, thank you.
  2. I recently bought a Corsair HS60 headset from Target. It's a solid headset in my opinion. Unfortunately, all of a sudden last night my drivers went from the standard Corsair to Conexant USB Audio and I've been looking for about 12 hours now finding a fix. Halfway through, I got my PC to recognize the headset as it's actual name, but now my mic refuses to work even when it's showing detected and as default device with full permissions. Even though my PC detects it finally, even iCue refuses to detect that my headset or mic is plugged in. It seems that nobody can really find a fix for this, and I'm hoping to find an audio expert here who has seen this issue before.
  3. I just received my new Corsair HS50 Pro Headset. While the sound works fine.. The mic does not record my voice in either state of the headset mute button. My older headset works properly with no problems. My cheap clip-on microfone also works fine. The headset is properly connected with the y-Splitter. The microphone is clipped into the headset. When listening to audio through the headset the mic is able to record that. It works in both mute states. It even works without the mic being attached to the headset. It wont record the audio when the 3.5mm mic jack is not connected to the computer (obv). So i believe its not my computer's fault. In following thread the phenomen is described as "sidetone audio through the earcups" [https://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1774989]. The steps described did not fix my problem. Im running Win10 Version 20H2 (OS Build 19042.508). I will need the headset working properly for an online job interview next week. Maybe the problem can be fixed easily due to user error. Otherwise i will have to send it back. With best regards, User23112020
  4. Hello, I have looked though reddit and this forum and performed all sorts of registry edits and cleaning and so on and nothing seems to help me. In trying to fix the fact my Void Pro Wireless mic was not being detected, I uninstalled iCue with Iobit Unintaller Pro which generally works perfectly for me. I followed other posts here and removed all Corsair directories from user app folders, program folders and registry entries. Yet if I try to reinstall, iCue says a version is already installed. I had 3.27.68 installed and was using that to reinstall. Nothing works to fix the issue of reinstalling, device manager does not detect either my ST100 or Void Pro, seperately or together.
  5. So i have a corsair void pro wireless headset that auto mute its mic all the time for both pc and ps4. Any help pleasee.
  6. Hello, So just recently all of the sudden my microphone stopped working, and in games like CS:GO I couldn't talk. I tried to turn my mic off and on with the button on the side of the headset and also, tried messing around with the sound settings aswell. No luck. I got no idea why it just all of the sudden stopped working. Also, I'm a streamer so I kinda need to get the mic working ASAP. Thanks!
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