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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, I have the HS60 headset and it's always been working fine and made good sound. however since last iCUE update, my mic sound has become so bad that I cannot use it anymore.. I believe it has something to do with the update of iCUE, because it came right efter, also when I boot up iCUE I get the sounds that microphone is enabled as always however I'm also getting a sound about something "microphone feedback" something something. And I do not see any settings where I can change that back or fix it. It happens both when I use the included USB dongle or my ST100. Both gives very bad sound from microphone and both are saying that new microphone feedback thing I hope someone can asset here.
  2. Hello, Ever since the last iCUE update, my mates has reporting that my mic sound quality is very bad. Is anyone else getting this?
  3. Is there a place in the user forum for simple-minded non-gamers that just want the HS60 Pro mic to work correctly? Note that I wrote my 1st computer program on a vacuum tube IAS-based computer in 1963 at Michigan State Univ. Now just trying to make a living with podcasts and need the HS60 Pro to work correctly.
  4. Hello, I lost the plugable mic for my corsair HS45 headset, i wanted to know if corsair sell this part? If yes, were can i buy it? Otherwise i'll buy it on Amazon. Thanks.
  5. I have never really had issues with this headset, but now as soon as I use my microphone all that comes out is extremely loud blowing noises. It's... Really bad, at the moment I can't use the mic because my friends have to take their headphones off as soon as I start speaking. The Headset is only a couple of months old and it cost me 80 dollars! All I want to know is the issue and how it may have occurred, and if it's my fault or the hardware or software's fault.
  6. Hello everyone. I noticed a few threads mentioning mic problems with their HS70 wireless headsets but while going through them none of the proposed solutions seem to work. You see I have the mic on, everything is plugged in right and the mic is registered by Windows 10 as a device but I am getting nothing when I speak. Checked privacy settings to see if that was the problem but my mic is enabled for all the listed applications. Not sure what to try next to solve the problem. Any ideas?
  7. I've just created this account today and this is my first post, bear with me on this one. I've purchased a Void Pro Wireless week after Christmas and have been told my mic sounds like "a block of styrofoam is in front of it" although the feedback quality sounds normal. I've checked through windows voice recorder and it sure enough sounded muffled. Does this have to do with a setting I haven't found in iCUE, or is it a defective product? Thanks in advance. I apologize if this is the wrong categorized thread and/or poor formatting or knowledge.
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